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Thinking Simply
The final battle is here and Mahiru struggles to get to Kuro as he steps forward and tries to face it all. Kuro faces his past, his neglected little brother Tsubaki, and his own actions which may have led to who Tsubaki is now.

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For Not Forgiving Me
Licht and Lawless fight against Higan while Hugh lets his guard down due to the prideful idea that subclass could never be a match against him. Misono panics.

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Licht breaks through the wall to give Lawless a piece of his mind, face-to-face. Licht gets swallowed up by the darkness and the curtain rises on Lawless' past.

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I'm Not Wrong
Misono and Tetsu go to save Lawless and Licht while Mahiru wanders within Kuro's mind to find a way to save him. Misono realizes how little they know of Tsubaki's intentions and Mahiru realizes just how much resolve it takes to face Kuro head-on.

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Nothing Begins Without Action...
Kuro has been trapped away in a ball and the others will have to try and rescue Licht and Lawless before midnight without them. As they plan, Mahiru and Kuro head to the shop of a certain antique dealer, to find a way to get Kuro free.

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Because I am...
Kuro continues to act strangely ever since Lawless brought up the past. Mahiru steps gingerly around Kuro, unsure whether to ask about his past or not.

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Angel or Demon
Mahiru meets with another suspicious character, a visiting pianist from Austria. He comes to find that the pianist, Licht, is actually the Eve of Greed, Lawless.

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I am an Adult. This is Society.
Mahiru continues to meet new people one after another. Next, he meets a strange boy carrying a coffin at the summer festival as he tries to turn in a lost suitcase given to him by a stranger.

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Mahiru nearly gets consumed by the power that he had asked for, but a stranger with the servamp of Envy comes to save them in the nick of time. Mahiru realizes that just having power doesn't solve anything and struggles to figure out what to do next.

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About the Future that Never Came
Mahiru finds out that his best friend, Sakuya, is actually one of Tsubaki's subclass. Why did he get close to Mahiru in the first place?

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Mahiru's pet Kuro turns out to be a servant vampire, or servamp. Mahiru rushes back to school to find out what happened, but his friends do not remember.

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1. Mahiru and Kuro
Mahiru is a boy who loves simple things and hates troublesome things. He decides to take a black kitty home, but soon finds out that his new pet Kuro may be one of the most troublesome things of all.

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SERVAMP, an anime series from Funimation, introduced in 2016, offers a perfect blend of action, superpower, vampire, comedy, drama, supernatural, and shounen genres all wrapped in one show. The show, created by Strike Tanaka, is based on a Japanese manga series that has collected quite a popularity and fan base. Both captivating and unique, SERVAMP provides a refreshing take on modern vampire lore while blending comedy and action effectively.

The title SERVAMP is a portmanteau of the words 'servant' and 'vampire'. The series focuses on the struggle of its main character Mahiru Shirota, a high school freshman, who unintentionally involves himself in the World's most bizarre entanglement. Mahiru prefers to live a minimalist lifestyle, driven by the philosophy of "plain is best." His determination to avoid complications in life gets disturbed when he rescues a black cat he stumbles upon in the streets.

Little did he know, the black cat, named Kuro, is actually one of the seven 'Servamps.' Servamps are the powerful and eccentric vampires, each associated with and representing one of the seven deadly sins. Kuro, the Sleepy Ash, represents sloth, is the oldest, moody, and lazy. Endowed with the power of transformation, Kuro can change into a cat during the daytime, which is how he ended up crossing paths with Mahiru.

Following a series of events, Mahiru unwittingly forms a contract with Kuro, becoming his Eve, and discovers that his simple life has now become anything but simple. This contract gives Mahiru the control over Kuro and envelops him into the chaotic vampire world, dragging him into a series of magical conflicts and forcing him to address and fight evil vampires.

The show humorously portrays the growing relationship between Kuro and Mahiru as the lazy vampire finds himself being put to work by Mahiru, who's ready to take action against the other evil Servamps. As the series progresses, both the characters unravel more about their personality, their bond, and what it means to them.

As Mahiru and Kuro grow in both power and friendship, they meet other Servamps and their Eves, each one bursting with his unique personality and backstory. Each Servamp is perplexed with their centuries-old existence, battling with their own internal demons representing the sin they embody.

The show SERVAMP is not just about the conflict in the outer world but also about the internal battles each character fights. The dialogues are meaningful, touching upon themes of loneliness, despair, friendship, and the struggle to do what's right.

The show brilliantly marries humor and madness, balancing action-packed sequences with light-hearted, fun moments. The comedy elements mostly emerge from the absurdity of the situations and rich character interactions, albeit the show is not afraid to delve into the darker themes of fear and despair.

Visually, SERVAMP is a feast for the eyes. It showcases a unique aesthetic, favoring darker, cozier tones, each character's design doesn't fail to reflect his/her personality. The animation is smooth, and the action scenes are spectacular, making every fight scene exciting.

Moreover, the series also boasts an immersive and dynamic soundtrack, with peppy opening themes and more mellow, melancholic ending songs that perfectly align with the overall mood of the show. The background score does a fair job of setting the tone and mood for every scene and character.

All in all, SERVAMP is definitely more than just a vampire anime. It offers a new perspective on an age-old demon and combines it with modern elements. It's engaging, sometimes strangely hilarious, and unexpectedly deep and poignant at times. The fascinating blend of various anime genres is enough to keep you glued to the show. It’s an undisputed must-watch for anyone who appreciates anime series that perfectly balance action, comedy, supernatural elements, well-developed characters, and compelling storylines.

SERVAMP is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.3.

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How can I watch SERVAMP online? SERVAMP is available on Funimation with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch SERVAMP on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Crunchyroll, Google Play online.

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