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Deadly Love Nest
Housemates Jenny, Jake, and Steve share everything, including each other's beds. But when one is brutally attacked, police uncover a nest of lies, jealousy, and betrayal.

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Master Manipulators
Two bodies are found in a dumpster, mangled and bloody. With only tattoos to identify them, police desperately hunt for their names - and their two housemates.

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Shades Of Jade
A lonely ex-military man meets up with a much younger beautiful woman, and together they fall in love. Or so they think.

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Good Bones
A dispute between a Brooklyn co-op owner, his handyman and a real-estate owner results in one person going missing and another getting away with murder.

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The Burn Pile
Charred human remains are discovered in a burn pile near a farmhouse; and the homeowner is missing, as is his live-in help and her boyfriend.

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Princes and Paupers
The disappearance of a Palm Springs socialite is investigated.

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Murder in Aspen
Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister has it all, including close friends and even closer enemies. When new tenants move into her chalet, jealously, unpaid rent, and simmering resentments leave one dead and the others locked in a bloody, silent conspiracy.

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The Two-Faced Murder
An old man collapses in his bathroom, gasping for air. The caregiver tries to save him while her son calls for help in vain.

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Mean Girls
Brandy Stevens-Rosine and Jade Olmstead meet online in 2010, then a stranger enters the picture, causing jealousy, murder and mayhem to ensue.

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Death Of Youth
Almost 50-year-old Brian Geddes invites 22-year-old Jordan Shaver into his home, but she decides to start a new life with someone else. And when Brian becomes MIA, his home reveals chaos, drugs, a gun, and a bloody secret...

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A Stranger in My Home is a captivating crime series that aired in 2013 on Investigation Discovery. The program revolves around the intricate traumas and chilling incidents experienced by individuals who open their homes to strangers. As a medium that encapsulates real-life stories, the series amplifies the horror of encountering a stranger with malicious intentions.

Each episode of A Stranger in My Home unfolds like a thrilling crime novel, keeping audiences on the edge of their seat as they get to see the seemingly unimaginable consequences of inviting strangers into one's safe haven. The concept of a home invaded by nefarious individuals strikes a chilling chord, as inviting strangers into one's home with good intentions turns out to be a horrifying mistake.

The emotion-tugging narrative of A Stranger in My Home starts with people who believe they're bringing home a new friend, tenant, partnering romantically, or someone who seems to need their help. Based on real events, the narratives follow the complex and harrowing journeys of individuals who invited others into their homes, only to find these strangers harboring destructive intent. What makes the series so fascinating is how it reveals the alarming reality hidden beneath the veneer of ordinary people, capturing the viewer's attention from start to finish.

Each engaging episode delves into different stories where hosts become the unsuspecting victims of their guests. It explores a variety of situations like welcoming a new tenant, befriending someone who's down on their luck, or starting a fresh romantic relationship. These decisions, initially born out of compassion, quickly spiral into a nightmarish reality from which there seems no escape.

This series also puts a spotlight on the investigation process. The detailed attention to forensic methodology and investigative psychology, and the unraveling of dark truths, is gripping. A Stranger in My Home balances the storytelling between personal experience and police investigation, blending suspense, emotion, and the thirst for justice.

A Stranger in My Home is one of those television series that tugs at a fundamental fear: the idea of our homes, places we consider safe tranquil retreats, being infiltrated by strangers with ill intentions. More than that, it demonstrates the frailty of trust, particularly when it's placed in the wrong individuals.

The series does not shy away from the raw reality of these situations. The suspenseful build-up from deceptive tranquility to the horrifying climax is skillfully rendered. It's an emotional roller-coaster ride that brings the viewers face to face with the chilling fact that the danger we sometimes fear most may come from the very individuals we offer shelter, trust, and friendship.

The series leverages reenactments with deftly-placed interviews from victims, their families, and sometimes, the law enforcement officers involved in the cases. This approach makes each story feel authentic and visceral, enhancing the viewers’ understanding of the events as they unfolded.

A Stranger in My Home stands as a stark reminder of the concealed facets of humanity that may sometimes reside in the most unsuspected individuals. It questions the very nature of trust and the notion of providing safe harbor to unfamiliar individuals. The actions of the strangers in these stories not only shatter the peace of the household they enter, but they also leave lasting and often life-changing impacts on the individuals who once opened their doors to them with good intentions.

Overall, A Stranger in My Home is a captivating exploration of trust broken and homes invaded by unwanted harm. The impactful storytelling combines with stunning reenactments to deliver a crime series that is not only enthralling but also serves as a chilling wake-up call. It’s a show that will have you second-guessing who you let into your home and reminds us about the potential danger lurking in the guise of a stranger. The suspenseful narratives, fantastic storytelling, and remarkable investigations presented in the episodes will keep the audience hooked till the end. For fans of true crime series, A Stranger in My Home is a must-watch.

A Stranger in My Home is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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