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While Dice accompanies Cat to Arizona for a hair modeling gig, Sam is back at home with an unexpected roommate.

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Sam and Cat hope they don't get into trouble when they accidentally knock out musician Del DeVille.

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While helping Goomer handle a bully at his gym, Sam incidentally knocks out an MMA champion.

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Sam and Cat accompany a couple of obnoxious children on a flight to the Bahamas.

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Sam and Cat test an online delivery service but find themselves facing problems with it.

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Sam & Cat is a fun-filled, teen-centric sitcom that aired on Nickelodeon from 2013 to 2014. The engaging series brings together two of Nickelodeon's most beloved characters, Sam Puckett (played by Jennette McCurdy) from "iCarly" and Cat Valentine (played by Ariana Grande) from "Victorious," in a unique comedic package that is both uproarious and heartwarming. They are joined by a host of vibrant characters, including Dice (played by Cameron Ocasio), Nona (played by Maree Cheatham), and Goomer (played by Zoran Korach), who contribute to the various entertaining story arcs and comedic moments. The show centers on Sam and Cat's unexpected journey into friendship and business partnership after a series of odd, yet humorous circumstances bring them together. After meeting in Los Angeles where they wind up becoming roommates, the vivacious duo decides to begin a babysitting service to support themselves, aptly named "Sam & Cat's Super Rockin' Fun-Time Babysitting Service." Such a setting gives rise to many exciting misadventures, resulting in loads of laughs and memorable moments. The plot thrives on the contrast between the main characters. Sam is a rough and tumble teenager from Seattle with a penchant for trouble and a mouth that spouts off sarcastic, witty comments, while Cat is an affectionate, naive red-head from Hollywood who is known for her eccentricities and her relentlessly sunny disposition (despite her unawareness of the world around her). The balance between Sam's tough exterior and Cat's innocent quirkiness provides a delightful dynamic that fuels the narrative and complements the laughter. But despite their differences, they forge a strong and supportive bond, and their shared misadventures bring them closer together while helping them to navigate through the trials and tribulations of their teenage years. Another key element of 'Sam & Cat' is its compelling supporting cast, who add extra layers of humor to the narrative. Dice, their colorful neighbor, seems to have his fingers in many pies within the Los Angeles area and is always ready with an entrepreneurial scheme or idea. Nona, Cat's delightful grandmother, is cheerful with a youthful flair, who chooses to move into Elderly Acres because of the meatballs, while also making regular appearances in Sam & Cat's lives. Goomer, a professional MMA fighter who is friends with Dice and becomes one of Sam and Cat’s regular babysitting clients, presents his own unique brand of comedy as he is more brawn than brain. Additionally, the show heavily incorporates slapstick humor and physical comedy, which punctuates the playful nature of the show. Whether it's Sam's love for putting people in headlocks or Cat's whimsical misunderstandings, there is never a dull moment on 'Sam & Cat.' Beneath the humor, the series also embeds life lessons and messages about friendship, responsibility, and problem-solving, making the show not only entertaining but educational to some extent. Produced by Dan Schneider, a seasoned creator of successful teen sitcoms, 'Sam & Cat' continues his tradition of formulating shows that appeal to a younger audience while also engaging older viewers. With its striking visual style, richly colorful set design, quick-paced dialogue, and the irresistible chemistry between the leading ladies, the show retains an overall light ambiance and playfulness that are classic Nickelodeon. Despite only running for a single season, Sam & Cat quickly became a fan-favorite show, credited much to its witty writing, comical plots, and the charm of its title characters. As much as it is a spin-off, 'Sam & Cat' distinguishes itself as a distinct and exciting series within the Nickelodeon universe, perfectly capturing the quirks, laughter, and heart of teenage life through its engaging characters and imaginative storytelling. The fresh and vibrant duo of Sam and Cat brought audiences plenty of laughter, surprises, and, most importantly, the enjoyment of an unforgettable comedic tribute to friendship. It is indeed a series that kids and teens - and even those young at heart - will find delight in watching, now and in the years to come. Whether one is looking for comedy, adventure, or just pure, joyful entertainment, Sam & Cat consistently delivers.

Sam & Cat is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 49 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.7.

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