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E 24
Getting to experience the outside world, Yuuki’s days are more satisfactory than ever before. In ALO, the players have a barbecue and end up on a quest.

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E 23
As a tester for the world’s first medical-use Full-Dive device, Yuuki has been diving into virtual worlds from the hospital. Unable to leave her hospital room, she longs to go to school again.

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E 22
A few days have passed since Yuuki suddenly disappeared from in front of Asuna, and she still hasn’t logged in to ALO. Later, Asuna meets Kazuto on the school roof, where he hands her a note and tells her Yuuki might be at the location written on it.

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E 21
Asuna and the Sleeping Knights’ attempt to defeat the boss on Floor 27 has been observed by a guild specializing in boss raids. Now 20 of its members block the boss room.

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E 20
Asuna is asked to help the guild “Sleeping Knights,” which has decided to disband soon due to the members’ circumstances. Before they do, they want to defeat a Floor Boss with only their party.

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E 19
Hearing rumors about a brilliant player known as Zekken, Asuna decides to mount a challenge. But when Asuna logs out, she is told by her mother to take an exam to transfer into an academically oriented high school.

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E 18
After hearing that a new update from New Year's Eve opens up floors 21-30 of new Aincrad, Kirito and the others race to reach floor 22 with the hope of once again purchasing the home he shared with Asuna and Yui.

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E 17
Kirito and the others are taking on Thrymr, the Boss lurking at the bottom level of the dungeon. But unable to make much of a dent in Thrymr's HP, they soon find themselves in grave danger.

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E 16
Kirito and the others are tasked with subjugating the Frost King Thrymr, and a quest to recover Excalibur. It's Yui's guess that this isn't a quest planned by the game admins, but something automatically generated by the system.

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The Queen of the Lake
It's reported that the Holy Sword Excalibur has been discovered inside ALO. Hearing the news, Kirito and Leafa decide to take possession of Excalibur before other players get to it first.

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E 14
Kyouji attacks Shino, saying he'll kill himself after she's dead. Kazuto saves her at the last second by jumping Kyouji.

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E 13
Death Gun's attack is modeled after Star Splash, a SAO skill that doesn't exist in GGO. Death Gun is skilled with not only a gun but a blade as well, and he gradually wears down Kirito's health.

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E 12
BoB nears its end, and the only surviving players are Kirito, Sinon, and Dark Wind, the second place winner of the last tournament. Since Death Gun may have multiple partners, and Dark Wind may be in danger as well, Kirito decides to defeat him first.

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E 11
After escaping from Death Gun, Kirito and Sinon lay low in a desert cave. There, Kirito speculates on how Death Gun murdered other players.

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E 10
Sinon is attacked from behind by Death Gun and paralyzed. He's using a Black Star Type-54, ironically the same gun that Sinon used to shoot the robber.

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E 9
The man in the cape shoots Pale Rider and he is eliminated despite the fact that he has HP remaining. The man says that he is Death Gun, and declares that he will bring true death.

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E 8
Kirito decides that Death Gun and the man in the cape will be appearing in BoB. He uses the remaining time to exchange information with Sinon and find out more about the contestants.

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E 7
The man in the ragged cloak is an SAO survivor, and he might also be a player Kirito fought with to the death... This thought consumes Kirito, and his anguish is palpable - to the point that it worries Suguha.

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E 6
A man in a beat-up cloak watches Kirito fight his first battle and demands to know if he's "the real thing". The man has the tattoo of Laughing Coffin, a murderer's guild that existed within SAO.

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E 5
To register for BoB, Kirito starts entering the required information into a terminal, but is astounded to see that the form includes columns for his real-world name and address. He is temporarily torn when he realizes that without this info, he won't be eligible for the top prizes...

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E 4
Kikuoka has recruited Kirito to investigate GGO, and so he logs in. To lure Death Gun into targeting him, he hopes to enter Bullet of Bullets (BoB), a tournament to decide the most powerful gunman in GGO.

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E 3
In real life, the player Sinon is a high school student named Shino Asada. On her way home from school, she’s dragged into an alley by delinquent girls.

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E 2
Armed with a large sniper rifle, Hecate II, the young girl Sinon is making a name for herself as the No. 1 sniper in GGO.

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E 1
A year has passed since SAO was cleared. Summoned by Kikuoka of the Virtual Division at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Kazuto learns of a series of bizarre murders linked to the popular VR game, Gun Gale Online (GGO), the only game in Japan played by pros.

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Sword Art Online II, released in 2012 by Aniplex, is an exhilarating continuation of the popular anime series based on Reki Kawahara's light novel. The series is respected for its superb storytelling, breath-taking animation, and intriguing character development.

After the intense battles and stunning twists in the first season, the second season continues the harrowing journey of our protagonist, Kazuto Kirigaya, better known as Kirito. As in the former series, the writing brilliantly blurs the line between virtual reality and the real world, but this time in a slightly altered context.

In Sword Art Online II, the immersive universe shifts from the fantasy realm of Sword Art Online (SAO) and ALO (Alfheim Online) to the bleak desert world of Gun Gale Online (GGO). This new, post-apocalyptic world of GGO engrosses viewers with its dusty landscapes, deserted provinces, and a unique, gun-centric combat structure—an exciting departure from the sword-based combat in the previous games. This change of setting allows for a shift in dynamics, presenting newer challenges and enemies for our characters.

In this season, Kirito is seen embroiled in yet another thrilling debacle. Despite having left the lethal confines of Sword Art Online behind, he is still under the surveillance of the government who call upon him to investigate a mysterious incident involving a player in GGO called "Death Gun." Colossal stakes are set in play as the seemingly unstoppable Death Gun has the ability to kill a person in the real world by assassinating their virtual self—a frightening and intriguing premise that propels the narrative of this season.

Accompanying Kirito in this new venture is Sinon, who becomes an instrumental character in Sword Art Online II. Sinon, with her icy demeanor and exceptional marksmanship, provides a new layer of depth and dynamic to the anime. Her complicated interpersonal relationships and layered backstory dramatically enrich the narrative and character interplay in Sword Art Online II. This season provides a thorough exploration of her character and background, justifying her importance within the series.

As with the first installment, the story seamlessly weaves between the virtual and physical worlds, drawing attention to the psychological ramifications of being trapped in a game. Without divulging specific plot details, it can be said that the storyline explores the aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder and personal growth, embedding heartfelt lessons within its pulse-raising plot.

As with every iteration of Sword Art Online, the series continues to present an exploration of human emotions and relationships in the virtual world. Just as dreams can have repercussions in the real world, the virtual world of these characters has consequential effects on their real-life personas.

From an aesthetic perspective, Sword Art Online II surpasses the brilliance of its predecessor. The arid desert sears into viewers' minds, gunfights pulse with energy, and each character is painstakingly illustrated to reflect their personalities and development. The soundtrack, too, is praiseworthy, enhancing the tension, melancholy, and bittersweet moments throughout the series.

Despite virtual reality being the fulcrum of the series, the creators have blended elements of both the virtual and real world effectively, rendering a world that feels closer to the viewer. In its essence, Sword Art Online II is a testament to the strength of human will, the delicacy of relationships, and the battles fought within one's mind.

Sword Art Online II intelligently raises the stakes and adds complexity to the universe the viewers have grown to love, offering new perspectives and challenges, making it an unforgettable viewing experience. The smart storytelling, striking visuals, high-octane game battles, and complex, rounded characters successfully elevate Sword Art Online II from its predecessor, making it nothing less than an anime masterpiece.

Sword Art Online II is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 51 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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How can I watch Sword Art Online II online? Sword Art Online II is available on Aniplex with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Sword Art Online II on demand at Hulu Plus online.

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