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The Last Stand
The fate of the Earth Kingdom and the Avatar's life is threatened when Korra comes face to face with Kuvira.

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Day of the Colossus
Team Avatar clashes with Kuvira on the streets of Republic City; Pema and Prince Wu help evacuate innocent citizens.

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Kuvira's Gambit
Korra and Team Avatar try to stop Kuvira from moving against Republic City; Kuvira unveils a deadly new weapon.

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Operation: Beifong
Bolin helps Opal and Lin save the Beifongs from Kuvira; Korra visits the Spirit World looking for help.

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Beyond the Wilds
The spirit vines in Republic City start abducting people and it's up to Korra to figure out why.

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A look back at Team Avatar's journey; Varrick tells the story of the greatest move ever made.

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Korra returns to Republic City and Team Avatar faces their first mission together in three years when Prince Wu goes missing; Bolin and Varrick are on the lam.

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Battle of Zaofu
Korra returns to her role as the Avatar, but is she really ready for action? Bolin and Varrick break from Kuvira's army.

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Enemy at the Gates
Kuvira threatens Zaofu; Bolin is caught in the middle of the bad blood between Su Beifong and Kuvira.

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The Calling
Tenzin tasks Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo with a mission of the utmost importance - to find Korra.

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The Coronation
Prince Wu's big day is ruined by Kuvira; Korra thinks she may have found the key to a full recovery.

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Korra Alone
Korra's three-year journey of healing takes her to unexpected locations.

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After All These Years
It's been three years since Zaheer poisoned Korra and the members of Team Avatar have moved on with their lives; Kai and Opal help a struggling Earth Kingdom town.

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"The Legend of Korra" is an animated television series produced by Nickelodeon, which aired from 2012 to 2014. This series is a sequel to the award-winning "Avatar: The Last Airbender" franchise, and it further extends the mythology of this beloved universe, taking viewers into new terrains and eras. Just like its predecessor, "The Legend of Korra" is deeply rooted in themes of Eastern philosophies, spiritual concepts, and martial arts, ensuring that its captivating narrative world is both familiar and refreshingly novel.

Set 70 years after the events of "Avatar: The Last Airbender," the series turns its focus on the succeeding Avatar after Aang, a headstrong teenager named Korra from the Southern Water Tribe. Unlike Aang, who was naturally peace-minded and struggled to learn his abilities at first, Korra embraces her destiny with a fiery spirit and is an Avatar prodigy, displaying unnatural prowess in bending water, earth, and fire from a young age, with only air left to master. The spectators discover the world through Korra's perspective, which often contrasts with Aang's approach, offering a fresh angle on the overarching tale.

"The Legend of Korra" has a more steampunk influence in comparison to the original series. The story initially unfolds in Republic City, a location designed as a melting pot for people from all four nations, a symbol of unity and civilization in a more technologically advanced world than the setting of its predecessor. Nevertheless, the city is far from utopian, riddled with crime, social unrest, and a growing anti-bending sentiment that fuels tensions between benders and non-benders.

Korra arrives in this bustling cityscape to train with Tenzin, Aang's son, being the only living airbending master to guide her in mastering this elusive element. However, eager to play her destined part as the global peacekeeper, Korra soon finds herself embroiled in the city's complex politics, facing threats that challenge not only her physical abilities but also her spiritual and emotional growth. Across its four seasons, known as "Books," the series anchors around distinct, thematic narratives, each testing Korra's mettle as she develops into a more compassionate, mature, and proficient Avatar.

The characters in "The Legend of Korra" are multi-faceted, each with unique backgrounds and motivations. The series introduces a new gallery of characters ensure rich and interesting dynamics, from Korra’s resilient team, including the siblings Mako and Bolin, and the non-bender Asami, to a host of intimidating adversaries with philosophies that blur the line between heroism and villainy. Furthermore, it welcomes back a few old, familiar faces from the original series, connecting the generational gap and infusing a deep sense of nostalgia for fans.

Delving deeper into corners unexplored by "Avatar: The Last Airbender," "The Legend of Korra" slingshots between the physical world and the Spirit World, expounding more about the origins of the Avatar and the delicate balance between these realms. The show's signature blend of spectacular action and heartfelt storytelling is underpinned by sophisticated social commentary, touching on substantial themes including identity, equality, responsibility, and loss. The series is noteworthy for its brave and nuanced portrayal of such complex themes, infusing its fantastical narrative with a degree of realism and relevance.

"The Legend of Korra" conserves the superb production value associated with its predecessor, from refined animation boasting dynamic bending battles to intricate world-building. Its beautiful design, imaginative universe, and profound storytelling combined with a tense atmosphere and engrossing character arcs are persuasive testaments to the series' acclaim.

Though the series is familially associated with "Avatar: The Last Airbender," it carves out a unique identity for itself. Its shift in tone and context, coupled with its readiness to explore ambitious themes and intricate narratives, ensures that it is an exceptional continuation of an established universe, capable of standing on its own merits.

Overall, "The Legend of Korra" is a retrospective of human nature and civilization through a narrative lens that encompasses multiple philosophies and mythos. Taking viewers on a journey with a new Avatar in a changing world, it's an intricate series that enhances and enriches the wider lore of its beloved universe. The series is a must-watch for enthusiasts of its predecessor and a rewarding discovery for those new to the world of Avatar.

The Legend of Korra is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 63 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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