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Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 13 Now

Big Time Dreams
The guys get nominated for a Tween Choice Award and are scheduled to perform at the ceremony, but the evening takes an unexpected turn.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 12 Now

Big Time Break Out
The guys are afraid they'll follow in the footsteps of doomed boy bands before them and break up after their third album, so they become desperate to find solo gigs.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 11 Now

Big Time Cartoon
The boys agree to appear in a video game, but accidentally wind up in a news story about extraterrestrials.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 10 Now

Big Time Tests
Logan reconsiders his dreams of becoming a doctor after Carlos scores higher on the MCAT.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 9 Now

Big Time Rides
James buys a motorcycle to impress Lucy, but doesn't even know how to drive it. Meanwhile, Kendall teaches Jo how to drive a stick shift; and Carlos and Logan are unwilling to give up a piece of childhood memorabilia.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 8 Now

Big Time Pranks II
Palm Woods' prank wars kick off again, and this time the kids take on the adults.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 7 Now

Big Time Tour Bus
How the guys behave on their tour bus as they make their way to their next gig.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 6 Now

Big Time Cameo
The band makes a cameo appearance on a children's show; Kendall's lacks in the acting department; Carlos pursues the show's teen star; Logan and James clash.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 5 Now

Big Time Bonus
The boys blow their bonuses immediately.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 4 Now

Big Time Lies
Kendall, Logan, and James get caught up in a web of lies.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 3 Now

Big Time Scandal
Lucy makes a hit album based on her breakup with Kendall. Elsewhere, James starts a rumor about recording a duet with Cher Lloyd.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 2 Now

Big Time Invasion
In the fourth-season opener, the guys become concerned about competition from British boy bands. They look to hire a new music manager to solve the problem, but they clash over whom to hire.

Watch Big Time Rush Season 4 Episode 1 Now

Big Time Rush is a lively and entertaining American musical comedy television series aired on Nickelodeon from 2009 to 2013. This youth-centric show features the misadventures and riveting journeys of four ice hockey-playing best friends from Minnesota who garner the chance to be part of the glamorous world of pop music in Los Angeles.

The show portrays Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell, the four protagonists who swiftly transition from normal high school students to a renowned boy band. Each character has distinct quirks that add elements of humor, depth, and variety into the narrative. Kendall, the de-facto leader of the group, brings boldness and grit. James, on the other hand, is the vain heartthrob with aspirations of superstardom. Carlos is the spontaneous and rambunctious one, while Logan is the sensible, brains of the operation, often finding himself moderating the craziness of his friends.

Big Time Rush satirically and accurately encapsulates the struggles, highs and lows, and the rush associated with the journey to fame. The key appeal of this charmingly goofy series is its light-hearted and comedic approach to depict the pop industry's tumultuous world and the realistic challenges a budding band faces.

After striking a record deal, these pals move to Los Angeles where their lives take a 360-degree turn. They find themselves juggling high school, friendship, relationships, and screaming fans all while navigating the cutthroat music industry to make it 'big time.' The show chronicles their effort to find common ground between their former ordinary lives and their new-found fame.

A significant highlight of the series is its music. Big Time Rush's infectious Beatle-esque pop songs feature prominently, with many episodes being structured around the band's original tracks, amplifying the engaging quality of the narrative. Viewers can expect to get an earful of catchy tunes as the boys rehearse for gigs, prepare for music videos, and deal with the trials and tribulations that come with being in a band.

Furthermore, Big Time Rush provides insightful commentary on the music industry. The characters face entrenched industry practices, unscrupulous producers, record label expectations, and the relentless paparazzi, revealing the behind-the-scenes not-so-glamorous aspects of the industry. Throughout this journey, the importance of friendship, loyalty, and standing up for what's right do not go unnoticed.

An intriguing feature of the show is its supporting cast. From the eccentric, wannabe-mogul Gustavo Rocque who discovers the band, his long-suffering assistant Kelly who often serves as the voice of reason, to the boys' devoted and slightly kooky moms, these characters are just as colorful and eccentric as the main leads.

The boys' journey to stardom also involves occasional run-ins with the equally hilarious, rival boy band, providing a sense of healthy competition and extra dollops of amusement. Their encounters add another angle to the narrative, making it even more thrilling for the audience to follow.

With its sharp humor, lively performances, aspirational storylines, and catchy original music, Big Time Rush is more than just a sitcom. It’s a coming-of-age story filled with optimism and energy, teaching young viewers about ambition, resilience, teamwork and most importantly, cherishing your roots and friendships despite fame and success.

Throughout the four seasons of the series, the boys never lose their charm and continue to be the grounded, fun-loving friends that they started as. This familiar and relatable aspect of the characters is what keeps the audience hooked and invested in their journey right till the end.

In conclusion, Big Time Rush with its unique mix of comedy, music, and appealing characters offers the audience a perfect blend of entertainment and inclusivity. The show also takes you on a wild ride with an engaging narrative and foot-tapping melodies that will stick with you long after you've finished watching.

Big Time Rush is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 78 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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