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If We Are Not Monsters
With Summerhouse up in flames, Jaq tries to make things right. Dushane makes preparations to disappear, and Sully is confronted by a ghost from his past.

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Has It Come To This
After a daring move, Jaq goes on the run. Sully looks for answers. Dushane learns that investigators are pursuing him closely.

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The Food Is Killing Us
Stefan and Erin take a step forward in their relationship. Shelley calls it quits with Dushane. Jaq starts to doubt everything.

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Birthday Party
Dushane tries to track down his investments. Sully plots a move against his new partners. Shelley's dreams are dashed.

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The Tour
Jaq spends time with her sister, Lauryn. Sully tries to take care of a new threat, but Dushane won't trust him to do it alone.

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Step Back
Dushane agrees to back Shelley's new business venture. Sully receives a shipment containing a terrible surprise.

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Top Boy is a brilliant British crime drama series that is distributed globally by Netflix. The top-notch dramatization explores the all-too-real and gritty realities of London's underbelly, where trust is seldom awarded, and survival is the only thing that matters. Ashley Walters, Kano, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, along with Geoff Bell, Benedict Wong, Kierston Wareing, Nicholas Pinnock, and Lorraine Burroughs are the notable contributors to the exceptional ensemble casting of the series.

Delving into the darker side of East London's crime world, specifically the fictional Summerhouse estate in Hackney, "Top Boy" unflinchingly reveals the life of those who inhabit this space. Walters plays the character of Dushane Hill, a young, ambitious and street smart hustler trying to make a name for himself in the competitive world of drugs and petty crimes. Standing toe-to-toe with him is 'Sully', portrayed by Kano, who is Dushane's partner-in-crime as they navigate through the dangerous and treacherous path of their chosen lifestyle.

The supporting cast, like Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Lisa, Geoff Bell as Bobby Raikes, Benedict Wong as Vincent, and others, adds flare and nuance to the narrative, whether they are entwined with Dushane and Sully's ambitions or are the collateral damage of their actions. Each of their performances seizes the audience’s attention, enforcing an emotionally driven connection that provides the series with layers of complexity.

Top Boy takes a deep, explorative look into the lives of people involved in the heinous criminal affairs within a deprived and destitute community. The series tells a story of ambitions, survival, and the desire to escape, all wrapped up in emotional turmoil, hardship and the relentless rush for power. It paints a bleak, raw, and yet intriguing picture of the urban culture and the often-overlooked aspects of societal dynamics in London's less glamorous neighbourhoods.

The series, in its gritty realism, explores themes vastly beyond just crime, delving into the intricate dynamics of race, poverty, immigration, and corruption; the social realism strikes a chord with its audience. With London as its backdrop, the narrative does an extraordinary job of capturing the essence and spirit of the city's streets, succeeding in illustrating the rawness of its urban environment.

The show boasts highly engaging plotting, stellar character creation, and excellent performances. The dialogues are sharp and punchy, entrenched in the cultural sociolect of London's east, providing an immersive experience for the viewers. The uniqueness of the drama extends to its exceptional score as well; the urban sound perfectly complements the raw narrative, consolidating the authenticity of the show.

Despite its setting in the criminal underworld, Top Boy is lauded for its humane depiction of its characters, who despite all their flaws and questionable choices, are shown to be victims of their circumstances. Character development and narrative arcs are well-paced, unapologetic, and drawn out with precision. It’s reflected in how the show weaves the personal and the professional lives of the characters, making clear the stakes and implications.

Executive-produced by rapper Drake, the gripping narrative of Top Boy has gained international attention due to its raw, realistic portrayal of East London’s disadvantaged communities. The clarity and audacity of its storytelling is unfiltered, managing to amplify the harsh realities of those at the fringes of society.

Top Boy is that kind of series that takes its audience far beyond mere crime and gang stories. It delivers a stirring social commentary on the realities of life in the deprived and impoverished sections of modern society. The crime drama reflects on the tough and grim aspects of life on the streets, without romanticizing or glorifying them in any way. The show's ability lies in its authentic and hard-hitting depiction of these realities, empowering the narrative which feeds off the performances of its talented cast.

Top Boy is not just a story of power, ambition and survival; it is an eye-opening revelation of a life that lurks in the shadows, a life filled with struggles, despair, aspirations, hostility, and critical race and class battles. A must-watch for those captivated by thought-provoking narratives and gritty real-world drama.

In conclusion, for any ardent lover of crime dramas and powerful storytelling, Netflix's 'Top Boy' is a compelling watch with unusual depth, emotional punch, and real-world relevance. It offers an uncompromising glimpse into the dirt and grime of the criminal underworld, brought to life via superb acting and masterful storytelling that is both entertaining and socially enlightening.

Top Boy is a series categorized as a . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

Crime Drama
Ashley Walters, Kane Robinson, Malcolm Kamulete, Shone Romulus, Sharon Duncan Brewster, Giacomo Mancini, Xavien Russell, Kierston Wareing, Geoff Bell, Nicholas Pinnock
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