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The Case of Nan Havens
A young woman is charged with espionage when microfilm of government missile tests is found in her car. Nan Havens seems far too naive to be a spy, so Herb quizzes her on her contacts, and concludes she is too nave to be a spy.

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Face of Innocence
A man involved in a deadly liquor store holdup barges into Marianne Kelly's apartment and promptly drops dead. Weston wants to know if she was in on the robbery or just unlucky, & he wants to know who sent him almost $1000 to act as her attorney.

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The Wildcatter
A masked, armed robber holds up an oil executive and his secretary and takes a quarter of a million dollars in securities. Based on a cuff-link, the secretary identifies the robber as an employee.

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Mr. Sobel's Birthday Party
The oddballs attending Mr. Sobel's office birthday party are found passed out on the floor; someone poisoned their lemonade & stole the payroll.

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Planter's Death
Maris and Weston's vacation in the Caribbean is interrupted when the wife of plantation owner Henry Gibbons is charged with murdering her husband. After one of their frequent fights, Louise Gibbons says she tossed their gun off the pier.

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Red Confetti
A spree of hit-and-runs targeting elderly drivers bewilders the police department. A piece of red confetti leads Maris and Lt.

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Like Father, Like Son
A grandfather accuses his grandson of breaking into his safe a stealing money and jewels. The old man administers the teenager's trust fund with an iron grip, convinced the hot rod-racing boy is too immature to manage his money wisely.

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A French Affair
Herb Maris travels to Paris to close a merger deal with a corporate client and Lt. Weston goes along to learn from Interpol.

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Precocious Jennifer Vaughn wants Maris to reopen the year-old case that got her stepmother convicted of killing her father. The junior sleuth comes armed with new "evidence.

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His Brother's Keeper
An elderly couple is brazenly attacked and robbed in broad daylight. The thief escapes, and a young police officer with a spotless record is fired, and later thrown in jail, for complicity in letting the robber escape.

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Girls Wanted
Maid Angela Valez is charged with killing the woman she works for. She was placed by an employment agency that brings young women to America as domestics before forcing them into the escort business.

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Society Doctor
Doctor accused of murdering his wife.

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Frame Up
Notorious gangster found dead in gift shop run by ex-con

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Beau and Arrow Case
Psychologist is killed with an arrow.

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Flying High
Investigation of a murdered stewardess and women who loved same pilot.

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Trials and Tribulations
Unlike prisons that house individuals convicted of crime, jails like Maricopa County predominantly contain those accused of a crime and awaiting trial. But the challenge of maintaining order in this world is every bit as great.

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Identity Crisis
No matter the circumstances that brought them there, Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, Arizona, will have a profound effect on who the inmates will become. And for some, their time in jail will reveal their true nature.

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High Stakes [HD]
In one of Maricopa's primary men's facilities, the Fourth Avenue Jail, when inmates are not in their small, two-person cells, they can work out in an indoor rec room, or in the common area between their cells. But every afternoon, many of the inmates shift focus from their bodies to their bank accounts.

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Heatwave [HD]
Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, Arizona is a jail made famous by its Tent City and outspoken sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Now it's at the center of a new storm.

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Daddy's Girl
It's a female housing unit with a reputation, one that inmates call "a party" and a "big sorority house" with a twist. But G Dorm at Maricopa County Jail in Phoenix, Arizona is about to turn one new inmate's life upside down.

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Chain Reaction
Located on the top floor of Maricopa County's Fourth Avenue Jail Facility, are the highest-security male housing units. These inmates have either committed violent acts in the jail or have been identified as gang members.

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Lockup is a groundbreaking television program produced by NBC News that premieres in 2005. This series provides an in-depth exploration of prison facilities throughout the United States, examining the daily lives, struggles, and personal transformations of prisoners within these environments.

The series attributes its uniqueness to its behind-the-scenes depiction of life in correctional facilities – an aspect of society mostly hidden away from the public eye. Lockup regards prison not just as a punitive institution, but as an ecosystem harboring diverse forms of human life and expression.

One of the most striking features of the show is its largely unfiltered presentation of reality. Lockup doesn't merely paint abstract pictures of the prison experience, it delves into the darker recesses of the institution, conjuring up images of hope, despair, penitence, and some instances, redemption. With interviews of inmates, discussions with prison officials, and an honest portrayal of prison culture, Lockup provides a lucid yet intricate depiction of the harsh landscapes of the American penal system.

The series takes viewers through a wide array of institutions, from maximum security prisons filled with long-term inmates, to short-term detention facilities. This diversity serves not only to showcase the variety of environments within the correctional system, but also to underscore the transitory nature of these establishments and the individuals they house.

Lockup charts a wide spectrum of inmate experiences, from those rolling with the punches of incarceration, to others finding solace in newfound hobbies or educational opportunities. The show doesn't shy away from the more unsettling parts of prison life; it boldly ventures into accounts of violence, gang culture, and the psychological toll of long-term isolation. But at the same time, it celebrates instances of resilience, rehabilitation, and personal growth among the prison population.

Another facet of the series is its overview of the prison staff’s experiences. Correctional officers, wardens, counselors, and other prison personnel have their lives profoundly intertwined with those they monitor. These individuals face unique challenges and have remarkable stories to tell - stories that help shape a more comprehensive understanding of this complex environment.

While mostly observational, Lockup also delves into the broader social and political discussions surrounding the prison system. Issues such as prison overcrowding, administrative policies, the death penalty, and the debate between punishment and rehabilitation are all a part of the show's discourse. It strikes a balance between personal stories and systemic analysis, which allows for a more nuanced perspective.

By transcending its role as a mere spectacle of prison life, Lockup gives a voice to individuals who would otherwise remain hidden. It's a platform where inmates and staff alike can express their thoughts, challenges, regrets, and hopes – testimonies that are as heartbreaking as they are enlightening. A memorable element of the show is its showcase of the human capacity to adapt, find purpose, and draw strength in the most unlikely of circumstances.

To summarize, Lockup serves as a mirror to society, reflecting a side of life that is often misunderstood or neglected. It humanizes those behind bars, reminding viewers of the intricate, often harsh realities inmates face, while also highlighting the incredible resilience of human spirits shaped by these environments.

There’s no question that this is a powerful, intense show: the content can often be troubling yet deeply thought-provoking. However, for those seeking a genuine, insightful, and compelling examination of life behind bars - Lockup is quite simply, must-watch television. Through its heartfelt interviews, touching narratives, and harsh realities, it drives home the adage that behind every person, is a story waiting to be told.

Whether it's inciting sorrow, anger, sympathy, or awe, each episode of Lockup ensures viewers are left with a greater understanding of life behind steel bars. It's a daring, confrontational show that offers an unprecedented glimpse into America's prison system, leaving viewers with more knowledge, and more importantly, more empathy towards these sidelined members of society.

Lockup is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 25 seasons with a total of 76 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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