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Welcome to the Shining Night!
As the comet approaches Earth, the countries of the world, fearing an impact, ready their missiles to fire back. But the comet is actually the spaceship that Phoenix and Hosshi came to Earth on, launched into orbit after Phoenix and Hosshi ejected.

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The Night That Lost Its Shine
After the fierce battle with Devil's Fang, Joker has recovered the Sky Joker and the Frozen Sabertooth Tiger Mummy.

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Clash! The Devil's Fang!
The Devil's Fang are celebrating the apparent death of the meddling phantom thieves.

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Bonds Lost on the Ocean!
Exploiting a moment of weakness, the Devil's Fang, led by President D, has hacked the Sky Joker and stolen it out from under Joker's nose.

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The Vow of Love and Death
Joker and Hachi head for an island in the south seas to search for a clue to the Ancient Treasure, but the island turns out to be controlled by a clan of amazons who forbid the presence of men.

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Welcome to the Dark of Darkness!
Shadow Joker issues a phantom thief challenge to Joker! Unfortunately, Joker has caught a cold and can't really compete...

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Go After the International Conference!
Silver Heart infiltrated the International Space Conference, attended by VIPs from all over the world, to steal the Amethist Globe, but failed, and issued a cry for help to Joker and Spade. His students have no choice but to come searching.

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The Firebird and the Urn of Life
Joker and Hachi come to the Koga Village to find the Urn of Life, the secret of Himiko's immortality, which may contain a clue to the Ancient Treasure.

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Heart-Pounding Panic in a Hot Spring! Clash!!!! The Arrow of Terror Aimed at Joker and the Mystery o
Joker and his gang visit the gorgeous Kaneari Hot Spring for some much-needed R&R and plan to steal the Gorgeous Diamond on the way!

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Inseverable Dreams and Promises
Joker and Hachi come to hang out with Spade on his airship, where they find a picture from a young idol's concert. Incredibly, it turns out to be a picture of Pretty Ai, Dark Eye as a child.

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The Boy With the Eyes of God
Joker and Hachi are in India searching for the Statue of Garuda to get a new clue to the Ancient Treasure. In the temple that houses it they meet a boy named Chappa, who is worshipped for having the "Eyes of God".

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The Sand Demon and the Masked King
Joker and Hachi are in the desert looking for more clues about the ancient treasure. They happen to run into Queen, who is looking for a treasure called the Pharaoh's Mask.

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The Shining Night and the Messenger of the Southern Cross!
Having run out of clues about the location of the Ancient Treasure, Joker is at a loss. Just then, he happens to see a news broadcast about a gemstone called the Red Comet which is at a lab in Russia.

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My Little Monster is a captivating coming-of-age anime series that originally started airing in 2012, produced under the umbrella of ADK. Directed by the talented Hiro Kaburagi, My Little Monster's narrative centers on the unlikely friendship and the romantic dynamics between two high school students who are as different as night and day.

One of the central characters is Shizuku Mizutani, a high-achieving student who is entirely focused on her academics. Shizuku is the type of girl for whom maintaining top grades takes precedence over everything else, including friendships and hobbies. She holds an aloof stereotype, mostly shying away from human interactions and confining herself to a comfortable bubble where her books and studies remain her only companions.

The plot takes an intriguing turn when Shizuku crosses paths with Haru Yoshida, the antithesis of her personality. Haru is a notorious boy with a reputation for being a 'delinquent,' largely due to his erratic tendencies and unpredictable behavior, who is constantly playing hooky.

Their worlds collide when Shizuku is given the task of delivering class handouts to Haru, who has been absent for a while. The encounter leads to the unfolding of a series of events that push the two characters into an unconventional friendship. Haru, who has spent most of his life ostracized and misunderstood because of his erratic behavior, begins to see a beacon of hope in Shizuku.

It is interesting to watch how these two starkly contrasting personalities try to strike a balance in their unusual friendship. Haru, owing to his impulsiveness and socially awkward mannerisms, unknowingly nudges Shizuku out of her academic shell and introduces her to a world where emotions and interpersonal relationships hold value too. And in return, Shizuku tries to help Haru fit into the 'normal' boundaries of society while dealing with his troubled past and behavioral issues.

My Little Monster effortlessly weaves in elements of romance, as the relationship between Shizuku and Haru slowly starts to evolve into something more profound. There's a constant push and pull, a beautifully orchestrated dance of emotions where sometimes awkwardness takes center stage, and other times sweet, tender moments become the highlight.

Beyond the main leads, the show also boasts a vivid array of supporting characters, each with their distinct personalities and backstories that add depth to the story. Each character is engagingly flawed, displaying a spectrum of emotions and dimensions that keep the viewers engrossed. The diverse set of characters creates a lively atmosphere, making the storyline multilayered and appealing.

A characteristic aspect of My Little Monster that strikes a chord with the audience is its ability to play up to the archetypical high school setting while also delving into darker, real-world themes. Despite its comedic undertones and slice-of-life narrative style, My Little Monster does not evade discussing critical issues like bullying, loneliness, personal insecurities, and the struggles of fitting into societal norms.

In terms of animation and visuals, My Little Monster showcases a brilliant mix of vibrant colors and detailed designs that contribute to the overall appeal of the series. It incorporates an array of backdrops, from the complexity of high school life to the serene beauty of nature, each drawn meticulously to reflect the mood of the narrative. The soundtracks and voice acting create an immersive atmosphere, underlining the critical elements of the plot beautifully.

In conclusion, My Little Monster is definitely more than just another romance or school-life based anime. It's a story about seeking friendship, comprehending love, understanding self-worth, and dealing with the trials and tribulations of adolescence. With its blend of humor, melodrama, romance, and a dash of reality, it strikes the perfect balance, making it a must-watch show for all anime enthusiasts out there.

My Little Monster is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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How can I watch My Little Monster online? My Little Monster is available on ADK with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch My Little Monster on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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