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She's The One
Dapper Justin, mustachioed Zach and "whirly dirly'' kisser Shondo return for one last chance to find love at first kiss, while Josh divulges a shocking secret.

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Total Panty Dropper
Mason may have found love at 2nd kiss with fellow nerd Amy, but his first date Cami has a surprise for them. All Terrance wants is a soulmate, but coming on way too strong isn't helping.

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Do I Like Men or Women?
Loveable nerd Mason may not measure up to Cami; Danielle is using her chance to kiss a stranger to decide if she prefers men or women; Randy returns.

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She's a Little Freaky
Levi wants someone to harmonize with, but can't put down his guitar. Magician Jason hopes to "trick" Liddy into falling for him.

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The Whirly Dirly Kiss
Shondo's so confident in his tongue-heavy kissing technique he only wants a lady who can also do "the whirly dirly." Sarati returns after her nightmare date & Shad braves rejection to find love.

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Hands Everywhere!
Alex has Asperger syndrome and isn't quite sure when to make the first move since he has difficulty reading social cues. Sexpot Suzie can't figure out why she only attracts players.

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Two Tongue Tango
Former kiss virgin Josh is back, but is he ready for what's around the corner - kissing lessons from a super sexy kissing coach? Marie's over-the-top standards may leave her kissing every guy goodbye.

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Kiss First, Ask Questions Later!
In the series premiere, physical attraction is put to the test as complete strangers kiss upon meeting.

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Love at First Kiss is a unique, quirky, and daring reality dating show that aired on TLC in 2016. This show takes romance, relationships, and first impressions to a whole new level, challenging societal conventions about the “right” way to find love. With a visceral and swift approach, Love at First Kiss presumes that a single kiss can determine everything about a potential relationship, then invites its participants to put that theory to the test.

The show's premise is straightforward but fantastically amplified: bring two strangers together, have them share an intimate, poignant kiss before uttering a word to one another, and see whether sparks fly. It ignores all traditional dating schemes, opting to make the usually romantic first kiss a stark, surprising primer, a literal "love at first kiss".

The inherent awkwardness and irresistible appeal of this premise are part of the reason why Love at First Kiss earned a spot on TLC’s roster. Everything about the show is designed to invite viewers into the moment of the kiss, offering a voyeur's view into the most private and personal of encounters. The programming's aura of audacious authenticity is achieved by artfully accompanying each pairing with tense, ambient music, and showcasing the contestants in isolated sets accentuating their vulnerability and fostering intimacy.

But Love at First Kiss is much more than its titular smooch - it carefully follows up on the instant chemistry (or lack thereof) by navigating through the intricate layers of the connection sparked, or not, by the initial kiss. If both parties agree that their kiss was a hit, they go to the speed-date round – a two-minute Q&A session still within the show's soundscape that creates a balance between one-on-one interaction and reality show spectacle. The quickfire exchange is meant to affirm or challenge the impressions made during the kiss, giving both participants a chance to determine whether or not they'd like to take things to the exciting subsequent stage: a proper date.

The further dates move beyond the confines of the set, taking the 'kiss participants' to more organic and conventional dating situations. These episodes capture the blossoming (or withering) of relationships started with a mere kiss, offering viewers the additional satisfaction of watching these couples navigate their path together – from quantum intimacy to 'real-world' compatibility. The experiential shift between the first phase and the subsequent stages generates an engaging dynamism in each episode's narrative arc.

The spectrum of participants in Love at First Kiss is also worthy of note. It features a diverse mix of people in terms of age, sexual orientation, race, and background, making it a show that celebrates love in all of its forms. Everyone from the confident charmer to the nervous first-timer is represented, painting a comprehensive picture of the contemporary dating scene.

The show’s host and relationship coach, Josh Basili, plays an instrumental role in navigating the participants and viewers through the unconventional dating journey. His encouraging and sympathetic nature supports the participants in their quest for love, making the viewers feel a part of the process as well.

Despite its cheeky and bold nature, Love at First Kiss approaches its core tenet – finding love – with commendable respect and sincerity. It suggests that while love at first sight might be a myth, ‘love at first kiss’ could be a reality. Every episode engrosses the audience with new pairs, their unique dynamics, and their journey beyond the first kiss – be it exhilaration, disaster, or something uniquely in-between. The show doesn't promise a fairytale ending for everyone but emphasizes the journey and the tantalizing mystery behind "Could true love begin from a single, first kiss?"

In conclusion, Love at First Kiss is more than just a regular reality dating show. With its griping concept, honest portrayal of emotions, diverse participants, and affirming host, it is an avant-garde experiment on modern love that provokes, surprises, and entertains. And most importantly, in its distinctly unabashed way, it reasserts a truth about the timeless quest for love: There are as many paths to love as there are people seeking it. It's a bold, heartfelt, fun-to-watch exploration of the mixed bag of dating and relationships.

Love at First Kiss is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.1.

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