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Inherit the Stars
Empress Asseylum declares a cease-fire and, with Slaine's resolve seemingly shaken, a rift surfaces between the Orbital Knights. Inaho and Slaine finally settle their differences on the battlefield.

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The Unvanquished
Both the Terrans and the Martians prepare for a massive final battle. Meanwhile, with her allies dwindling, Princess Asseylum makes a valiant last-ditch effort to end the war once and for all.

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Out of the Past
The Terran forces prepare a two-pronged attack on the Martians. Inaho continues to feel the negative effects of relying on his cybernetic eye.

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The Fortune's Fool
At a loss on how to deal with a multiple Kataphraktoi attack, the Terran forces rest their hopes on Inaho's abilities. However, they may be relying on him too much.

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The Turning Wheel
The Earth forces now have Count Mazuurek as a captive. With such a high value prisoner, what will this mean for the relations between the Earth and Mars?

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Inherit the Stars
A halt is placed on the hostilities, and uncertainty reigns among the Orbital Knights. The issues between Inaho and Slaine are resolved in battle.

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The Unvanquished
Klancain rescues Asseylum from danger, and she declines Slaine's request for her to return. Edelrittuo reveals a possible sanctuary for Asseylum.

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Out of the Past
Slaine is unsuccessful at swaying a suspicious Klancain over to his side. An attack is launched against the Moon Base, with Asseylum as the target.

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The Fortune's Fool
As the Terrans face three Knights' Kataphrakts, they must rely on Inaho to save the day. Asseylum awakes and Lemrina brings her up to date.

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The Light of Day
The Earth Forces are on the retreat after the Vers three-pronged attack. Meanwhile the relationship between Slaine and Lemrina grows in tense.

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Here to There
Princess Asseylum's marriage to Slaine gets officially announced. In the meantime, Slaine organizes an unprecedented attack on Earth after rallying as many Counts to his cause as possible.

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The Rose and the Ring
The Earth forces are slowly making gains, with the aid of Inaho's abilities they're managing to challenge the Knights. Slaine, having now become a Count, must work his way into the favor of the 37 Clans.

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The Turning Wheel
UFE nabs a major bargaining chip when they take Count Mazuurek prisoner. It remains to be seen what will happen after the Deucalion's return to Earth.

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Soldiers Pay
As Slaine ascends the ranks, he puts a plan into motion to deflect scrutiny. Meanwhile, Yuki prepares for a possible reunion with Inaho as the Terrans face another Kataphraktoi threat.

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Toll for the Brave
After Slaine faces discrimination for being a Terran, Count Saazbaum makes a surprise announcement. Meanwhile, Inaho and Slaine meet again on the battlefield as the war rages on.

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The Beautiful and Damned
With the help of his new cybernetic eye, Inaho notices that there's something off about Princess Asseylum's behavior. Meanwhile, Princess Lemrina divulges her insecurities to Slaine and Count Saazbaum launches an offensive.

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This Side of Paradise
It's 19 months later and the Terrans are in bad shape as the Martians have claimed most of Earth. The latest threat is an enemy whose powers allow him to freeze anything within a certain area.

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ALDNOAH.ZERO is an intriguing and thoroughly thought-out anime series that was aired in 2014 by Aniplex, a leading Anime production company. The series, created under the meticulous direction of Ei Aoki, is a science fiction mecha drama that seamlessly interweaves political tension, war, strategy, and personal conflict into a vibrant tapestry of gripping storytelling.

The premise of ALDNOAH.ZERO is built on the backdrop of a timeline where humans have discovered Hyper Gates on the moon in 1972. This extraordinary technology lead humankind to Mars where an ancient Martian civilization called 'Vers Empire' was discovered. With the help of the astonishingly advanced ALDNOAH energy, Vers Empire's technology and civilization saw rapid progress, dwarfing that of earth in comparison.

The difference in technological culture stringently divided humans into two categories. On one side, you have the Martians who now possess super-technological powers, thanks to ALDNOAH. On the other side, there are Earthlings who continue to rely on less advanced technology. This drastic difference led to a heightened feeling of superiority among the Martians and bitterness among Earthlings, culminating in an inevitable and catastrophic war fought on the lunar surface that resulted in the moon's destruction and gigantic debris belt formed around the Earth.

In an event known as Heaven’s Fall, the moon's destruction led to the loss of the Hyper Gates, bringing the destructive war to an abrupt end due to this logistical restriction. The survivors of the Vers Empire, stranded on Mars, are forced to build a floating castle over Earth’s orbit while they nourish grudges and plot revenge for the humiliation they suffered.

ALDNOAH.ZERO starts 15 years after Heaven’s Fall. The carefully balanced peace comes under stress when Princess Asseylum from Vers Empire visits Earth, sparking a rollercoaster of events that leave the blue planet once again on the brink of a catastrophic war. The detailed narrative and epic storytelling of ALDNOAH.ZERO explore the undercurrents of war, power, revenge, and the sacrifices individuals are willing to make for their ideologies, doing so through a rich cast of characters and emotional plots.

The main protagonists are Inaho Kaizuka, a high-school student on Earth, and Slaine Troyard, an earthling serving the Vers Empire, who is loyal to the Vers Princess. The series delves into their personal struggles, their development as characters, and their respective roles in the greater conflict that threatens to engulf two civilizations. The antagonists are no less complex, ensuring an engaging dynamic throughout the series.

Showcasing brilliantly choreographed mecha battles, ALDNOAH.ZERO brings excitement to the screen while digging deep into the psychological aspect of the characters. It maintains the characters' moral dilemmas, their struggles with their past, their conflicts in picking sides, and their determination to ensure their survival. The narrative beautifully marries technological fascination with the essential human condition, thereby delivering high-quality entertainment in each episode.

The allure of this series, apart from its brilliant plotline and compelling character development, is its highly detailed and stunning animation, which exceeds industry standards at every turn. The anime does a sterling job at illustrating the desolation of space, the intricate workings of high-tech mecha, and the raw emotions of its characters. Accompanied by an excellent soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano, known for his work on other popular anime series, ALDNOAH.ZERO offers an exceptional audio-visual experience to viewers.

ALDNOAH.ZERO surprises the viewers with its unpredictable twists and turns, keeping them on the edge throughout. It tackles complex themes of nationalism, loyalty, revenge, and justice, pushing the envelope for what a mecha anime can achieve. A must-watch for any serious anime aficionado, this series is a thrilling ride that simply cannot be missed.

In summary, ALDNOAH.ZERO is a show that offers a rich and complex exploration of a world teetering on the brink of war. Crafted with a vibrant cast of characters, a fully realized setting spanning the cosmos, and thoughtful narratives that don't shy away from hard questions, this series is truly a tapestry of storytelling that draws in its viewer from the first episode onward.

ALDNOAH.ZERO is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 41 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.


How can I watch ALDNOAH.ZERO online? ALDNOAH.ZERO is available on Aniplex with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch ALDNOAH.ZERO on demand at Max, Amazon Prime online.

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