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The Tompkins Square Butcher and The Subway Shooter
On December 22nd, 1984, a 32-year-old professional named Bernhard Goetz shot 4 young men he thought were about to attack him on a New York City subway train.

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Lethal Lullabies
One teen worked pat time as a babysitter for family and friends in a small community. Problem is, almost every child in her care wound up dead, asphyxiated as coroners reports later showed.

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Motherhood by Murder
Darcy Pierce, a young married woman yearing to be a mother, convinced her husband for 9 months that she was pregnant. She claimed to give birth to the baby in the desert.

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For Love or Money - Deadly Desires
Elizabeth Haysom developed a taste for drugs and a love affair with Jens Soering which developed into an insane passion. Haysom, later described as schizophrenic, persuaded Jens to murder her parents and cover it up.

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Dungeons and Dragons
Johnny Jones and Jason Rose were troubled youths, drawn together by scarred backgrounds. The teenagers took to playing the fantasy board game Dungeons and Dragons, convincing themselves they needed to sacrifice for their evil god.

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Fatal Attraction - a Job to Kill for
Linda Culbertson, desperate to end the affair she was having with her boss Don Pierce, a Kansas City attorney, hired a gunman to kill him. When he botched the job, Culbertson finished it herself.

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Badge of Dishonor
Manny Pardo, a much decorated police officer, committed execution style murders of citizens in the Florida county of Dade. In the trial, he described himself as the real life Charles Bronson.

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Daddy's Little Secret
Sarah Rairdon went missing on the way home from school. She was gone over 6 weeks until her body was found.

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Angel of Death
It started out as an unfortunate mistake that turned into 16 years of serial murder, leaving 54 people dead in various hospitals. Donald Harvey, posing as a nurses aid, killed the patients by obstructing their oxygen supply.

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Deadly Discipline
Karen and Michael Diehl adopted 13 emotionally and physically disabled children over a 13 year period. In 1986, they used harsh methods to control one disturbed child, chaining him to the floor and beating him several hundred times leading to his death.

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Sharper Than a Serpents Tooth
Brian Britton - a seemingly normal 16 year old, until his passion for guns and Rambo-like violence got out of control. In March 1989, without unknown provocation, Brian murdered his parents and 8 year old brother.

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My Will Be Done
Where does free will end and mind control begin? Can someone be guilty of a crime they may only have set in motion?

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For the Love of Angel
Oliver Petrovich had long been sneaking his girlfriend in his closet to spite his parents disapproval of her. When his parents found out, he shot both of them dead in a rage.

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Till Death Do Us Part
Edith Mendez never experienced love in a relationship till she met Carlos. Passion turned to violence when she became victim of numerous beatings.

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'Confessions of Crime' is a thrilling documentary television series that was produced by Total Content Digital in 1991. As its title suggests, the show explores the riveting world of criminal psychology, forensic investigations, and the judicial process by presenting narrations and reenactments of true crime confessions drawn from various legal sources. The program successfully transforms the raw and unsettling subject matter into engaging hour-long episodes, offering viewers a unique blend of suspense, curiosity, and informational content.

Hosted and narrated by actress Theresa Saldana, 'Confessions of Crime' utilizes the sinister charm of its material to delve profusely into the minds of offenders, their motivations, methods, and the ways they were eventually brought to justice. The show examines specific cases and highlights the detectives and forensic experts whose efforts solved them. Each episode reveals different stories, brilliantly recounted with excellent storytelling skills, contributing to the depth and understanding of the broader picture.

The reenactments at the center of the show are impeccably produced, bringing realism and an unmistakable sense of suspense to the stories. The series goes to great lengths in portraying the sequence of events surrounding each crime, from the fateful initial planning to the criminal act itself, the efforts made by an offender to cover their tracks, their eventual slip-ups, and eventual capture. It takes an unvarnished look at the ugly side of human nature, offering an in-depth view of the troubling and unpredictable world that law enforcement agencies deal with every day.

Intensifying the viewing experience is the addition of actual police recordings of the confessions, alongside extracts from the trials. Intricate details of police investigative work become apparent through these accounts, enhancing the viewers' understanding of the investigative process. The show also includes interviews with professionals involved in the cases, including legal experts and law enforcement officers. Their insights provide multiple perspectives into the complexities and intricacies of the criminal justice system and underline the painstaking efforts required to bring criminals to justice.

Undeniably, Saldana's hosting and narration bring forth not only her zest for justice but also her strength and determination in adversity. Having been a victim of a horrific stalking incident herself, her personal experience adds another layer of authenticity and depth to her presentation. Her connection to the stories brings a distinctive emotional perspective to each episode, making them all the more intense and engaging.

'Confessions of Crime' stands as an intriguing foray into the human psyche. Audiences are invited into the dark, twisted world of the criminal mind, encouraged to understand not only the 'why' behind the crimes but also the robust systematic processes that lead to their resolution. The series presents an interesting blend of fear and fascination, shedding light on real stories that, while often grim, are true testaments to society's brave fight against crime.

The series engages with serious, provocative content with a delicate balance of horror and intrigue against a backdrop of realism. Along the way, it opens conversations about legal incarcerations, checks and balances within the judicial system, ethical consequences, and the repercussion faced by the victims of crime and their families, painting a realistic portrayal of criminal proceedings.

In conclusion, 'Confessions of Crime' can be seen as a groundbreaking series of its time. Its eye-opening real-life stories tell tales of justice and balance in the face of crime and adversity, providing a real perspective on the struggles embedded within society's fight against wrongdoing. As a piece of informative and dramatic entertainment, it leaves viewers with a better understanding of criminal psychology, police methodology, and the intricacies of the criminal justice system. Above all, the series serves as an important reminder of the lengths to which law enforcement will go to ensure justice, making it a must-watch for any true crime aficionado.

Confessions of Crime is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 14 episodes, the show debuted on 1991. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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