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Dangerous Alliance
With the season half over, the fleet tries to catch up to Dave and Paul.

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Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes
As the fleet gets off to a fishy start, two boats fight to make up ground.

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Last Chance for Chatham
Last Chance for Chatham

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Maine or Bust!
The ladies on No Limits catch their first blue fin of the season.

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We're Not Quitters!
Tension mounts on Hard Merchandise as they struggle for their first fish.

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Early Season Monsters
The fleet is looking for early season jumbos.

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The Herds Are Here
After a long winter, it

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Wicked Tuna is a captivating National Geographic reality television series initiated in 2012, which is full of drama, adventure, suspense, and an unusual display of rivalry. The show captures everything you would expect from a fierce competition — unexpected turns of events, camaraderie, and rage of the open sea. It is not a run-of-the-mill fishing show; it's more of a bluefin tuna bidding war among seasoned fishermen in the North Atlantic Ocean. The series follows a group of savvy and intrepid fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts, known for being the oldest seaport in the United States. These "wicked" fishermen venture into the rough and risky territory of the Atlantic, plunging at considerable depths and battling unruly weather conditions in pursuit of the lucrative bluefin tuna. Renowned for their high demand in the sushi market and for being an increasingly endangered species, capturing these magnificent creatures offers a high-stakes pursuit, where a single catch can fetch thousands of dollars. Each episode of Wicked Tuna takes you deep into the truthful and unedited world of North Atlantic commercial fishermen, a community that cherishes traditional fishing methods that have been passed down through generations. The show presents a perfect blend of skillful angling and strategic competition, as these fishermen navigate the high seas, guide their multi-ton fishing boats, drop down the baits, and hope to hook the "monstah" of the sea. But Wicked Tuna isn't only about fishing. It's a drama on water – unveiling a whole fishing society with its intensely competitive culture, hierarchy, heritage, and family values. This thrilling reality show delves deep into the lives of the fishermen aboard each boat. We see the drama of friendships, bitter rivalries, familial struggles, economic pressures, as well as the triumph of a big catch and the devastation of coming home empty-handed. Through the frequently high-tension and emotion-filled scenes, the unique personalities of each captain and their respective crew members shine through. The show also shines a light on the critical issue of sustainability in fishing. It advocates both appreciation and conservation of these majestic fishes. Viewers are made aware of the regulations the fishermen must adhere to, including strict fishing quotas, to prevent overfishing and ensure the continued survival of the bluefin tuna. The challenges posed by these regulatory measures add another level of tension to the competition. Wicked Tuna blends the excitement of competition with the harsh realities of commercial fishing, providing an immersive view not just of the profession itself, but also of the community it builds and the way of life it sustains. In a world where commodities like the prized bluefin tuna become symbols of prosperity, viewers find themselves gripped by the high-octane drama that unfolds at sea. The cast of Wicked Tuna is a colorful assembly of seafarers whose livelihoods for generations have been tightly knotted with the sea. Each individual brings a unique angle to the show — charismatic, gruff, humorous, or intense, they are the life, soul, and bait of the series. They give voices to the stories of traditional careers that are slowly disappearing, bringing them to the forefront, making us realize the consequences and risks of nature-dependent professions in the face of a rapidly changing climate and economic landscape. Spectacularly shot, the footage of the wild and tumultuous Atlantic ocean is remarkable in itself. The excellent production quality of Wicked Tuna, complete with engaging graphics and high-definition ocean footage, makes for an epic visual journey. Every capture, chase, victory, and defeat is amplified by the sweeping oceanic backdrop. Finally, Wicked Tuna offers a refreshing perspective on reality television. It's an encounter with nature, a testament to human tenacity, and a raw portrayal of the thrill and struggle of the professional life at sea. It wraps up immense respect for the sea, the unity among the fishermen, the chase for the catch, and the harsh reality of life at sea all together as a mesmerizingly packaged compelling viewing experience. For viewers with a fondness for the sea, an interest in fishing, or just an appreciation for reality TV with a genuine and gritty edge, Wicked Tuna is a highly recommended watch. This show is not just about catching fish; it's about exploring one of mankind's oldest commercial industries, the compelling spectacle of competition in a harsh environment, and the incredible stories of those who make their living on the open ocean.

Wicked Tuna is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 13 seasons with a total of 198 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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Dave Marciano, Rob Naughton, Dave Carraro
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