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Recipe for Murder / Tuned for Terror
When a restaurateur is killed, evidence leads to man with a taste for human flesh. Then two teenagers obsessed with hard-core rap music take their song-writing too far.

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No Leg to Stand On / Devil in the OC
A man is found dead, with one leg cut off, in a San Diego hotel room. Who killed him, and where is his leg?

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Dungeon of Death / If the Shoe Fits
A North Carolina couple is brutally attacked and the only clue is a map that leads to a fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. Then four Oregon women vanish, until police track down a killer with a fetish for high heel shoes.

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Hollywood Bondage / Thirst for Blood
Glamorous Hollywood starlets fall victim to a killer with an obsession with bondage. Until one model decides to fight back.

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Snake Pit / The Deepest Cut
The wife of a preacher is bitten by a deadly rattlesnake, but she accuses her husband of attempting to murder her. A man with a hair fetirsh goes from cutting hair to killing.

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Crush Me / Black Magic Murder
After a Florida man is discovered pinned under his car, the police wonder if it's an accident or murder, caused by a foot fetish. A woman manages to cross the line from black magic to murder, after she finds out that her new beau is a Voodoo priest.

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Dark Temptations from Investigation Discovery first aired in 2014 and immediately grabbed viewers' attention with its unique approach to true-crime storytelling. This show takes an intimate and deeply personal dive into the world of the obscure, the nefarious, and the downright bizarre. As a television series, Dark Temptations chronicles a series of real-life stories about individuals who are spiraling down the rabbit hole of strange obsessions and unorthodox desires, ultimately leading them to commit the most heinous crimes.

The focal point of Dark Temptations lies in its intricate presentation and exploration of often overlooked psychological aspects of a criminal mind. As we know, not all crimes are committed due to a typically understood motive like revenge, jealousy, or monetary gain. Some horrifying violations stem from deeply rooted obsessions and cravings which are, more often than not, deemed taboo or dementia by the society. In this series, these dark and hidden corners of the human psyche form the central narrative, providing a gripping and chilling insight into various heartbreaking stories.

Each episode is independent—they revolve around a different story and journey into the abyss of destructive intrigues—from the unimaginable obsession of an individual to incidences induced by the haunting allure of power, the macabre fascination of an insatiable collector, the dark seduction of a forbidden fruit—the program challenges the traditional boundary of understanding crime and punishment. These narratives, while dealing with heinous incidents, offer a rare glance into the complex transition of an obsession to a crime.

The mechanics of Dark Temptations is executed brilliantly. It employs reenactments, detailed crime scene investigations, exclusive interviews with insiders, and commentary from psychologists, investigators, and sometimes even the criminals themselves. This creates an immersive experience for the viewers by allowing them to not only observe but also comprehend the circumstances leading up to the crime. Some of the scenarios presented have the ability to leave even the most seasoned crime-show viewers a bit queasy due to the unconventional nature of events taking place.

Dark Temptations expertly threads that fine line between an investigative documentary and a psychological thriller. It doesn't solely focus on the crimes and their aftermath, but also delves extensively into the psyche of those who committed them. By following this approach, the series shifts the viewer's perspective from merely being a crime show audience to a more engaged role of part-observer and part-sleuth, piecing together the fragments of each case.

Are the stories it presents devastating? Indeed. Are they unsettling to the core? Absolutely. But, are they captivating television? Without a doubt. The show redefines what one might consider a compelling viewing experience. It prides itself on delving into topics that are hard to discuss, pushing the envelope with its explicit attention to detail, and a fearlessness to uncover the truth, no matter how shocking or grim it may be.

Despite its somber tonality and intense subject matter, what stands out about Dark Temptations is its thought-provoking and informative narrative. It offers an interesting juxtaposition by telling horrifying stories in the format of an intriguing psychological study. The show does not intend to glorify or sensationalize crime but aims to depict the truth about the depths to which a human mind can descend when obsession enters the realm of the extreme.

In conclusion, Dark Temptations on Investigation Discovery, while not for the faint-hearted or squeamish, offers a profoundly disturbing yet insightful glimpse into criminal cases that are anything but commonplace. It dives beyond the surface level of crimes and ventures into the obscure world of obsessions, unmasking an insightful exploration of the complex human psyche. Given the intriguing premise, excellent story-telling, and detailed investigation procedures, it's easy to see why Dark Temptations has held its ground in the true-crime genre since 2014. A must-watch series for those curious about understanding crime from a different lens.

Dark Temptations is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.8.

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How can I watch Dark Temptations online? Dark Temptations is available on Investigation Discovery with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Dark Temptations on demand at Amazon Prime, Discovery+, Sling, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu online.

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