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I Hope One Day Youll Be Reunited
Tsukasa and Isla share their last day together, before Isla runs out of time.

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Filling up With Memories
Tsukasa and Isla get showered with date ideas from all their colleagues. They decide to take a break from work and spend some time together, to create some memories.

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Rice Omelette Day
Now that Isla and Tsukasa are officially a couple, they are more nervous around one another than normal. They seek advice from their coworkers on how to deal with their new relationship jitters.

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No Longer Partners
After Kazuki dissolves the partnership between Isla and Tsukasa, each teams up with someone new. As they take on separate cases, they both have the time to reflect on their unique bond.

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After the Festival
The entire office is shocked after Isla turned down Tsukasa's confession. Isla admits that she isn't sure of her own feelings, so Michiru suggests that the pair should spend some time apart.

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The Fireworks Ive Never Seen
Tsukasa works on a new case with an efficient marksman, who happens to be one of Eru's old friends. Tsukasa questions whether or not recycled Giftias can regain their old memories.

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How to Properly Ask Her Out
The time has finally come, Tsukasa is going to ask Isla out on a date. Just how he is going to accomplish that, no one knows.

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Welcome Home the Both of Us
Tsukasa has to deal with his emotions after the tragic events of his last Giftia recovery. However he seems to be taking things rather well.

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The Promise I Wanted to Keep
Things have turned for the worst and the terminal service team have to deal with a missing Giftia that is on their last hours.

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I Just Dont Know How to Smile
Tsukasa and Isla have to handle a delicate case in which an orphaned child has to come to grips with losing the only family he has left "" his Giftia.

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Weve Just Started Living Together
Tsukasa and Isla have to share an apartment, to help their relationship as a team grow. However at home, Isla is a very quiet and distant person.

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Dont Want to Cause Trouble
Tsukasa and Isla's team work hasn't been off to a good start. They are finding themselves failing at the easiest tasks.

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The First Partner
Tsukasa Mizugaki has scored a role in the terminal service department at SAI Corporation. He's tasked to pair up with Isla, a female 'Giftia' android.

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Plastic Memories is a unique blend of science fiction and drama, brought to life by Doga Kobo, a notable Japanese animation studio. This series, commercially distributed by Aniplex, first graced the screens in 2015, introducing watchers to an enthralling narrative with its colorful yet melancholic palette.

Set in an advanced futuristic world, Plastic Memories explores the fascinating concept of artificially intelligent androids known as "Giftias". These humanoid AI, designed by the SAI Corporation, have the ability to think, feel, learn, and grow incredibly close to the way humans do. However, this degree of realism comes with an attached existential cost: Each Giftia has a limited lifespan of around nine years and four months. Much like a candle burning at both ends, when their time concludes, they begin to lose their memories and functions, ending up as dangerous, unstable shells of their former selves.

To handle these end-of-life Giftias, SAI Corporation creates a Terminal Service department, tasked with retrieving Giftias nearing their expiration date from their human companions. This is where audiences meet Tsukasa Mizugaki, who, due to unforeseen circumstances, finds himself working at this Terminal Service #1 station. Alongside him is Isla, a veteran Giftia, who despite her robotic nature, showcases a gamut of emotions through her demure and gentle demeanor.

As Tsukasa navigates his new job, he is quickly confronted with the emotional gravity of his role. Each retrieval is a heart-wrenching goodbye, as the Giftias have often formed profound emotional bonds with their human owners. The exploration of human-android relationships forms the emotional backbone of the series, giving the narrative depth, and providing a persuasive argument that these artificial lifeforms indeed possess something resembling a soul.

While the narrative treads on the lines of sentimentality and grief, it isn’t devoid of moments of levity. Interactions between various team members of Terminal Service frequently feature comedic exchanges, providing light-hearted relief, thereby managing to maintain a degree of optimism and narrative balance amidst this emotionally charged environment.

However, the true strength of Plastic Memories lies in the chemistry between Tsukasa and Isla. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, their bond shapeshifts and deepens as the series progresses, evolving into a touching and complex relationship. Throughout the show, the focus remains on their journey, their evolution as individuals and as partners, revealing the core narrative to be as much about human interaction as it is about poignant partings.

Further enhancing the show is the eloquent animation. With vibrant colors and detailed designs, the visuals create an immersive atmosphere that manages to encapsulate both the futuristic and emotional aspects of the story. The animation studio, Doga Kobo, warrants special applause for their ability to portray warmth and sorrow with empathetic realism, making the series a visual spectacle as well.

Moreover, the background score and opening and closing themes provide perfect accompaniment to the unfolding drama. They mirror the sentimentality of each scene, amplifying the emotional resonance of any given moment. The stirring music combined with the view of a world where human emotions intersect with artificial intelligence makes the viewing experience remarkably impactful.

Throughout its run, the themes Plastic Memories delve into are profound and universal. It meditates on the nature of existence, the interplay of memory, the inevitability of separation, and the beauty found in transience. It showcases the capacity to love, empathize, and emotionally connect is not bound by being human or android, making it a poignant narrative about life, relationships, and the bittersweet brevity of existence.

Plastic Memories is a stirring rendition of love and loss, engrossed in the ambient setting of a futuristic, technocratic world. Despite the seemingly somber narrative, it leaves audiences with a strong sentimentality, an exploration of realism within synthetic life forms, and an unforgettable journey through the landscapes of human emotion.

In the end, rather than being just a commentary on the ephemeral nature of memory in the context of artificial intelligence, Plastic Memories' high notes lie in its heartfelt exploration of the human condition. With its blend of science fiction and melodrama, it serves as an unexpected, moving testament to the enduring power of memories and the transcendent nature of love.

Plastic Memories is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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How can I watch Plastic Memories online? Plastic Memories is available on Aniplex with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Plastic Memories on demand at Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime online.

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