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Born To Sin
Adopted twins Peter and Michael Versluys are raised in a loving home. As time goes by, however, the boys reveal their inner dark side and their lives become full of failure and deceit.

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All-American Killers
Identical twins Roman and Ruslan Glukhoy are high school wrestling champions with a bright future in professional sports; after a freak accident shatters their dreams, they follow a dark path to death and destruction.

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Mother of Evil
For identical twins Mark and Martin Stephens, life has been anything but normal; however, one of the twins is more unusual than the other; ultimately, a lifetime of bitterness and unrealized dreams leads to murder.

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Twins vs. Twins
Identical twins Ron and Tron find solace with one another in their big family. Even though they have physical limitations due to medical issues, both are able to live fruitful lives.

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Under My Thumb
From the womb, the Cormier twins are partners in mischief. But as they get older, their innocent antics devolve into a much darker game.

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Fire For Freedom
Identical twins Caleb and Joshua are the apples of their father's eye, but the pressure to be exceptional manifests into dangerous hatred. Isolated from the world, their seclusion fuels a need to break free at any cost.

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Evil Twins is an engaging and thought-provoking television series that premiered on Investigation Discovery in 2012. The unnerving premise revolves around the daunting portrayal of twins who are harmoniously united by birth, but abrasively severed by a tragic descent into the hardships and quandaries of their dark and delinquent endeavors. The show presents shivering frights and attention-grabbing suspense in the realm of true crime dramas.

Each episode of the series explores the twisted tales of twins who have drifted onto radically different paths, with one embracing the shadows of criminality and the other failing to escape the inevitable entanglement in their counterpart's wrongdoings. The series thrives on its distinct knack for illustrating that twin bonds don't necessarily predicate a life of virtuous solidarity, but rather, sometimes unearth the uncanny aspect of one gravitating towards baseness, while the other finds themselves caught in the spiral of the former's evil undertakings.

Evil Twins possesses an intelligent structure, dividing its dramatic narratives across numerous episodes. The intent focus is primarily upon detailing the twin lives from jovial childhood to unsettling mature years, effectively showcasing the stark contrast between the twins as they grow and develop. The narrative studs itself with an assortment of ominous situations peppered with downright malevolent choices by one twin, driving home the concept of metaphysical battles between good and evil.

With the backdrop of a captivating crime documentary, the execution of Innocent bystander stories combined with the criminal chronicles that span from minor incidents to heinous crimes induces an emotional roller coaster ride in the viewers. The unique storytelling approach amplifies the jaw-dropping revelations, hard-hitting truths, and the palpable tension that builds up in the narrative.

Delving into a plethora of cases circling around themes of jealousy, betrayal, resentment, and greed, Evil Twins vividly captures the essence of deceit and malice that lurks within the crevices of identical faces. The series chronicles the profound and provoking dichotomy between the twins in an interesting fashion, emphasizing how the ominous transformation of one twin profoundly affects the other, who is invariably tied by an inseparable bond.

A distinct strength of Evil Twins lies in its edifying exploration of the psychological dynamics that rebels against the stereotypical notion of twins sharing identical personalities. The show successfully manages to put the spotlight on an aspect of twin psychology that is hardly discussed, thus giving viewers a chance to contemplate this intriguing phenomenon.

Evil Twins ventures boldly into the realm of the sinister, presenting a chilling presentation of real-life incidents where identical looks and an inseparable bond don’t necessarily translate into identical paths. It questions the precept of nature versus nurture and delves into the human propensity for malevolence and virtue. Through the journey of each set of twins highlighted, it contests the often fantasized innocent image of twins, drawing out the realities full of harrowing turns and shocking outcomes.

The series also does a commendable job in handling an intricate blend of dramatic re-enactments, crime scene photos, eyewitness accounts, judicial records, and interviews with police detectives, victims, family members, and forensic psychologists. The meticulous narrative style adds credence to the storytelling and facilitates a genuine exploration into the twisted minds behind the evil deeds.

A well-executed and suspense-filled production, Evil Twins adds an interesting twist to the common perceptions associated with twin relationships, invoking curiosity, surprise, and an anticipation for the unpredictable. Every episode is another dive into an age-old question – how can two individuals so alike from the start diverge so drastically on the paths of good and evil?

Whether it’s drawing you in with tales of familial tension, shocking crime sprees, or thrilling sequences of pursuing justice, each episode of Evil Twins keeps the viewers on edge while challenging the ideals of typical twin relationships. Combining its chilling narratives with profound psychological analysis, the effect is a series that can hook the casual watcher and true-crime fanatics alike, making it a unique gem in the genre of crime documentaries.

Trust, betrayal, good, evil, and an ethereal bond – Evil Twins offers a mind-boggling exploration of all. The unsettling ride into uncharted territories of twin relationships fosters a chilling sensation that resonates long after the episode ends, leaving the audience both enthralled and unnerved until the end. And in the world of true-crime dramas, that’s precisely what keeps the viewers coming back for more.

Evil Twins is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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