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Burden of Proof
Toni Lister is the victim of an attack; her body is found with 27 stab wounds. The suspects? Husband Calvin and friend Jimmy. There's insufficient evidence to charge either with murder. 24 years later DNA testing finally reveals the killer's identity.

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Poetic Justice
Businessman Melvin Ignatow stands trial for the brutal murder of his fiancée, 36-year-old Brenda Schaefer. Six months following his sensational acquittal, new evidence found under the floorboards reveals a startling account of what really happened.

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Evil in His Eyes
Kenny Waters is sentenced to life in prison for the fatal stabbing of his neighbor, Katharina Brow. But Kenny's sister Betty Anne is convinced her brother is innocent and works tirelessly to clear his name.

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Execution in Question
Roger Coleman is executed for the savage murder of his sister-in-law, 19 year-old Wanda McCoy, despite a worldwide campaign to prove his innocence. Fourteen years later, the results of DNA testing reveal the answer to the question - did he do it?

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Killer Confessions
When Viola Manville is beaten to death, police suspect Frank Sterling, whose brother Glen was convicted of an assault on Viola a few years earlier. Frank confesses to murder, and goes to prison.

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Reputation of Evil
Steven Avery is released after 18 years in prison, when evidence reveals he's innocent of a vicious attack on Penny Beerntsen. Within months he's arrested again, this time for the murder of a young lady.

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Did He Do It? is an intriguing American docu-drama true crime television series that aired on the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel in 2015. This compelling and suspenseful show delves deep into the labyrinth of criminal investigations to explore the twisted world of suspected murderers who keep everyone guessing about their guilt or innocence.

The premise of Did He Do It? is quite stimulating to those passionate about true crime shows, particularly involving murder investigations. Each episode follows a specific case from its initial discovery through the investigation, all the while keeping viewers on their toes about the prime suspect's involvement. The central question driving the entire series is very simple yet impactful - Did He Do It? Through recounting often complex and baffling murder investigations, the show attempts to scrutinize and answer this question.

Almost every episode of Did He Do It? strives to shroud its main suspect in layers of mystery and enigma. It is clever in maintaining suspense throughout, giving viewers enough clues to keep them playing detective, but not so much that they can guess the outcome. The series explores various kinds of crimes - from seemingly impromptu crimes of passion to grisly premeditated murders, and even unusual cases involving disappearances that lead to murder investigations.

What sets Did He Do It? apart from other crime series is its focus on the psychological aspects of the suspect and the detailed depiction of law enforcement's effort to uncover the truth. Each episode closes in on the suspect, meticulously revealing telling signs of guilt or innocence and consistently throwing viewers off balance with unexpected twists and revelations. The format allows viewers to roam through the intricate puzzle of each case alongside detectives, experiencing each twist, turn, and revelation as if they were there when it happened.

The show makes a captivating watch due to its unique storytelling approach. Dramatized reenactments coupled with interviews and expert opinions bring the chilling nuances of each case to the fore. It is this passionate attention to detail in reconstructing the cases that stands out in Did He Do It? Each episode puts together a patchwork of the crime scene, evidence, witness statements, interviews with friends, family members, and law enforcement officials, and often dramatic court scenes. The narrative is compelling and often leaves viewers questioning their own judgements about the suspect’s guilt all the way to the end of an episode.

The show’s design appeals not only to true crime enthusiasts but also to anyone interested in the broader human stories behind the headlines. Beyond the crimes themselves, Did He Do It? delves into side stories about how the family, friends, and communities are affected by the heinous crimes. These personal narratives intertwined with the main plotline serve to elicit empathy and provoke bigger discussions about justice, morality, and human behavior.

In a broader perspective, Did He Do It? exposes chinks in the investigative process giving the audience an insight into both its triumphs and failures. This series encourages viewers to question prevailing legal norms, the process of investigation, and the complexity of human nature, all through the engaging prism of these intricate murder mysteries.

On a production level, Did He Do It? is praised for its captivating storytelling strategy, its verisimilitude in representation of real-life crimes, and its exceptional presentation, which vividly depict a series of criminal investigations with a primary suspect in focus, while concurrently exploring the emotional and social repercussions of such alarming incidents.

Overall, Did He Do It? is much more than a typical crime show. With its gripping narratives, high levels of suspense, thorough investigations and thoughtful explorations of societal implications, this series serves as a riveting exploration into the darkest corners of human nature and the criminal justice system. It’s a show that grips you from the outset and keeps you questioning, pondering, wondering, and often, doubting - right until the final revelation: Did He Do It?

Did He Do It? is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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How can I watch Did He Do It? online? Did He Do It? is available on Investigation Discovery with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Did He Do It? on demand at Amazon Prime, Tubi TV, Investigation Discovery, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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