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Tattle Tale Terror & Army Brat
When disapproving parents meet the irresistible force of teenage love, the outcome is homicidal leaving a family in tatters and the teens and their plus one on the run.

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Rumors & the to-Do List
A teenager is having his first onset of schizophrenia when he decides that it is his mission to kill everyone in the world, starting with his best friend.

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The One Percent & Why Not?
After being released on bail into his parents' custody, a 17-year-old takes out his anger on his own siblings; a 17-year-old's parents try to reform their son when his drug use spirals out of control.

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Ready Set Action What Happens in Vegas
A beautiful young woman falls victim to two high school classmates, who film what they believe is their murderous path towards immortality.

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Full Metal Jacket & Mommy Issues
Members of a family are found brutally shot to death with one surviving son and a routine car accident investigation leads to a twisted tale of teenage love and abuse.

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Vampire & the Essay
When a group of outsiders head down to Florida to pickup a teenaged girl, her parents pay the ultimate price. Peace and love take a backseat to homicide in the story of Rainbow, the teenage son of a hippie mother and a criminal father.

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Good vs Evil The Good Son
In Parker, Florida, when a 16-year-old boy goes missing, all signs point to homicide. Suspicion falls upon the boy's girlfriend, a rebellious teen.

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Pop and Circumstance and Shell Shocked
Police discover six people murdered in two adjacent farmhouses on a 450-acre dairy farm; firemen respond to a fire in an abandoned building and make a gruesome discovery - the burned corpse of a 9-year-old neighborhood girl.

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Southern Belle From Hell and My Best Friend's Girl
The tortured body of a female Job Corp student turns up on a university campus and police investigation reveals a satanic cult within the Job Corp ranks. Meanwhile, a young Texas man goes missing.

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Crazy Love and Double Vision
In 1995, a teenage couple is on their way toward bright careers in the military. But their dreams of a future together end when an infidelity leads the lovers down a twisted path.

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Assassin and the Matrix Kid
In a small Chicago suburb of Winnetka, a young married couple is found murdered execution-style inside of their new home.

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Knight in Shining Armor and Are You Trying to Seduce Me?
The body of a father is discovered in a pool of blood and the police seek answers from the victim's daughter. Meanwhile, police sift through a tangled web of lies and manipulation to get to the bottom of a shooting.

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Stand Out and It Runs in the Family
After a business owner is found shot and killed, the police hunt for the killer only to find that the true mastermind is a hometown hero. Police investigate the murder of a single father and in a bizarre twist his two teen boys become the prime suspects.

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Killer Kids is an engrossing, chilling true crime documentary series that aired on the Lifetime network from 2011 to 2015. This gripping series focuses on the most extraordinary and confounding cases where children and adolescents have turned into murderers. Designed with the intent of understanding the hidden dynamics behind these brutal acts, Killer Kids is a psychological exploration into the world of young killers.

Each episode presents a detailed examination of several remarkable criminal cases involving child perpetrators. As a docu-series, it combines re-enactments of the horrific acts committed by these youngsters with insightful commentary from criminologists, psychologists, and detectives who have worked on the respective cases.

The series commences by shedding light on disturbing cases ranging from premeditated murders to unexpected slaughters, each involving different youth offenders. The viewers are taken through the details of the crimes, methodical investigations, courtroom proceedings, and ultimately, the daunting realisation that the culprits are not hardened criminals but seemingly stunningly ordinary kids.

With each episode, Killer Kids delves into the inexplicable aspects of child crimes, seeking answers to challenging questions such as 'What drives a child to kill?' and 'Can evil be detected and prevented at a tender age?'. It dissects the psychological landscapes of these youths, their domestic situations, social ties, and personal afflictions. Throughout the series, attempts are made to uncover the myriad factors that potentially transform seemingly normal kids into lethal perpetrators - traumatic experiences, parental neglect, exposure to violence, psychological disorders and even unchecked aggression.

The show’s episodes often rely on a narrative structure that is underpinned by interviews with people directly associated with these cases. Family members, witnesses, legal experts, psychiatrists and law enforcement officials share their insights, memories, and thoughts about these nasty misdeeds and their aftermaths. These testimonials, coupled with stark dramatic reproductions, vividly bring to life the gruesome cases and enrich the storytelling.

Killer Kids unrestrainedly probes into cases where childhood innocence is lost to dark impulses, making it attention-grabbing albeit chilling viewing. It does not gloss over the ugly realities of these spine-chilling crimes, often painting a stark and somber picture of the real world we live in. The show stimulates viewers to think about broader societal issues like child welfare, mental health, social pressure and the effectiveness of the judicial system when dealing with underage criminals.

Although the subject matter of Killer Kids is unsettling, the series handles it with subtlety and respect. It does not exploit the shock factor of these horrendous crimes to merely instil fear, but rather use these real-life horror stories to instigate insightful discussions about children, crime, and society at large. The series balances its inquisitive inspection of these horrific crimes with a sense of empathy and humaneness, providing the viewer with a comprehensive and sensitive understanding of these complex cases.

Its engaging storytelling coupled with the ruthless scrutiny of unthinkable scenarios, makes Killer Kids an absorbing and thought-provoking watch. The portrayal of such morbid but real incidents serves as a stark reminder of the fact that unsettling circumstances can breed unthinkable actions, even in the most innocent beings. While it might be difficult to watch at times, the series' empathetic focus on the lives of these young individuals, offers a multifaceted perspective of these real-life childhood horrors.

Killer Kids truly stands out in the genre of true crime, engaging viewers with its masterful blend of dramatic reenactments, emotional testimonials, probing interviews, and astute commentary from experts in the field. It prods at the very heart of our darkest fears and societal issues, opening up a dialogue about the complexities of child psychology, socioeconomic factors that breed crime, and the juvenile justice system. Offering a fascinatingly sinister descent into the lives of children you'd least suspect of malevolent actions, Killer Kids is an intriguing experience into the mysteries and horrors of child crimes.

Killer Kids is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 72 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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