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Dame of Cocaine
Cabaret dancer, Andrea refuses to conform to gender stereotypes when she challenges the patriarchy of the international drugs business by importing vast amounts of cocaine into 1990's Australia. When the police do eventually catch up with her, her incarceration in a tough Aussie jail forces her to confront the demons which put her on this criminal path.

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Casualty War
A veteran of the Bosnian war, Brett Makinson is desperate to overcome the PTSD that has plagued him since leaving the British Army.

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Fighting Yaba
Boxer Billy Moore battles his way through a tough childhood in Liverpool, UK. Searching for a fresh start, he flees from turmoil and addiction to Thailand.

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Sole Smuggler
42-year old David Harte crashes into a mid-life crisis when his marriage collapses and his business goes bust.

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Bangkok Betrayal
Latasha, a dancer from L.A. falls in love with a man in Bangkok. Caught at the airport with a stash of his heroin, LaTasha's life begins to unravel.

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Big Trouble in Tokyo
Fun-loving Brit Steven Beattie turns to running drugs across Asia when he runs out of cash, but is busted with a suitcase full of marijuana resin in Japan. Thrown into an unforgiving Japanese prison, where even speaking English can land you in solitary for a month, Steven must find a way to survive an environment beyond his worst nightmares.

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Love Behind Bars
After smuggling drugs for eighteen months, Anelda Mare decides to quit, only to be told her parents will be killed unless she makes one last run...

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Narco Wine Bust
Champion skier Nick Brewer becomes a cocaine kingpin after a life-changing accident.

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Korean Ecstasy King
In South Korea, English teacher Jesse Moskel becomes the kingpin of a huge MDMA smuggling operation — and one of Southeast Asia's most wanted men.

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Narco Neverland
To escape a life of poverty, a young Chicago gangster is drawn into smuggling drugs for a dangerous Mexican cartel, until the day it all goes wrong.

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Locked Up Abroad is a compelling television series that first aired in 2006 on the National Geographic Channel. Over the years, the show has captivated audiences around the world, garnering attention for its real-life narratives about travellers who find themselves in life-changing situations while abroad. The primary premise of the show is how these unfortunate individuals end up imprisoned in foreign lands, far from the comfort and safety of home.

The episodes are constructed from the first-person viewpoints of the people who have experienced prison time abroad. They share their tales of wonder turned into nightmares—vacations, job trips, or just casual wanderings around the world—leading to unexpected encounters with law enforcement agencies. Each episode is a soupçon of documentary and dramatization, making scenes vivid and intense enough for the audience to feel as if they are living through the experience.

The storytelling in Locked Up Abroad is not limited to a single genre but weaves suspense, thriller, and human drama into a seamless narrative. It's a show that combines elements of travel gone wrong, crime, mystery, and survival together. The people on the show represent diverse countries, cultures, and backgrounds, encapsulating varied life experiences and perspectives, thereby ensuring that no two episodes feel the same.

The strategies utilized to recount the stories, to re-establish the setting and provide context to the viewers can be a rather immersive experience. Drawing from real-life experiences, the narration provided by the individuals caught in the situation makes the narrative realistic and the situation palpitable. The recounting style ensures authenticity and provides an insight into their emotional journey during the ordeal.

The dramatized reenactments are a significant part of the show's appeal. The cinematic sequences are meticulously planned and executed, giving viewers a remarkable sense of the realities of being locked up abroad, amplifying the intensity and drama. These dramatizations are balanced with the narratives from real protagonists who speak directly to the audience. Through these accounts, the protagonists paint an intricate, often emotionally charged picture of their adverse circumstances and interactions with foreign legal systems.

Locked Up Abroad maintains a high level of suspense throughout its episodes. The circumstances leading up to the arrest are delicately revealed in a way that keeps the audience continually guessing. The subsequent aftermath and attempts at survival, escape, or release are suspenseful elements that sustain the audience’s interest in every chapter of the show.

One remarkable aspect of Locked Up Abroad is the exploration of human resilience under massively stressful conditions. The harsh realities faced by the individuals, their endurance, survival instincts, and strength are key highlights of the narratives. Additionally, the show provides a window into different legal, cultural, and correctional systems, giving viewers insights into the diverse ways rules and norms can evolve across different countries.

While there are stories on the show that hinge on the world’s more severe and dangerous realms, there are also episodes pointing out how even a slight misstep can flip a person's world upside down in countries deemed "safe" for travel. These stories often underscore the importance of being aware of and respecting different cultures, laws, and methods of legal enforcement, shedding light on how misunderstandings can quickly get out of hand in unfamiliar terrains.

The gripping narratives in Locked Up Abroad, knitted together with real people and their extraordinary incidents garner a dedicated base of viewers who like real-life drama. The series triggers a gamut of emotions as the viewers travel through the world via these gripping narratives—amplifying the intensity and drama of real, human stories.

In conclusion, Locked Up Abroad captivates its audience by unearthing extraordinary stories of ordinary people who've faced unexpected circumstances. The enthralling narratives, the vibrant reenactments, coupled with a stark look at the individuals' experiences in foreign prisons, create a significant analysis of human resilience, international legal systems and a rather unconventional take on travel storytelling.

Locked Up Abroad is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 12 seasons with a total of 131 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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