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The After Life
Family tension erupts when Kalief's estranged father tries to take over the case and settlement negotiation; Kalief's mother Venida combats depression and bad health, and suffers a massive heart attack.

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Injustice for All
Kalief becomes a folk hero and the poster child of a broken system, attracting journalists and celebrities as he fights for justice, but he begins to decline under the glare of the media.

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The Witness
A missing witness is found, exposing messy detective work.

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The Bing
Kalief refuses to plead guilty in his case and demands a trial, but is caught in the revolving door of solitary confinement as his case crawls through a stagnant court.

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The Island
Viewers are taken to Rikers Island where he is introduced to a world of Violence, Corruption and Gangs. In constant upheaval, Kalief must defend himself from every side.

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The System
In the series premiere, meet Kalief Browder, who was wrongfully arrested and served three years in prison.

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TIME: The Kalief Browder Story is a heart-wrenching and deeply poignant documentary series that aired on Spike TV in 2017. This hard-hitting miniseries masterfully presents the life story of Kalief Browder, a young man from the Bronx in New York City who was trapped in a woeful saga of judicial misconduct and systemic failure. The program is meticulously crafted to unravel the multiple layers of legal complications that Browder endured in ways that capture viewers' attention and hearts.

The series comprises six episodes, each intended to reveal intricacies and details allowing viewers to appreciate the scope and magnitude of Browder’s case. With a strategic compilation of archival footage, on-camera interviews, and dramatized retellings, the series unflinchingly explores the grim realities Browder faced while maintaining a rhythm that leads viewers down the murky path of his ordeal. The directors, Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason, do an impressive job in synthesizing the narrative into a compelling visual experience.

Kalief Browder was a 16-year-old high school student when he was arrested in 2010 for allegedly stealing a backpack. Unable to post his bail, Browder spent about three years in Rikers Island, a prison notorious for its harsh conditions and brutal violence. About two-thirds of his imprisonment was in solitary confinement. The charges were eventually dropped and Browder was released, but his daunting prison experience had a profound effect on him leading to his tragic death in 2015.

The show's strengths lie in its audacity to investigate the underbelly of the criminal justice system in America. It explores the grim realities of life within the penal system, the disadvantages that minority and low-income communities often face, and the enduring psychological effects associated with prolonged harsh imprisonment. By expertly weaving together a comprehensive view of these complex issues, the series manages to provide a thought-provoking analysis of its subject matter.

Through a series of interviews, first-hand accounts, and legal documentation, TIME: The Kalief Browder Story scrutinizes the stages and state of circumstances in and around Browder’s case. It includes conversations with Browder himself, his friends and family, his lawyers, and various high-profile advocates for justice reform, adding depth and diversity to the narration. Viewers are given a profound insight into Browder’s life, his resiliency, and the circumstances that led to his ultimate downfall.

The documentary does an exceptional job of connecting Browder’s story with the broader issues plaguing the criminal justice system. It purposely points out the harsh bail policies and the inherently flawed "speedy trial" rule. The damning portrayals of Riker’s Island and the entire judicial process will certainly leave viewers outraged and disturbed.

While the series carries a tone of brutal honesty and stark realism, it also encompasses the impact Browder's case had on public policy and justice reform. It discusses the role his case has played in propelling changes in the policies related to solitary confinement for young people, waiting time for trial, and the overall prison system, giving viewers a sense of concrete change spurred by tragic circumstances.

TIME: The Kalief Browder Story is decidedly not a show that offers entertainment in the traditional sense. Its power lies in its ability to educate, provoke thought, and incite reflective pondering about a system that is supposed to protect and deliver justice. It is a monumental commentary on the crisis that surrounds the criminal justice system, woven around a boy’s traumatic journey through that very system.

In conclusion, TIME: The Kalief Browder Story is a critically acclaimed, deeply moving, and thought-provoking miniseries exposing the labyrinth of the American criminal justice system. It is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience while simultaneously a chilling reminder of the damning effects of systemic failure. Its candid depiction of Browder’s story offers an essential, significant, and sobering examination of how the system often betrays those it's intended to protect. This riveting series is a must-watch for viewers seeking a closer look at issues like injustice, judicial reform, and human rights.

TIME: The Kalief Browder Story is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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How can I watch TIME: The Kalief Browder Story online? TIME: The Kalief Browder Story is available on Spike TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch TIME: The Kalief Browder Story on demand at Netflix online.

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