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Bleach 366
Ichigo and Ginjo both release their Bankai to settle the score once and for all.

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Bleach 365
While facing each other in battle, Uryu notices that Ginjo's attack contains the presence of Ichigo's Spirit Energy. Ignoring Uryu's warning, Ichigo fires his Getsugatensho attack, only to be countered by Ginjo's own Getsugatensho attack.

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Bleach 364
The battle between Byakuya and Tsukishima escalates as they both push their powers to the limit. Meanwhile, Rukia struggles against the cute traps set up by Riruka.

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Bleach 363
The Soul Reapers take on the Xcution members in one-on-one battles. Meanwhile, Ichigo and Uryu prepare to take on Ginjo.

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Bleach 362
Under the orders of Head Captain Yamamoto, the 13 Court Guard Squad Soul Reapers share their Spirit Energy to restore Ichigo's lost powers. With his Soul Reaper powers fully restored, Ichigo returns to challenge Ginjo.

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Bleach 361
Ginjo reveals his true colors by attacking Ichigo and stripping him of his Fullbring powers. Ichigo lies in despair from losing his powers yet again, when his father Isshin and Kisuke Urahara arrive.

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Bleach 360
Ichigo is shocked to learn that Chad and Orihime have now sided with Tsukishima and are even willing to fight Ichigo to protect their precious friend.

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Bleach 359
Ichigo escapes from his house in confusion after witnessing his friends and family welcoming Tsukishima as if they've known him for years. Regrouping with Ginjo, Ichigo learns that the same change has also happened to Riruka and the other Xcution members.

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Bleach 358
Uryu begins his own investigation to track down the enemy who attacked him. As he goes around searching for clues, he notices that people close to Ichigo are acting strangely.

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Bleach 357
Orihime and Chad exchange what information they have about Tsukishima to figure out what he has done to the both of them.

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Bleach 356
Ichigo, with Orihime standing by as his healer, enters his training with Ginjo.

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Bleach 355
On New Year's Day, Izuru hosts a kite-flying contest in the hopes of everyone having a good time. Meanwhile, Rukia is practicing a dance she will perform for the New Year's Celebration Ceremony but cannot seem to get the steps right.

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Bleach is a long-standing and popular animate series produced by TV Tokyo in 2006, based on the manga of the same name written by Tite Kubo. The Bleach anime series unfolds as a blend of various genres, including action, adventure, fantasy, supernatural, and a hint of comedy. The series is renowned for its exciting combat sequences, inventive character designs, and engaging narrative arcs.

The storyline centers around the series protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student with the unique ability to see ghosts. His life takes a drastic turn when he accidentally obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper, a celestial being in charge of maintaining the balance between the living world and the afterlife. This development sets the stage for a thrilling journey into a world beyond the mundane, as Ichigo must now carry out the duties of a Soul Reaper while trying to maintain an average teenage life, leading to many complex and exciting situations.

The Soul Reapers, also known as Shinigamis, are presented as guardians who oversee the flow of souls between the human world and the "Soul Society," an otherworldly realm where departed souls dwell. Armed with weapons called Zanpakuto, Soul Reapers confront malignant spirits known as Hollows, corrupted souls that feed on unwary humans and cause mayhem in the human world.

Ichigo receives his Soul Reaper powers from Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper who transfers her powers to Ichigo in a moment of desperation to save his family from a Hollow attack. This unplanned transfer of powers forces Rukia to live in the living world, posing as an ordinary human while she recuperates her strength. Ichigo, donning the mantle of a substitute Soul Reaper, must protect humans from Hollows while guiding other souls to the Soul Society.

The characters in Bleach are one of its greatest strengths, each having a unique personality that adds depth and dimension to the narrative. Aside from Ichigo and Rukia, the show introduces several other memorable and complex characters, each with their respective storylines and battles to fight. The character development throughout the series is astonishing, revealing complexities and depths that make them more relatable and compelling.

The world-building in Bleach is equally impressive, as viewers are introduced to the intricacies of the Soul Society, the hierarchy of the Soul Reapers, and the lore of Zanpakuto, providing a rich and expansive setting for the unfolding drama. Moreover, the depiction of the setting enhances the overall narrative structure, by invoking a blend of modern and traditional Japanese aesthetics, showcasing a range of distinct and picturesque environments.

The action sequences in the Bleach series are highly praised and are arguably some of the best in the anime world. Vivid animations and choreographed fights ensure that each battle is as thrilling as it is visually appealing. Particularly noteworthy is the depiction of the Zanpakuto, the primary weapon of a Soul Reaper, each unique in design and power themes, and brought to life through the use of vivid animations and special effects.

The series is also known for incorporating humor and light-hearted moments amidst the intense action, adding an extra layer of enjoyment. Moreover, Bleach also thoughtfully touches on deeper themes such as friendship, duty, sacrifice, mortality, and redemption, creating a multilayered narrative that resonates with many viewers.

Finally, the musical score of Bleach deserves special mention. Composed by Shiro Sagisu, the soundtrack combines a remarkable blend of various genres, including rock, orchestra, and traditional Japanese music, creating a unique sound that fits the series' many moods perfectly - from intense battles to emotional moments.

In summary, Bleach is a blend of action, adventure, fantasy, and supernatural genres that comes with a well-written storyline, a wide array of notable characters, unique world-building, stunning fight scenes, and an unforgettable musical score. Despite its expansive universe and multitude of characters, the series never loses its focus on the main narrative, ensuring a thrilling, emotional, and engrossing viewing experience. It's a titanic show that anime lovers should definitely not miss out on.

Bleach is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 26 seasons with a total of 734 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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