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His Butler, Assenting
The truth behind the disappearances of Derrick Arden and the others comes to light. What's more, Ciel discovers that a former Phantomhive ally has been involved all along.

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His Butler, Locking Up
At the boat parade that caps off the cricket tournament, Ciel vows once again to learn the truth and present it to Queen Victoria.

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His Butler, Final Match
Ciel and the rest of Sapphire Owl House have won their way into the deciding match. As the cricketers exercise their talents to the fullest, Sebastian pursues the Head Master, who has appeared at last.

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His Butler, Scheming
Ciel is chosen to play cricket, but the boys of Sapphire Owl House are the perennial wooden spooners. They've had just one victory in the history of the tournament.

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His Butler, Gaining Admittance
Ciel hears some promising information: the ever-busy Head Master will be attending Weston's traditional cricket tournament... and evidently the student who exhibits the most sportsmanlike behaviour will be invited to the Head Master's "midnight tea party.

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His Butler, Colluding
Ciel wins the P4's trust, but he still can't find a chance to get close to the Head Master. And so he brings up the subject of Derrick Arden with the P4 and their drudges.

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3 - "Black Butler -Public School Arc- - S06"
3 - "Black Butler -Public School Arc- - S06"

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Black Butler -Public School Arc- - Episode 2
Black Butler -Public School Arc- - Episode 2

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Black Butler -Public School Arc- - S06 - Episode 1
Black Butler -Public School Arc- - S06 - Episode 1

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Set within the confines of the Victorian era’s societal ranks, with demon butlers and an aura of darkness that is subtly pierced by riveting comedy, Black Butler carves out its name within the anime realm. The animation series is an elegant blend of gothic mystery and dark fantasy, enveloping a rich storyline that distinguishes it from conventional anime shows.

The setting brings us to 19th century England, introducing us to the wealthy and seemingly normal, 12-year-old protagonist Ciel Phantomhive. However, the peculiarity of his situation unravels as we come to know that he is the "Queen's Guard Dog," tasked with disposing of cases that the Queen cannot handle publicly. These aren't mundane investigation cases; instead, they delve into the intricate world of underground crime and heinous activities.

Ciel, upon losing his parents in an inferno, swears to seek revenge against those who wronged him. In his journey to attain justice and retribution commensurate with his tragic loss, Ciel is not alone. His loyal butler, Sebastian Michaelis, accompanies him. However, Sebastian is primarily more than a mere butler. His true nature is no less than chilling as Sebastian is actually a demon bound by a Faustian contract to assist Ciel. In exchange for his services, once Ciel accomplishes his vendetta, Sebastian will claim his soul.

The character dynamics create a riveting display of loyalty and dependence. Sebastian's demon-like attributes highlight his superhuman abilities such as flexibility, speed, and strength, which make for an engaging watch whenever he is fending off the dangers that stand in Ciel’s way. Contrarily, Ciel illuminates the vulnerabilities of a child who had his childhood stolen from him, personifying a stoic demeanor and yet losing himself to the innocence only a child possesses. This unlikely pair of a demon and a human provides viewers captivating loopholes and plot twists.

The pacing and scene arrangement of the show are further complimented by the backdrop of the historic Victorian era. The extravagant parties, tea ceremonies, and immense wealth that underlie the Phantomhive estate are in stark contrast to the dreary aura that encapsulates the show. The elements such as the clothes, language, etiquette of the Victorian era, carefully blend in with the plot and setting of Black Butler, enhancing the overall experience for viewers.

Humor plays a vital role in Black Butler, breaking the consistent flow of darkness with engaging comic relief that adds another dimension to an already multi-faceted show. Its execution is commendable, not seeming out of place or forced, making the narrative more enjoyable.

The side characters too, have fleshed out personalities and necessary backstories. Maylene, the maid, Bardroy, the cook, and Finny, the gardener, each contribute significantly to the proceeding of the story even though their appearances are intermittent.

Notably, the animation in Black Butler is top-notch, succeeding brilliantly in marinating its gothic atmosphere. The color palette is dark and moody, somewhat muted, which beautifully complements the Victorian architecture and the characters' elegant apparel. Likewise, the soundtracks are impressive, comprising classic Victorian-era scores that smoothly tune into the unfolding drama.

The digital illustrations, character dynamics, storyline, and well-presented humor twist together to create this enthralling piece of animation. Black Butler is not just about solving mysteries and seeking revenge. It’s a journey through layers of raw emotions and the complexities of human virtue. It's about unearthing secrets and proving that sometimes the most harmful and gruesome of monsters come draped in humanity.

The viewer walks alongside the young Earl and his imposing Butler, navigating their journey lined by the shadows of the underworld yet kept alive by the amusing moments of subtle humor and sardonic wit. Black Butler is a captivating ride full of intriguing characters, captivating mysteries and a unique narrative that's wrapped in the rich tapestry of darkness and humor. An absolute treat for any anime fan looking for a series that packs drama, humor, suspense, and supernatural elements in equal measures.

Black Butler is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 78 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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How can I watch Black Butler online? Black Butler is available on FUNimation with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Black Butler on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon online.

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