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Episode 25
Ren, someone who couldn't understand true love, couldn't even be satisfied after receiving advice from a monk. Even though he did not understand love, he was conscious of the fact that his head was full of thoughts and took on some shocks.

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Episode 24
Unable to get into the character of Katsuki, Ren breaks down. Given time to find his version of Katsuki a worried Kyoko realizes there are ways she can help.

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Episode 23
When we left off, Kyoko accepted the role Mio in the remake movie, "Dark Moon" and despite difficulties in early on, Kyoko has continued on proving that she deserves the role. However, Kyoko's goes missing, and after being warned by the production staff, Ren prepares for the worse.

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Episode 22
When asked to explain and carry out the essence of the role, by Hiroko Izuka, Kyoko was left speechless. Although Ren follows Kyoko to put her at ease, Kyoko still wasn't able get a hold of the role.

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Episode 21
Kyoko has expressed interest in taking on a role in the big hit drama remake of "Tsukigomori" called "Dark Moon". Meanwhile, Ren has received opposition towards going for a role in the very same movie from Lori, citing Ren's weak point in his ability to perform.

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Episode 20
Seeming like Kyoko's hatred towards Sho will affect her performance and hindering her from acting, how can she finish the performance like this? However, after talking it over with Moko, she comes up with a plan; but will this plan of theirs be enough to successfully make Kyoko's performance shine?

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Episode 19
One scene away from finishing up her appearance for Sho's promotional video, Kyoko is struggling to find the right emotion to show during her scene. But after her conversation with Moko, she figures out what to do.

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Episode 18
Shou, convinced this girl for the promotional video is Kyoko, is out to find out and reveal her true identity. Sho decides to set up a trap to reveal her identity once and for all.

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Episode 17
As Kyoko's job as manager ends, Ren tries to help her pass her entrance exam as Kyoko has longed to experience the full life of a high school student. As a thanks for her selflessness job while he was sick, Ren gives Kyoko surprising marks in her stamp book.

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Episode 16
It seems as if she has put her job aside and taken on the responsibility as Ren's nurse and manager. Again, Ren's image of Kyoko changes as she tries her best to nurse him back to health.

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Episode 15
When Ren's manager catches a cold, Kyoko takes over as his manager. Kyoko ends up being busier than expected and winds up making a flurry of mistakes.

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Episode 14
Team LME make it past the first round, and it seems like smooth sailing. But Kyoko's idea was stolen for the second round and now she has to come up with something on the spot or their chances for the commercial is lost.

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Episode 13
For the commercial, it will require a pair of girls, so both Kyoko and Kanae have a chance to get a part. Erika, stopping at nothing to win the part (including sabotage) informs the director that they work for the same company and that they should do the whole audition without rehearsal....

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Episode 12
Kyoko moves on to her next endeavor and tries out for a soda commercial, but so does Kanae! There, Kyoko meets Kanae's rival, Erika Koenji who relies more on her family's money to win roles, than talent.

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Episode 11
Kyoko's next assignment is to be the mascot on a game that just so happens to be featuring Sho! This is Kyoko's chance to humiliate him.

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Episode 10
Gong Xi tries to ruin Bu Po Shang's interview on a variety show.

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Episode 9
Gong Xi manages to help Mary realized that her father truly love and care for her.

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Episode 8
Gong Xi gets a new partner in her department and is assigned a new task of by the CEO.

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Episode 7
Despite her injured foot, Gong Xi continues to act in the tea ceremony scene.

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Episode 6
Gong Xi injuries her foot while carrying Liu Li Er through the forest.

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Episode 5
Gong Xi becomes the first staff on LME's new department, the Love Me Department.

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Episode 4
After failing to get a spot on LME's talent roster, Gong Xi becomes depressed.

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Episode 3
Gong Xi manages to pass the first stage of LME's talent competition.

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Episode 2
Gong Xi vows to enter the entertainment world to seek vengeance against Bu Puo Shang.

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And the Box was Opened
Plain-Jane Kyoko is a girl living her dream (secretly) in Tokyo. She was chosen to leave her native Kyoto with her prince Sho and help him break into the music business.

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Skip Beat! is a riveting and comedic anime show that aired on TV Tokyo between 2008 and 2009. The show stars the enchanting Ivy Chen and is based on the manga of the same name created by Yoshiki Nakamura. Featuring a balance of dramatic turns, comedy, and introspective moments, Skip Beat! is a series that figuratively explores the world of entertainment and the lengths one would go not just to attain stardom, but also, to seek personal validation.

At the heart of Skip Beat! is the headstrong and industrious, Kyoko Mogami. Brought to life by Ivy Chen, Kyoko abandons her provincial life to support her childhood friend turned romantic interest, Sho Fuwa, in his pursuit of a music career in Tokyo. Kyoko takes up several part-time jobs, sacrificing her education, and her dreams so that Sho could reach stardom. However, when Kyoko discovers Sho's utilitarian manipulation of her, she swears revenge. This sparks her determination to outshine him in the field he treasures most - the world of showbiz.

A strong theme running through Skip Beat! involves character growth and transformation, evident through the character arc of Kyoko. Ivy Chen skillfully portrays a naive and trusting teenager who undergoes a metamorphosis into a more sophisticated, confident, and ultimately, triumphant character in the glam world. The series is commendable for its representation of emotions, especially anger and ambition, not often portrayed visibly by female characters in similar settings.

Skip Beat! also delves into the complexities and challenges of the entertainment industry. It portrays the grueling auditions, casting processes, acting challenges, industry dynamics, inter-personal competitions, and the impact of fame on personal lives. However, it's not all seriousness, the series brings with it a good dose of humor, mostly derived from Kyoko’s inability to shed her rural personality while trying to fit into the glitz and glamour of the showbiz industry. Additionally, it presents short comic scenes called "Love Me" sections which depict the pitfalls of a beginner in the entertainment industry.

One of the high-points of Skip Beat! is its in-depth exploration of interpersonal relationships. Kyoko's relationships with other characters aren't just sub-plots; they contribute to her development and the overall narrative. The show introduces Ren Tsuruga, a well-known actor with a complicated history tied to Sho. Ren, initially dismissive of Kyoko, finds her transformation exciting and becomes an important character in moving the story forward. The evolving dynamics between Kyoko, Sho, and Ren forms one of the most intriguing parts of the series.

In terms of production, Skip Beat! stands out for its animation, with colors used to reflect the moods and feelings of characters or situations. The sound design and voice acting, especially from Ivy Chen, add another layer of depth to the characters, enabling the audience to engage with every moment of suspense, humor, and drama resonantly.

The opening and ending musical themes in the show resonate with the storyline, often reflecting the mood or theme of the episodes. Lively, catchy, and immensely emblematic of the series' tone, the music pieces become an integral part of the viewing experience.

In conclusion, Skip Beat! is a show that does an excellent job mixing elements of comedy and drama in a unique setting of the entertainment industry. Its main character, Kyoko Mogami, portrayed convincingly by Ivy Chen, embodies the struggle for self-affirmation while also catering to the fans of the slice-of-life genre. Expectedly, the series is especially noted for detailed character development, witty dialogues, and an engaging plot that balances dramatic reversals with humorous interludes. Skip Beat! is not just a story about achieving stardom, but it’s also a tale about human connection, self-improvement, and the courage to transform hardships into opportunities.

Skip Beat! is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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