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Cheryl Engelke
Cheryl has been married to Randy for 10 years, but has only lived with him for 2, due to forgery and possession to feed his crack addiction.

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Tanya Windham
Tanya "TJ" Windham is patiently awaiting the release of her husband, 39-year-old John Windham, who has been in prison for 20 years.

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Debra Wilmont
Debra does a lot of charity work, but her health is failing her. She needs a possible liver transplant so she can become well and see the release of her husband from prison in 6 years.

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Juli Cummings
Juli Cummings is a resident of Seattle, a glass artist, and a free spirit. She's also engaged to Richard Sipe, a man serving 71 years in an Oklahoma prison for manufacturing methamphetamine.

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Grace Dark Horse
Grace Dark Horse is proud to be married to Dave, who is serving a life sentence for 1st degree murder.

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Gail Sullivan
Gail Sullivan is the wife of Joseph "Mad Dog" Sullivan, a hitman for the Mafia. For 33 years, Gail and Joe have been committed despite Joe's three life sentences in a maximum-security prison.

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Tim McDonald
Tim McDonald married his wife, Deion, in a maximum security prison where she is currently serving life without the possibility of parole for felony murder. Tim is still completely devoted to his wife and two children even after six years.

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Georgia Benson
Georgia Benson and Don have been married 5 years and Don is about to become a free man after serving an 18 year prison sentence. But Georgia is concerned about living in the same house together.

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Pam Booker
Pam Booker is a trained social worker and is married to a man serving two life sentences without parole for first-degree murder. Pam is battling to get him out of prison and is preparing for a conjugal visit.

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Jane Bailey
19-year-old Josh Bailey was convicted of first-degree murder which he states he didn't commit. Five years into his life sentence, he met Jane and they married.

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LaToya Marion
Latoya Marion is married to Cornelius Marion, who is serving a life sentence for grand theft auto and armed robbery. Latoya feels that Cornelius did not commit these crimes and wants him exonerated.

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Elli Panitz
Elli Panitz fights to get her husband Ralf, who is a German National, an International Prisoner transfer while trying to maintain a job.

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Annika Powell
Every time Anthony is transferred, Annika Powell packs up her kids and follows her husband to keep them connected to their stepfather. Anthony is accused of murdering his ex mother-in-law and is serving a life sentence without parole.

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Prison Wives is a uniquely heart-wrenching and captivating television show from the network Investigation Discovery. Originally aired in 2010, it gives viewers an immersive experience into the lives of women who are emotionally and sometimes physically tethered to their imprisoned partners. Straying from traditional true-crime narratives, it unveils the unique challenges these women face in everyday life and explores the emotional toll that these circumstances bring along.

While many shows shroud incarcerated individuals and their loved ones in a cloak of negativity, Prison Wives delves deep into humanizing the women living in the shadow of the prison system. The premise of the show is based on shedding light on the sanctity of marriage and relationships, despite the confines of prison bars and, in some cases, lifetime sentences, exploring that unchartered territory where love and law intersect.

Every episode is neatly structured around the story of a different woman, highlighting her struggles, strength, and love for her imprisoned partner. Through a blend of interviews, home footage, photos, and prison visits, the show paints a picture of these women's extraordinary lives. The narrative navigatively guides the audience through their wedding tales, first meetings, life after a partner's incarceration, and the hurdles they face in maintaining an unconventional relationship.

It also focuses on the wives' relationships with the surrounding world: their friendships, family dynamics, societal hardships, and the stigma they experience. This can manifest on the show in different ways, from scenes of intangible support from fellow prison wives to strained ties with their own families who are often against their decision to stay in such relationships.

Aside from its focus on personal narratives, Prison Wives unravels the stark aspects of the U.S. prison system, in which extends beyond the incarcerated individuals to their families. The show exhibits the difficulties surrounding prison visits, how the system works against the wives, and an inside look at the burdens of financial costs for phone calls and travel to facilitate in-person engagements. Additionally, it highlights the lives of the women whose partners are in death rows or serving life sentences, underlining the prison system's inherent harshness and its ripple effects on the relationships of the involved parties.

While the situations that unfold are quite grim, the personas highlighted in Prison Wives are anything but defeatist. What really shines through each episode is the strength and resilience of these women who, for various personal reasons, choose to stand by their imprisoned partners. It offers an introspective look at love, loyalty, and the power of marital bonds that refuse to be broken, even by the most brutal of circumstances.

The personal narratives of these wives often spiral into deeper social commentaries, dissecting the norms of marriage, stigma against prisoners and their families, mental health issues, and the socio-economic factors that contribute to crime and punishment. While Prison Wives is often emotionally intense and difficult to watch, it's also informative and thought-provoking, prompting viewers to reflect on the fairness of societal norms and practices.

Prison Wives exemplifies the premise that everyone has a story, and these stories matter. To some, the chosen lives of these women might be unfathomable, while others may find the stories deeply moving and even inspirational. It prompts the view that humanity is complex and judgment often simple. The show doesn't shy away from tracing these problematic societal patterns, giving voice to an often-overlooked section of society and humanizing stories that lie behind prison walls.

In essence, Prison Wives is a raw, emotional, and thought-provoking viewing experience that pushes you out of your comfort zone. One may agree or disagree with the choices these women make, but the show elicits a sense of empathy towards them, pushing viewers to question their perceptions of traditional marital relationships, love, and loyalty. This rather unusual YV series is more than a true-crime show, managing to encapsulate elements of human drama, societal introspection, and issues arising from the American criminal justice system.

Prison Wives is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.1.

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