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The Finale
In a "Project Runway" first, three All-Star finalists race against the clock to complete eight finale-worthy looks in just eight days. With the pressure mounting, all of these finalists are shining jewels, but only one will be crowned.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 14 Now

The Sky's the Limit
Four designers compete for the three spots in the season finale; the designers need to show the judges their brand and vision for the future of fashion in a single look.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 13 Now

Let Me See Your Peacock!
The remaining all-stars must create show-stopping red-carpet menswear looks that fully embrace the trend toward the flamboyant; Emmy Award-winning actor Colman Domingo joins the judges to help determine whose look will be in and whose will be "fowl.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 12 Now

Double Bind
The designers are faced with one of their hardest tasks yet: a one-day challenge that forces them to create one runway look that showcases two opposing fashion styles.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 11 Now

Hold on to your seats, because "Project Runway" is about to make history! For the first time, our final seven designers are given the freedom to design whatever they want for this challenge.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 10 Now

Below Decked Out
Fan favorites from Bravo's "Below Deck'' will be walking the runway in the infamous Real Client Challenge. The designers attempt to steer the ship toward winning waters while at the same time trying to keep up with the yachty's fashion requests ...

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 9 Now

Uncut Hems
It’s the halfway point and the designers are hitting the road to a denim explosion; in a throwback challenge, they’ll create all denim looks while competing in head-to-head battles where only one designer can be safe from elimination.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 8 Now

Fashion, Inside Out
The jockstrap is back; the all-stars must create high-fashion looks featuring couture undergarments in this one-day challenge; fashion icons Sergio Hudson and Paulina Porizkova help separate the hot from the not.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 7 Now

Like Totally '90s
The designers are challenged to make a collection of retro fashion inspired by the '90s era. Their creations will be judged by one of the brightest stars of the '90s Jennie Garth, which will be displayed in the halls of a high school in New York City.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 6 Now

Seeing Red
The designers are forced to share a single bolt of fabric to demonstrate how they can stand out from one another and prove why they're the top designer; actor, producer and Emmy Award-winning writer Lena Waithe joins as guest judge.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 5 Now

Coronation Day
For Coronation Day, the designers are blindly paired together and tasked with creating couture modern gowns that exemplify royalty; Wes Gordon, the Creative Director of Carolina Herrera and gown expert, serves as a guest judge.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 4 Now

Toying With Fashion
Designers from around the world compete in the industry's premier fashion competition.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 3 Now

Project Redemption
For their first challenge of the competition, the designers have to rewrite history by reinventing the look that either got them eliminated or gave them the lowest score in their past, and turn it into a high-fashion moment for the runways of today.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 2 Now

Meet the All-Stars
Fourteen designers from across 19 seasons of "Project Runway" descend on New York once again to vie for the coveted title that has eluded them all. The iconic designers meet one another and catch up on their successes after leaving the Runway.

Watch Project Runway Season 20 Episode 1 Now

Project Runway is a dynamic reality television program that aired on Lifetime network in 2004. Known for its vigorous pace and high-pressure environment, the series takes its viewers into the high-stakes world of fashion, inviting them to observe both the creative process and the cutthroat competition that defines it. Hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum, the show cultivates intense competition among aspiring designers with contrasting backgrounds and styles, who are fighting for their place and recognition in the fashion industry.

The series is set mostly in New York City, the epicenter of American fashion, contributing to the show's atmosphere with the city’s energetic pulse and glamour. From the hair-raising challenges in each episode to the eventual runway showdown, Project Runway provides a vibrant blend of entertainment, tension, and talent.

Each carefully selected contestant enters the competition with dreams of earning the grand prize: a considerable sum of money, a feature in a popular fashion magazine, and a chance to showcase their collection at New York Fashion Week. They are faced with various challenges that test not only their technical design knowledge and skills but also their ability to handle pressure, time constraints, and interpersonal conflict. Every assignment is a nerve-racking rush against time, as the designers are expected to produce innovative, on-trend garments within strict deadlines.

Alongside Heidi Klum, Project Runway highlights a panel of high-profile, celebrated judges including fashion editor and icon, Nina Garcia. Nina is known for her sharp critique, rich knowledge of the industry and her decisive verdicts. Fashion designer Michael Kors and mentor Tim Gunn, also are to be found giving valuable input in the judging process. Their task is to evaluate the contestants' designs based on trendiness, creativity, and the execution of idea in relation to the assignment’s theme.

Each episode ends with a runway show, a spectacular fashion spectacle where models adorn the completed designs and strut down the catwalk. The anguish and anticipation of the contestants are palpable as they await the judges’ reviews, leading to unparalleled reality show suspense. The program's famous catchphrase, "One day you're in, and the next day you're out," perfectly encapsulates the unpredictability of the fashion world, reflected in Project Runway's elimination process. Each week, one or more contestants are eliminated until the last one, the top designer, remains.

The audience gets to know the contestants on a personal level throughout the show as well, delving into their lives, backgrounds, and design inspirations. The series highlights the contestant’s unique stories, showcasing how their personal experiences influence their designs. This storytelling turns the fashion competition into a compelling human-drama, where viewers can't help but root for their favourite competitor.

Project Runway is well known for its guest stars, attracting some of the most famous figures from the fashion industry. These luminaries provide a fresh perspective and constructive criticism to the budding competitors and amplify the credibility of the high-pressure environment. They stimulate intrigue and wonder in the audience, maintaining the vibrant energy of the show.

This exciting series captures the pulsating world of fashion with an edgy reality-show approach. Aspiring designers battle against the ticking of the clock, their personal skepticism and competition with other talented peers to create fashion-forward items that will impress the judges and captivate the viewers. It’s not a stretch to say that Project Runway appeals to a broad spectrum of viewers: from fashion lovers wanting a behind-the-scenes look at garment creation, to reality show enthusiasts craving raw human emotions and high stake competitions.

Project Runway offers an insightful peek into the fast-paced, competitive world of fashion design, where the contestant's artistic dreams hang by the thread of their needlework. The intense rivalry, heightened drama and splendid showcase of talent makes for an immersive television experience. By weaving together elements of action, suspense and glamour, Project Runway has solidified its place among the best in its genre, making it a must-watch show for lovers of fashion, design, and heart-pounding competition.

Project Runway is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 20 seasons with a total of 303 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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How can I watch Project Runway online? Project Runway is available on Lifetime with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Project Runway on demand at Amazon Prime, FuboTV, Peacock Premium, Bravo, NBC, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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