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Inside the Kill Fence
The newest and largest prison in Colorado is home to more than 2,000 killers, kidnappers and drug dealers. Here the warden and his team must control some of the toughest and most aggressive offenders and even work to turn them around.

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Lockdown is a gripping and intense television series produced by National Geographic in 2006. This compelling American prison documentary revolves around life inside the country's maximum-security prisons. It brings to light some of the most startling realities of the incarcerated, highlighting their daily routines, anxieties, hopes, and struggles.

Visually gripping, the series takes the audience on a tour of the maximum-security facilities across the United States, focusing on various aspects of prison life. From distinctive gang cultures to inmate hierarchies, each episode delves deeply into the social complexities of prison life. The idea is to give viewers a raw, unfiltered picture of what life on the inside is truly like, away from the glamorized depictions often found in Hollywood productions.

Throughout the series, the producers unpack various controversial issues, including the effectiveness of solitary confinement, the mental health challenges faced by prisoners, inmate-on-inmate violence, and the rehabilitation attempts made by these institutions. The show maintains a high degree of objectivity, neither vilifying the convicts nor attempting to appeal to the viewers' sympathy.

Many episodes of Lockdown tackle the different aspects of prison reality through real-life characters, their personal struggles, and their varying degrees of hope for life beyond the prison walls. The convicts' first-hand experiences and testimonies paint a compelling and often heart-wrenching picture of the men and women behind the bars, reflecting the realities of the American penal system.

One striking feature of Lockdown is its detailed focus on the relationship between the prison staff and the inmates. The show provides unique insight into the lives of the correctional officers who must constantly navigate between enforcing discipline and maintaining safety, for both themselves and the prisoners. Detailed interviews and personal testimonials from the officers add another level of depth to the series, balancing the narratives and offering a fuller picture of the life inside the maximum-security prisons.

Lockdown is also noted for its exploration into the prison subcultures. It dives deep into the network of alliances, rivalries, and codes of conduct that govern the inmate population. Episodes delve into prison gangs, their hierarchies, codes, rules, and the often brutal enforcement of their internal laws. It is a shocking revelation of the degree of organization that these gangs maintain within the confines of the prison, often with an impact far outside the prison walls.

The show brilliantly combines visceral and intense visuals with in-depth narration, resulting in a searing examination of the maximum-security prison system in America. Behind each prison door, every cell, Lockdown discovers a world of stories, each more gripping than the last. The series maintains a tense and unsettling atmosphere throughout, using the natural drama of the prison environment to construct riveting narratives episode after episode.

Lockdown also touches upon the significant challenges faced by former inmates attempting to rebuild their lives after incarceration. It explores post-prison life, presenting the societal roadblocks faced by those who have served their time but continue to pay the price. This presents the audience with thought-provoking questions about redemption, reintegration into society, and the larger debates surrounding the prison system's efficacy and role in modern society.

Lockdown refrains from offering judgments or solutions. Instead, it simply presents a starkly realistic portrayal of life within prison walls, punctuated by moments of human resilience, regret, hope, and despair. It's a series that refuses to turn away from uncomfortable truths, forcing viewers to rethink their preconceptions about the American prison system and those who exist within it.

From the daily routines of prisoners and staff to the harsh and brutal side of prison culture, Lockdown from National Geographic serves as a stark reminder of the brutal realities of life within the confines of America's maximum security prisons. It delivers an insight into these realities like no other, showing the inextricable combination of hope, fear, survival, and depression that constitutes prison life. This series is just as much a sociopolitical commentary as it is a chronicle of human narratives, a powerful piece of documentary filmmaking.

Lockdown is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 51 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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