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False Idol
The brutal murder of retired couple Leo and Hazel Gleese shocks the quiet town of Sebring, Florida. Their adopted son, the good Reverend John Canning, delivers a heartfelt eulogy.

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Ashes to Ashes
The death of a lady in a house fire is determined a tragic accident until some time later, when her husband

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Unholy Confessions
A youth minister is suspected in the homicide of a deacon at his parish.

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Highway to Hell
The police suspect that the pastor and buddy of a missing Staten Island couple may understand more about their vanishing than he's letting on.

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The Devil Among Us
The cops search for a serial killer after a woman's body is found under the floor of a Catholic Church in Glasgow.

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Wrath of God
Colin Howell hides a dark secret. The respected Baptist lay preacher appears to have it all, but his carnal desires set a diabolical plan in motion that will end in murder...

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Thou Shalt Not Kill
When detectives respond to a panicked 911 call from Methodist Preacher Michael Tabb, they find his wife, Marla, bludgeoned to death at the church parsonage. Further investigation reveals the grief stricken pastor is masking a terrible secret.

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Eternal Sleep
Baptist minister Matt Baker appears grief-stricken after his wife, Kari, commits suicide, but her family members are suspicious, and they launch an investigation to expose the duplicitous preacher.

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Sins of the Father
The double murder of a funeral director and his young assistant rocks the town of Hudson, Wis., then police begin to suspect Catholic priest Ryan Erickson may be hiding a terrible secret even as he counsels a grieving town.

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Father, Son, and Unholy Spirit
After Tracy Burleson's wife is killed, police suspect the preacher may not be as righteous as he seems and soon uncover a love triangle and a murder plot.

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Killer Clergy, is an intriguing Investigation Discovery series that premiered in 2016. This true-crime show shines a spotlight on one of the most unexpected and chilling specters in crime: spiritual leaders who commit heinous acts.

In a society where clergy members are typically among the most respected and admired individuals, the premise of Killer Clergy is both shocking and disconcerting. The men and women clothed in the respected robes of religious authority are conventionally representative of morality, faith, and trust. However, this show abruptly shatters this idyllic perception by immersing viewers in real-life cases that expose the darkest, most sinister acts that one could possibly encounter: murder orchestrated or perpetrated by figures of religious authority.

Each episode of Killer Clergy is a standalone saga, meticulously detailing a different crime perpetrated by a clergy member. The show adeptly uses a narrative structure combined with expertly crafted re-enactments, archival footage, interviews with those involved, including victims' families, congregation members, investigators, and sometimes even the perpetrators themselves. The retelling of these stories is not only engrossing but also maintains a respectful tone towards the gravity and brutality of such acts, never shying away from the harsh realities of these crimes and their impacts.

Numerous episodes discuss cases where the trusted clergy members utilized their platform to manipulate and persuade, taking advantage of their authoritative position and the implicit trust people place in them. This show exhibits how these seemingly inviolable figures could hide behind the facade of religious devotion while harboring ruthless, and at times, psychopathic tendencies.

However, the series does not solely concentrate on the grisly details of the crimes, as it delves into motives, investigation processes, key pieces of evidence, and the subsequent trials. This comprehensive analysis provides a well-rounded depiction of each case and contributes largely to the series' overall appeal.

Moreover, Killer Clergy doesn't limit itself to a singular type of clergyperson. It features a wide assortment of religious figures including, priests, pastors, ministers, rabbis among others from various religious dominations. This breadth intensifies the overall sense of incredulity that such acts could occur within diverse religious communities worldwide.

Threaded throughout the series is the stark contradiction between religious teachings of love, compassion, and respect for life, contrasted dramatically with the vile acts of murder. It continually raises the existential question of morality, particularly, how individuals in positions of spiritual guidance and influence can stray so far from the principles they are meant to embody.

Killer Clergy is an unsettling, engaging, yet informative series. Through unearthing these hard-to-believe incidents, the show advises keen scrutiny and discernment when placing trust in individuals, irrespective of their societal standing. It also underscores the diligence and perseverance of law enforcement that relentlessly pursues the truth, providing justice for the victims and their families.

The core of Killer Clergy lies in its intent to explore an oft-overlooked aspect of true crime, namely, that evil can lurk even in the most sacred places, implying that one mustn't be too hasty in associating righteousness solely with religious figures. This chilling series is sure to make a significant impact on fans of the true-crime genre and those fascinated by the puzzling relationship between religion and crime.

As intriguing as it is unsettling, Killer Clergy from Investigation Discovery invites its viewers into a world where manipulation, deception, darkness, and crime know no bounds, not even the sacred thresholds of a place of worship.

Killer Clergy is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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