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The Last Hurrah in Vegas
In the series finale, Stacy and Clinton are hitting the road to check in on past contributors, as they make their way to Vegas for a finale bash. But it wouldn't be What Not to Wear without one last makeover in the city known for epic fashion disasters.

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Megumi W.
39-year-old Megumi is hoping to find a man and settle down. But her wardrobe of animal hats and knee-highs is not attracting any serious candidates.

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Lizz G.
Lizz is a stage mom of nine who has put her family's needs over her confused style of short skirts, thrown together layers and boots. Can Stacy and Clinton get this busy mom to drop her inappropriate sexy style and finally discover an identity of her own?

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Perfect Storm: Riana C., Taylor P., and Megan G.
Skimpy dresser, Riana wears clothes that are too tight. Megan's frumpy wardrobe doesn't work for her body, and Taylor's boho style is just too mismatched.

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What Not To Wear is a widely popular reality television series that originally aired on TLC from 2003 to 2013. The show provided an insightful look into the world of fashion, makeup, and style transformations, with a roster of well-known life and style experts, including the notable makeup artist, Carmindy. The series offered the audience a perfect blend of entertainment, education, and style inspiration.

The essential premise of the show revolved around direct one-on-one style intervention. Each episode centralized around a participant who was leading a life seemingly unaware of their outdated, unflattering, or inappropriate style choices. The selected individuals were usually nominated by friends, family, or co-workers who believed they needed a fashion overhaul.

Starring on the show were seasoned style experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, who played a critical role in teaching and guiding the participants through the process. Adding to the dynamic duo's expertise was the notable makeup artist Carmindy, who specialized in bringing out the best features in each participant through her aptitude for makeup and transformations. These professionals were the heart and soul of the show, using their combined wisdom and experience to perform dramatic makeovers that extended beyond the surface level transformations, but more importantly, instilled confidence in the participants.

For each episode, London and Kelly would examine the wardrobe of the participant, delivering some harsh yet honest critique to their fashion choices. The experts would then throw out all the non-salvageable items from the participants' closets, exposing them to the reality of their style disorder. This wardrobe purge served a critical purpose in the transformation journey, essentially creating a blank canvas for the experts to work their magic on.

Following the purge, London and Kelly provided the participants with essential fashion rules and guidance customized to their body shape, personal style, and lifestyle needs. The makeover recipients would then be turned loose in New York City with a $5000 debit card to revamp their wardrobe, but there was a catch – the shopping spree was monitored by London and Kelly via a hidden camera, ensuring the individuals were putting their new knowledge of fashion rules to the test while making their purchases.

Meanwhile, the charming Carmindy showcased her unique makeup techniques. Her exceptional skills went beyond masking flaws; she was known for enhancing natural beauty by applying suitable cosmetics corresponding to the participant's skin tone, facial features, and lifestyle. Often, this makeup session was more of an experience of self-discovery for the participants.

The final reveal was made to the participant's friends and family. The dramatic transformation, accompanied by the newfound confidence of the participant, often brought about a refreshing wave of shock and appreciation from their loved ones.

What Not To Wear was more than just a TV show about fashion and style. It provided an incredible impact on the individuals involved, making them feel better about themselves by boosting their confidence and giving them a fresh start. The series also inspired millions of its viewers, offering simple yet significant fashion and style advice that emphasized the idea that style was not about blindly following trendy fashion but about wearing what suits you and makes you feel at your best.

Most importantly, the show marched forward with an underlying theme of embracing individuality and self-esteem. The experts' approach focused on accentuating the individual's natural features, aiming to help them like what they see in the mirror.

What Not To Wear showed us all that 'fashion' was not a term reserved solely for supermodels and movie celebrities. It represented a universal expression of personal identity, lifestyle, and mood that can be accessed by anyone who chooses to learn. The series was not just about wardrobe overhauls, but life overhauls, making it truly unforgettable and cherished by its viewers.

What Not To Wear is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 12 seasons with a total of 342 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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