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Finishing School
Colonel Tom Parker insists on assuming control of Elvis' career, but Sam struggles with the decision to release his star. Meanwhile, Jerry Lee's philandering catches up with him; and Johnny starts his own band.

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No Favors Here
Elvis gets a taste of the limelight when he starts playing live shows; Colonel Tom Parker scams his way out of debt and has his sights set on Elvis; Johnny returns from overseas to begin his life with Vivian.

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Who They Were Meant To Be
Sam and Marion take Elvis on the road to promote "Blue Moon"; Colonel Tom Parker has major consequences for his gambling; Jerry Lee tries to stay on a moral path now that he is married.

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Rising Sun
Sam finds another hit with Johnny Bragg and the Prisonaires; Becky makes an unexpected announcement; Elvis enlists Sam to help him record a song for his mother; Johnny takes his relationship with Vivian to the next level.

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Never Better
Sam's increasing panic attacks lead to a radical new medical procedure; Elvis tries to win Trixie back; Johnny Cash, who is overseas, makes a decision that affects his girlfriend back home.

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Record Man Blues
Sam struggles to find the follow-up hit to Ike Turner’s “Rocket 88.” Colonel Tom Parker’s deceiving ways are exposed.

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Outta The Groove
Sam records B.B. King, but his new label continues to struggle. Elvis is inspired by African-American music, but is criticized by his family and girlfriend for crossing racial lines.

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706 Union
Sam Phillips moves his family to Memphis to open a recording studio and to find his first hit musical act. Instead, he rekindles a steamy affair.

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Sun Records is a captivating American drama television series that debuted on CMT (Country Music Television) network in February 2017. The show, which spanned over one thrilling season through to April 2017, but continued to grip audiences when it was picked up for syndication in 2018, is a period piece set in the 1950s, a defining time for the American music industry. The series is based on the iconic musical millionaires and the legendary artists they discovered, offering viewers a vivid peek into the birth of rock 'n' roll music.

The storyline is a depiction of the real-life Sun Records, a record label founded by Sam Phillips. In the show, Phillips (played by Chad Michael Murray) is a passionate and ambitious music producer from Memphis. The series places him at the very heart of what is known as the ‘Big Bang of Rock 'n' Roll,' where he discovered and launched the careers of a string of legendary artists, subsequently changing the music landscape forever.

Sun Records focuses on a fascinating tapestry of music history, weaving together dynamic personal and professional stories of musical trailblazers such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Ike Turner. Each person's narrative is skillfully intertwined, showing not just their rise to fame but also their personal struggles, ambitions, dreams, and the societal changes that helped shape their music.

In addition to profiling these figures, Sun Records vividly illustrates the cultural and racial complexities of the South post the Second World War, a backdrop that heavily influenced the music scene of the time. The series captures the stark racial tensions of that era while also showcasing the profound impact that 'race records' (as R&B music was then known) had on shaping the sound of burgeoning rock 'n' roll.

Drake Milligan plays Elvis Presley, offering an intriguing look into the life of the 'King of Rock 'n' Roll' before his royal status. Additionally, Kevin Fonteyne plays the famed 'man in black', Johnny Cash, perfectly embodying the enigmatic singer's early life and rise to fame. Christian Lees plays Jerry Lee Lewis, another iconic figure who rose to fame in this era and Billy Gardell embodies the role of Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis's cunning and sometimes controversial manager.

Sun Records may be rich with musical history, but it is also a compelling drama, feeding off the inner ambitions, the love, the betrayal, and the dreams of these legendary figures. The series shows the human side of these musicians, their struggles and victories both on and off the stage, the impact of fame on personal relationships, their often fraught negotiation of the racial barriers of the time, and the inescapable commercialism of the music industry.

The show is based on the Tony-winning Broadway musical, 'Million Dollar Quartet', a jukebox musical that parades rock and R&B hits from the 1950s. What lends Sun Records a touch of authenticity is the fact that the show was shot at locations across Memphis, helping better transport viewers back in time to the vibrant 1950s.

The rich storytelling in Sun Records benefits immensely from a stellar cast. Their powerful performances coupled with fantastic storytelling, and engaging musical performances, fuel Sun Records' narrative engine. Each episode is interlaced with musical interludes, many of which feature the actors performing renditions of the stars they portray – an element that does an exceptional job of navigating the story forward while also keeping viewers hooked.

The show is also famous for its vintage aesthetics, delivering an exemplary visual experience that fits the narrative's time frame. From the cars to the costumes, Sun Records exudes a nostalgic environment that perfectly complements the storyline's progression.

In conclusion, Sun Records effortlessly combines high-profiled drama, history, and music into an entertaining package. It is not just about charting the meteoric rise of rock 'n' roll; it's also about the people behind the music and how they, in turn, changed the fabric of American culture. Even though its run was brief, the impact it made by giving audiences a glimpse into this defining era in music history is a testament to its key place in television history. If you're a fan of history, music, or iconic artists, this show is definitely a must-watch.

Sun Records is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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