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Denver Reunion, Part 2
The Denver cast returns for part two of the season 17 reunions and the emotions are at an all-time high; the cast challenges one another on their truths and when a shocking new secret is exposed, there are tears, animosity and bonds broken forever.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 52 Now

Ultimate Couples
Hosts Sarah Colonna and Mary Radzinski revisit classic MAFS moments as they select the ultimate couples that stand out in a collection of hilarious, dramatic and emotional categories.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 51 Now

Denver Reunion, Part 1
All the participants are back as the experts play the romantic, dramatic and uncomfortable highlights of the season and question the season's most controversial participants for the final time.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 50 Now

Former Cast Tell All: Denver
Some of the most memorable and controversial Married At First Sight former cast members return to reveal behind the scenes gossip and insider information on what really happened during their seasons and beyond.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 49 Now

Second Time's the Charm?
Most of our couples continue to navigate life after Decision Day; and as they build a path forward, they face one more decision, to either build a new life with their exes, or without them.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 45 Now

Doubts, Dilemmas and Drag!
Post-decision day complexities persist as the couples navigate life changes with fitness pursuits, exploring the art of metal forging and even enjoying a drag show.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 44 Now

Climbing Down From Decision Day
An emotional breakthrough for one of the experiment's most popular grooms and Jack & Tori find themselves in the firing line again.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 43 Now

Decision Day Round One
The Retreat. Two wives team up for an intervention to rescue another bride on the annual couples' retreat.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 42 Now

Decision Day Dish: Denver
As Decision Day approaches for the Denver couples, past MAFS favorites return to discuss the most shocking and controversial moments from the season.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 41 Now

Sex, Lies & Questionable Behavior
As Decision Day approaches for the Denver couples, former MAFS contestants return to examine the season's most stunning and contentious incidents. After sharing personal updates and exposing secrets from their own Decision Day experiences, the panel predicts what each Denver couple will do on the big day.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 20 Now

In Sickness & Suspicion
With decision day approaching fast, some couples begin to see things in a different light; the newlyweds gain new insight when they gather their friends for a housewarming party; a familiar face returns with a surprising revelation.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 19 Now

Crash and Bond
A couple's retreat is disrupted by a life-threatening injury, revealing new perspectives on marriages. As Decision Day approaches, they work to strengthen their bonds before making a crucial decision.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 18 Now

Rocky Retreat
The final honeymoon is over, and the newlyweds return to Denver to face a mountain of new challenges; the others gather for a relaxing retreat, and while some have high hopes of deepening their bond, others are on an outright collision course.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 17 Now

Host Keshia Knight Pulliam chats with Chloe, Austin, and Emily about Chloe's emotional breakdown; Emily's concerns about Brennan; and a juicy off-camera moment from Austin and Becca's trip to Philly.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 16 Now

New Groom, Who Dis?
New episode of Married At First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 24 at 8/7c, and is available to stream the next day in the Lifetime app.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 15 Now

Exploring Intimacy at an Altitude
The couples try new things to strengthen their bonds, but when one of the wives speaks her mind, her husband is taken aback. Meanwhile, the countdown to 'I do' for our final pair of stranger spouses continues, with the groom wondering if the second time is the charm.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 14 Now

Something's Fishy
With Decision Day approaching in less than four weeks, the couples are attempting to navigate the uncharted waters of their new life together. While some are heartbroken, others areembarking on a fresh journey and a second shot at love.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 13 Now

Taking it Day by Day
The spouses spend their one-month anniversaries ice skating, skiing and exploring the mountains on horseback, but not everyone is in the mood to celebrate; a husband's text message leaves his wife in tears.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 12 Now

The Journey So Far: Denver
As the epic Denver season nears the halfway point, host Kevin Frazier and a panel of MAFS devotees analyze the most riveting, intense and romantic highlights from each couple.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 11 Now

Breaking Up the Party
The couple's meetup for a potluck dinner, but the fun is quickly dampened by some explosive news. Dr.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 10 Now

Wigging Out
Thenewlyweds host their first housewarming party together while they are only beginning to manage the hurdles of living with a stranger spouse. However, not everything is fun and games as emotions rise and quickly deteriorate into a yelling war.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 9 Now

Divorce, Prayers and Spider Scares
Thenewlyweds return to Denver after their honeymoon and visit each other's homes, including a scare in a spider-infested basement. Meanwhile, couples struggle with concluding their adventure as newlyweds when presented with the difficult choice of starting over or filing for divorce.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 8 Now

A Honeymoon Rockier Than the Mountains
A husband shuts down when his wife asks a question that's too personal; wife gets judged for asking the wrong question; one husband has to deal with a medical emergency; one couple has a mountain to get over.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 7 Now

Cancun Can't Touch This
The couples continue to enjoy their honeymoon in Cancun. One couple grapples with their cultural differences and the impact that has on their marriage.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 6 Now

Take Me Down to Paradise City
The newlywed couples head to Cancun, Mexico, to start their honeymoon; sandy beaches and the clear ocean water help set the tone as they try to grow their connection to last a lifetime; one couple must overcome a roadblock.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 5 Now

Goodbye Single Life, Hello Marriage
After saying 'I do' to a total stranger, the couples return to their honeymoon suites, and while romance is in the air for some, a miscommunication leaves one bride feeling insecure.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 4 Now

Hard Launch
With only one couple left to meet their new spouse at the altar, these former singles jump into marriage headfirst; these newlyweds try to learn as much about each other as possible before spending their first night together as husband and wife.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 3 Now

Rocky Mountain Romance
With one pair having already exchanged their vows in Denver, the other eight singles make the final preparations for their own mile high matrimonies, but on wedding day, their anxieties reach a pinnacle.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 2 Now

Mile High Matrimony
In Denver, 10 singles take the plunge to marry strangers, sight unseen in two weeks; among them, an inexperienced bride questions her decision, while a groom's girthy secret shocks everyone; the countdown to the weddings is on.

Watch Married at First Sight Season 17 Episode 1 Now

Married at First Sight is an enthralling reality television series produced by Lifetime from 2014. The show is a striking combination of romance, drama, excitement, and real-life situations that captivates audiences and leaves them on the edge of their seats. The unique concept of this show is what sets it apart. Married at First Sight brings together complete strangers to get married—literally at first sight—and chronicles their journey as newlyweds. The premise sounds baffling, but it's what makes the series so intriguing. The selected participants have expressed their commitment to find love and have placed their trust in experts to find their perfect match. The cast includes men and women from a diverse profile, of various age groups, careers, and backgrounds, who have been unsuccessful in finding love on their own. These individuals are willing to commit to this extreme social experiment for the unique possibility of finding their soul mates. The series explores an age-old question: Can love grow between two people who have never met before the day they exchange wedding vows? The show involves a panel of relationship experts who carefully match each couple based on their extensive psychological and sociological criteria. The experts include a psychologist, spiritualist, sociologist, and relationship coach, each specializing in different aspects that contribute to a successful marriage. The aim is to create the most compatible couples possible, and to maximize the possibility of creating lasting, loving relationships. The couples are not allowed to meet or interact before the wedding day. The anticipation and uncertainty leading up to the moment the groom and bride see each other as they walk down the aisle strands the viewer in a tornado of emotion and suspense. It's a potent mix of fear and excitement, of dread and hope, and we get to witness it unfolding from the safety of our sofas. After the wedding, the couples embark on a honeymoon, after which they live together as a married couple for several weeks. They share their lives, their spaces, and their most intimate moments. But will these arranged couples genuinely connect and prosper into a loving and supportive marriage? Or will the clash of personalities, values, and habits cause their relationships to crumble? That's the question that keeps audiences riveted. One of the main elements that makes Married at First Sight fascinating is the drama and authentic reactions that occur naturally. The series lays bare the highs and lows, the successes and failures, the joys and pains of these marriages born out of the unknown. Since the participants are not actors but real people, the raw, unscripted interactions pull the audience in and keep them hooked throughout the season. Another pivotal factor behind the appeal of this show is its psychological underpinnings. Seeing how the couples cope with the pivotal moments in their relationship, like their first fight or their first major decision as a married couple, is insightful and thought-provoking. The show delves into not only the couples' daily lives but also their pasts, their dreams, their fears, and their relationships with friends and family. At the end of the experiment, couples are faced with a crucial decision: choose to stay married or opt for a divorce. This decision day is fraught with tension and deep emotions as it can mean the start of a beautiful marital journey or a painful end to a short-lived relationship. Overall, Married at First Sight is a rollercoaster reality TV experience. The show dives deep into the realms of romance, human connections, societal norms, and self-discovery. It's a brave examination of an unconventional meeting and merging of lives that's sure to provoke thought and sentiment. The series brings together the excitement of dating shows, the quick decisions of reality competitions, and the heart-touching dramas of married life. It is equal parts bold, emotional, surprising, and profoundly human. The show not only challenges the traditional conventions of love and marriage, but it also challenges the viewer to question their beliefs and expectations about relationships. It's a window into the human experience of love, commitment, and discovery. The show, in the end, leaves viewers pondering over one question - "Could you marry a stranger?"

Married at First Sight is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 17 seasons with a total of 465 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

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