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The Hustler and the Teen Mom
A pregnant teenager and her boyfriend, who need cash, murder an elderly relative. Also: a single mom runs a blackmail scam in order to support her children, but her need for more money leads her to falsify disability checks for one of her kids.

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The Good Wife and the Quiet One
In the midst of a fight, a fast-food manager kills her boyfriend and hides his body in the woods. And a housewife's perfect life comes apart when her husband loses his job.

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The Nurse and the Outsider
A night out turns deadly when a college student gets caught up in a brutal robbery gone bad. And when a nurse is caught selling prescription pills, she faces 30 years in prison.

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The Daddy's Girl And The Poet
When a security guard comes home to find an abusive ex-boyfriend in her bed, chaos ensues. After finding her dream man, the daughter of a correctional officer gets hooked on drugs.

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The Conspirator And The Good Christian
A millionaire housewife recruits her children to help kill her husband. And a church-goer finds solace in prescription pills but when the doctors say no more, she finds another way.

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The Army Girl And The Money Maker
A former army officer turns to drugs when she's injured on duty. When her dealer refuses to give her a break, she resorts to murder.

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Airing as part of the dramatic, true-crime-themed programming on Investigation Discovery, Women in Prison is a gripping docu-series exploring the lives of women serving time in America's prison system. This show, having its premiere in 2015, is an eye-opening exploration of justice, redemption, and the human stories within the prison walls. Women in Prison is set against the backdrop of America's unimaginably vast penal system, which holds a disproportionate number of female inmates compared to other developed countries. It is an emotionally-rich series which reaches beyond the prison bars and delves into the deeper aspects of these women's lives, illuminating their harsh realities and challenging the stereotypes often associated with female criminals. The series delivers an uncompromising glance into the American prison system. Each episode is centered around the deeply personal and often harrowing experiences of individual women locked up for extensive sentences. The show also takes into account the experiences of family members and friends and documents the stark adjustments they make with the absence of their loved ones. These rich narratives not only highlight the gritty reality of a world far removed from the comforts of regular life but also the profound effects incarceration has on the personal lives of these women. The series shines a light on issues of societal alienation, familial disruptions, and the punishing hardships that come with being in prison. The show aims to strip away public prejudice and cast a human light on the lives of women who are serving their sentences. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends who are experiencing life in confinement, and their stories are told with sensitivity and respect, without shying away from the harsh realities of prison life. Women in Prison expertly balances between documenting the punishing daily routines of prison life, the emotional turmoil faced by the inmates, and their ongoing legal battles. It expertly intertwines the haunting realities of their crimes and the strenuous relationships with their families on the outside, who often grapple with feelings of loss, betrayal, and guilt. These stories, delivered in a raw, thought-provoking, and often gut-wrenching manner, compel viewers to confront their own beliefs about crime, punishment, and the potential for rehabilitation. Each episode features detailed interviews with the individuals involved, prison footage, and dramatizations of the women's lives before and after their incarceration. Furthermore, the inmates share their feelings of remorse, anger, and hope as they try to make sense of their situations and come to terms with their new realities. This candid, first-person perspective leaves an indelible impact and provides viewers with an intimate understanding of each woman’s journey. Moreover, Women in Prison builds upon the narrative by examining the societal factors contributing to the alarming rate of female detainees. It creates room for meaningful conversations about mental health, drug addiction, poverty, and other significant issues that intertwine with the justice system. The series not only depicts the unforgiving walls of the prison system but paints a broader picture of the women who find themselves within it. This approach encourages the viewers to engage with larger societal issues, policy discussions, and systemic reforms about the prison-industrial complex. Through the emotionally charged narratives, often filled with regret, resilience, and redemption, Women in Prison immerses you in the lesser-known facets of these women's lives, reminding us that behind every inmate, there’s a personal and lived experience that got them there. Women in Prison is an enlightening series that uses the intense canvas of prison life to educate viewers about the circumstances that land women in jail and the life they experience behind those bars. Balancing the gritty and shocking realities with a sense of empathy and understanding, the series offers a unique perspective on the women who are often forgotten by society, presenting them not merely as criminals, but as complex human beings with stories that need to be told. The show is perfect for those who enjoy true crime documentaries, social commentary, or are interested in the realities of the American prison system. It's an incredibly intense watch that promises to leave you with a lot to think about long after the credits roll. Women in Prison stands as a haunting exploration of humanity within confinement, providing an insight into the complex array of human struggles that take place within prison walls and beyond.

Women in Prison is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 1970. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Investigation Discovery
Adam Berardi, Calion Maston, Tara Drappo
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