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The Search / Just Testing
Chitoge wishes to tell Raku how she feels about him, but she is terrified of rejection. Will she manage to gather some courage?

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I Want to Lose Weight / Good Morning
Haru points out that Kosaki has been enjoying sweets a bit too much lately. After getting on the scale, Kosaki decides that it is time to lose some weight.

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Suspecting something is up, Raku asks Shu which girl he is crushing on. Will Raku be able to get the truth out of him?

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Cleanup Day / Visiting the Sick
Raku pays a visit to Kosaki, since she has a cold. However, is it appropriate for a guy like him to go see a girl when her parents are out of town?

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Magical Patissiere Kosaki! / Work!
Kosaki, Marika and Chitoge work together as magical girls to save the world from destruction. As Ichijo pitches in to help at the Onoderas' shop, Kosaki hopes he and Haru can become good friends.

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Little Sister
Kosaki's younger sister, Haru, finally enters high school. After hearing unsavory rumors about Raku, Haru is none too pleased about him trying to get close to her sister.

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It's Valentine's Day and Raku dreads the idea of not receiving chocolate from anyone. Meanwhile, Chitoge, Kosaki, Marika, and Seishirou are all dealing with their own issues with what giving chocolate to someone entails.

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Teach Me / Master Raku
Marika asks Raku to help her study, since her grades are very low. Raku agrees to tutor her, but Chitoge wants to tag along!

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Raku is working extra hard as Ms. Hana's secretary in order to give her some time to spend Christmas Eve with Chitoge.

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Christmas is just around the corner... Shu tells the gang that they should throw a party. However, Chitoge has other plans. Her mom is coming to visit, and Chitoge's dad wants to introduce Raku to her!

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Grudge / Showdown
Tsugumi has a visitor from her past. Her dark, violent past... Now, she has to prove that she still has the skills she once had!

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From Now On / Please Notice
Now that Chitoge has come to terms with her feelings for Raku, she sets out to mold him into the ideal boyfriend! However, with Raku being the oblivious guy he is, just how many different ways can Chitoge try to get him to recognize her more?

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Nisekoi, which means "False Love," is an enthralling anime series based on a manga series by Naoshi Komi produced by Aniplex, Shaft, and Movic. This romantic comedy delicately juggles the intricate themes of love, friendship, rivalry, and comical daily high school life with the thrilling suspense of criminal underworld ties.

The series first aired from 2014 to 2016, weaving an intriguing tale that drew a dedicated fan base to its unconventional narrative. The story revolves around its main protagonist, Raku Ichijo, an ordinary high school student with not-so-ordinary circumstances. Being the sole heir to a powerful Yakuza clan, his life irrevocably intertwines with the vibrant realities of mafia drama and masked mysteries.

The story takes an additional twist when the past catches up to Raku. As a child, he made a romantic promise to his first love symbolized by a lock and key, the details of which, including the girl's identity, have been forgotten over time. As fate would have it, he comes across two possible candidates who might hold the key to his locket and, possibly, his heart.

One of these potential love interests is Chitoge Kirisaki, a new transfer student. She's the beautiful but aggressive daughter of a rival gang leader, with whom Raku initially shares an intense dislike. The other is Kosaki Onodera, a gentle and timid girl Raku has had a crush on for a long time. As the narrative progresses, these threads of possible romance become shockingly intertwined with the nerve-wracking mafia family drama.

Under the pressure of their mafia-born families, Raku and Chitoge are forced into a fake relationship to prevent an all-out gang war, paving the way for humorous exploits and unexpected romantic dilemmas. However, Raku’s quest for the truth about his childhood promise persists as he seeks the legitimacy of love over the falsehoods enforced on him, thus justifying the title Nisekoi.

The anime stands out thanks to its unique blend of high-tempo hilarity, light-hearted romance, and gripping emotional threads. Its vibrant, brightly colored animation style, characteristic of the famous animation studio Shaft, brings to life Komi's captivating characters and complements the series' comedic and romantic undertones. The show’s character-driven storyline, and the revelation of the complexities behind its main characters, continue to draw viewers in and make them root for their favorite characters.

Raku's conflicted emotions, Chitoge's tsundere behavior, Kosaki's timid nature, and the array of other engaging characters cast a gentle, humorous light on the timeless theme of young love. The seamless integration of Yakuza elements adds a unique twist, distinguishing the series from standard high-school romances.

Noteworthy features of the series include its excellent pacing. Nisekoi adeptly balances Raku’s romantic quandary and the comic relief provided by other characters, ensuring that audiences aren't left bored waiting for the storyline to advance. Furthermore, the captivating narrative ensures that viewers are always eager to see what happens next.

Nisekoi's music and sound design are equally praiseworthy. Its catchy opening and ending themes encapsulate the light-hearted spirit of the series and the anticipatory tension surrounding Raku’s story. The emotionally charged scores effectively emphasize various scenes’ moods and emotions, drawing a vividly immersive audio experience.

In summary, Nisekoi weaves drama, comedy, romance, and a drop of action to create a mixed bag of excitement. As the show progresses, the evolving relationships between the characters remain unpredictable, keeping audiences engaged till the end. Nisekoi proves to be a noteworthy entry into the romantic comedy anime genre, presenting an amusing premise that also incites deep intrigue. The show neither preaches nor aims to redefine the genre; instead, it handsomely delivers a well-packaged, entertaining narrative that brings warmth, laughter, and a sense of sweetness to its audience.

Nisekoi is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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How can I watch Nisekoi online? Nisekoi is available on Aniplex with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Nisekoi on demand at Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime online.

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