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Leopold returns home, but King, Turner, and Knapp find the kidnapping's resolution to be incomplete; they continue to look into clues that remain unsolved.

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Bellows and Otto move Leo to an abandoned prison in preparation for the handover; Knapp, with Conrad, goes to Madeira, Mexico to pay the kidnappers for Leo's return; King follows the phone tip to Madeira, while directing Archer to look into who's framing him to look corrupt. Ellie continues to help Virgil, who also arrives in Madeira.

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King looks into how the kidnappers transported Leo, Knapp finds information implicating Conrad in his own son's disappearance, Virgil asks Ellie for help in investigating Conrad's lawyer friend.

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Knapp tracks down Gutman, but there is a contingency plan to release her that threatens the life of King's daughter. The Cains receive mail from various people who have heard of the kidnapping.

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Do Unto Others
Virgil finds himself a wanted man, but Ellie still believes in him. Knapp and Turner interrogate the Accountant, while Conrad tries to find answers about what happened to Claire.

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Gone Fishin'
Turner exposes secret messages between Virgil Hayes and Leopold Cain, as Virgil unknowingly takes the law into his own hands to find Leopold. Elsewhere, the Mexican police question the kidnappers, forcing them to move locations.

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Front Page
Knapp discovers that the Cain family was warned of Leopold Cain's possible kidnapping before it occurred. The FBI exposes a connection between Special Agent Latimer King and Virgil Hayes that is cause for suspicion.

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My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Ellie Cain finds her father, Benjamin Rand, at the Cain's residence after being advised of the kidnapping of Leopold Cain. Rand seizes the case and makes a negotiation to get his grandson back that may cost him his life.

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Burn, Baby, Burn
Knapp and Special Agent Latimer King sift through the burned-out remains of what was Schroeder Textiles and discover the room was carefully and expensively rigged to detonate on command. King and Agent Atkins soon learn the body found at the scene wasn't Schroeder and now armed with the suspect's real name - the agents join Knapp in a race to find the suspected mastermind.

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Number One with a Bullet
As Virgil is prepped for surgery Special Agent Latimer King realizes something is wrong, as the hired assassin -- "The Accountant" -- attempts to tie up loose ends by posing as a surgeon. Elsewhere Knapp goes undercover to investigate the specialized bullet that struck down Virgil.

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Sorry, Wrong Number
Knapp and Special Agent Latimer King insist the Cains family keep up appearances and host their annual charity ball to prevent the public from discovering that Leopold has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Conrad Cain confronts a former childhood friend who appears at the party unannounced.

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Special Delivery
Conrad Cain reunites with his father to explore how his past may be related to Leopold's abduction. Meanwhile, the Cains learn that Leopold may not be the only one of their children targeted when the family receives a shocking package in the mail.

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The Cain family is thrown into disarray when teenage son Leopold is kidnapped. The family disagrees with how to handle the situation--should they call the police, or pay the ransom?

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Kidnapped is an American television drama series that aired on NBC from 2006 to 2007, plunging its audience into a complex, high-stakes world of criminal enterprise, conspiracy, and fraught emotional dynamics. The series spans a single narrative arc over one abbreviated 13-episode season and features a stellar ensemble cast that includes Jeremy Sisto, Carmen Ejogo, Delroy Lindo, Linus Roache, Will Denton, Timothy Hutton, Mykelti Williamson, and Dana Delany.

The central plot follows the wealthy Cain family, headed by business magnate Conrad Cain (Timothy Hutton) and his socialite wife Ellie (Dana Delany), whose peaceful upper-class existence is shattered when their teenage son Leopold (Will Denton), a prodigy and primary heir, is kidnapped on his way to school. Recalling the countless stories of international abductions, the Cains bypass the police and hire an expert private investigator, Knapp (Jeremy Sisto), a taciturn professional who specializes in recovering high-profile kidnap victims.

As a former FBI agent, Knapp tackles each case with unshakeable determination, pairing a uniquely methodical approach with an absolute commitment to the safe return of the victims, never straying from his precise, effective strategy. Operating outside of the law’s bureaucratic restrictions, Knapp works alongside his partner Turner (Carmen Ejogo), a polished British expatriate whose proficiency in technology and communications adds an invaluable edge to their operations.

Parallel to this, the investigation is also pursued by Special Agent Latimer King (Delroy Lindo) from the FBI. A veteran in the Bureau with instinctive acumen and a seasoned performative style, King is nearing retirement but chooses to take on this case, tracking the kidnapper's tactics and patterns meticulously, even as conflicts arise as a result of his overlapping investigation with Knapp's stealthier operations.

Simmering under the surface of the frantic abduction case is a web of betrayal, secrets, and unspoken histories. The show elucidates not only the mechanics of a high-level kidnapping and the ensuing recovery attempts but also the intense familial dynamics under pressure, the sociopolitical implications of wealth and power, and the psychological toll of desperation and fear.

In the role of Conrad Cain, Hutton brings to the fold a father's desperate quest to find his only son, fluctuating between guilt, anger, and an obsessive insistence on control that gradually unveils the Cain family's deeply buried secrets. Delany, as the quintessential mother figure, portrays consuming dread and utter helplessness with heartrending authenticity, adding a poignant layer to the dominant thriller narrative.

Sisto anchors the show with his performance as Knapp. He embodies the seasoned, relentless operator with grim stoicism and a hardened resolve, providing the high-stakes drama with its central moral compass. Ejogo, Lindo, and Roache (who plays the enigmatic and forcefully ambitious Andrew Archer), offer compelling performances, each adding complexity to the plot's intricate narrative skein.

Kidnapped combines procedural drama and serialized storytelling—capturing the investigative process with meticulous attention to detail, while also developing an overarching narrative thread that gradually unravels the mystery embedded in the kidnapping, delivering consistent plot twists throughout its season.

The series depicts the grittier side of New York City, contrasting the opulent life of the Cains with the murky underbelly of covert operations, hidden criminal networks, and shadowy bargains. The direction and cinematography contribute significantly to reinforcing this atmospheric tension, as it flits between starkly lit high-society environs, dimly lit crime scenes, and dramatically shadowed, faceless threats.

Despite its premature conclusion, Kidnapped remains an engaging exploration of major crime investigation, manipulation of power, and the dramatic journey of a family pushed to its limits. It pays homage to classic noir elements while injecting its narrative with fresh, character-driven intrigue—creating a thrilling ride for lovers of crime dramas and suspense thrillers alike.

Kidnapped is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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Jeremy Sisto, Carmen Ejogo, Delroy Lindo, Linus Roache, Will Denton, Timothy Hutton, Mykelti Williamson, Dana Delany, Michael Mosley, Robert John Burke, James Urbaniak
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