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A Battlefield That Shouldn't Be Possible
A Battlefield That Shouldn't Be Possible

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A "Second" Date
A "Second" Date

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The One Who Pulled the Trigger
The One Who Pulled the Trigger

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7 - "DATE A LIVE V - S05"
7 - "DATE A LIVE V - S05"

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The Three Magi
As Shido rushes to the Spirits' side, Westcott blocks his path. Meanwhile, Tohka and the others find themselves overwhelmed and powerless before Mio's manifested Angel, Ein Sof Ohr.

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5 - "DATE A LIVE V - S05"
5 - "DATE A LIVE V - S05"

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4 - "DATE A LIVE V - S05"
4 - "DATE A LIVE V - S05"

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Date A Live V - Episode 3
Date A Live V - Episode 3

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DATE A LIVE V - S05 - Episode 2
DATE A LIVE V - S05 - Episode 2

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DATE A LIVE V - S05 - Episode 1
DATE A LIVE V - S05 - Episode 1

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Created by Kōshi Tachibana, Date A Live is an unforgettable Japanese science fiction and romantic comedy light novel series produced by FUNimation and directed by Keitaro Motonaga in 2013. The series is indulged with intricate plots, interesting concepts, and dynamic characters, as well as a unique mix of comedy, romance, and action.

At its core, Date A Live centers around a high school boy named Shidō Itsuka, who leads anything but an ordinary life. The show kicks in after a spatial quake, a devastating phenomenon causing massive destruction, occurs unpredictably. This sets up the stage for the reality Shidō has to face: To his disbelief, the linchpin behind the quakes is a group of beautiful inter-dimensional entities known as ‘Spirits.' These Spirits, when emotionally distressed, inadvertently cause spatial quakes while transitioning from their world to Earth.

The ramifications of this were catastrophic, having wiped out Eurasia's center and obliterating 150 million people about thirty years before the series begins. In light of this cataclysm, the world desperately sought a way to mitigate these calamities. It led to the birth of the Anti Spirit Teams (AST), a military unit set up to annihilate Spirits to prevent spatial quakes.

However, Ratatoskr, an organization working in the shadows, has an alternative approach: make the Spirits fall in love. Their belief is that by connecting with the Spirits on an emotional level, their emotional distress that causes spatial quakes can be soothed. This unconventional method is where our protagonist Shidō comes into play.

He is quickly plunged into the thick of this mad scheme upon discovering that his little sister, Kotori Itsuka, without his knowledge, is the commander of the Fraxinus airship under the Ratatoskr. Kotori firmly enrolls Shidō into this harebrained plan and tasks him to woo the Spirits into submission, keeping them from wreaking havoc unknowingly.

Shidō, whose life suddenly takes a bizarre turn, finds himself on strange dates with beautiful Spirits, sealing their powers with a kiss. His mission oscillates between interactions filled with genuine connection, humorous exchanges, unexpected dangers, and triumphs, all while juggling his normal high school life. All his efforts have a single, paramount objective— to prevent spatial quakes and keep Spirits as well as the people around him safe.

Meanwhile, hidden agendas begin to unravel, and nations, organizations, and unexpected individuals soon take interest in Shidō and the Spirits. With intertwining stories, high-stakes action, and a blend of themes from different genres, Date A Live keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats as the narrative progresses.

On the surface, Date A Live might appear to be a harem anime, considering Shidō's unusual task of winning the Spirits' affection. Still, the series goes far beyond this archetype. It's not just about wooing a group of girls but understanding and empathizing with them, dedicating time to explore each Spirit's unique backstory and struggle.

The program excels in character developing, presenting a varied and charming cast that brings to life the humor, drama, and action of the series. Each Spirit is multifaceted, having her own unique personality, powers, and design, propelling the story forward and rendering the series a refreshing watch among romantic comedies. Furthermore, the supporting characters - Shidō's classmates, the crew members of Ratatoskr, and the members of AST - also add depth and substance to the series, each with their own distinctive qualities and roles.

Date A Live’s vibrant visual aesthetic yet another standout. The series combines detailed design, colorful environments, and swift, eye-catching action sequences that bring its fantastical world to life. The animation quality is impressive and consistent throughout the series, lending a pleasing visual experience to spectators. Additionally, the soundtrack perfectly complements the anime's dramatic moments, humorous scenes, and thrilling battles.

With its unique premise, captivating characters, and a balanced blend of comedy, romance, and action, Date A Live proves to be a standout series. The show allows viewers to take part in Shidō's rollercoaster ride of a life, filled with humorous date scenarios, heartfelt bonds, intriguing secrets, and unforgettable battles. For fans of science fiction, high stakes action, or even romantic comedy, Date A Live is a compelling viewing experience.

Date A Live is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 57 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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