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Episode 6
The police investigation threatens to collide with Tom"s illicit pursuit of Olivia, the murder weapon, and the gold. Tom must move the pieces into place so he can come out on top.

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Episode 5
Tom is forced to suppress his rage in order to cover up the crime that Olivia has committed. Tom struggles to recover the gold-and the evidence that could incriminate him-as a revelation from Izzy knocks him off course.

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Episode 4
With the origins of the gold confirmed, an American gangster named Ryan Savage arrives in Dunfolan to take back what belongs to his family. As Tom and Olivia close in on the gold, Niamh and Birdy inch closer to the truth.

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Episode 3
Tom and Olivia race to track down the gold before the police can find it. Olivia proves her worth by sharing information with Tom that leads him and Niamh to a major breakthrough and an arrest.

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Episode 2
The search for Olivia"s driver, Robert Dardis, takes Tom and Niamh to an abandoned house. Tom takes advantage of the unfolding situation to deceive his colleagues, but a heated confrontation leads to a fatal mistake.

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Episode 1
DCI Tom Brannick and his partner, DS Niamh McGovern, are called to the scene of a shooting on the shores of Strangford Lough. Tom recognizes the victim as a wealthy accountant from his troubled past, and the subsequent investigation of the dead man"s widow, Olivia Foyle, leads Tom into a web of intrigue that is inextricably bound to his previous misdeeds.

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Bloodlands is a compelling crime documentary series, produced by Investigation Discovery in 2014. It is a thrilling and captivating series that delves deep into America’s most intriguing and chilling true crime stories that transpired in the country's isolated and remote regions. The show takes viewers on a journey to the less beaten paths of America, where killings and disappearances often go unnoticed among the vast landscapes and intricate networks of marshes, rivers and forests.

Bloodlands is distinctly set apart in or around rugged and desolate territories, hence the name Bloodlands. Through the course of each episode, the series exposes the viewers to horrifying crimes that have occurred in isolated areas of the nation, where discovering unwelcome strangers, finding obscure locations, or encountering wicked deeds is a grave rating. From the dense, daunting forests of the Great Smoky Mountains to the desolate plains of Wyoming, each episode dissects a complex case meticulously, layering each crime with a vivid sense of location and connection to the land.

The series operates on a classic whodunit format, with each episode beginning with the discovery of a crime scene. Chilling reenactments, picturesque aerial views, exclusive interviews, and commentary from law enforcement officers, family members, and friends of victims breathe life into these tales of terror and tragedy. Archival footage and newspapers further enhance the narrative, offering valuable context and insights into the crime. The local police and investigators' perspective is a crucial element in the series, outlining in detail how the case was approached and unraveled.

With every case located deep within America's secreted landscapes, Bloodlands underscores the chilling reality that terrible things can happen in beautiful and serene places, and escaping the law's reach or hiding a dark secret is often easier amidst the nation's vast wilderness. The isolation and vastness of these areas present unique challenges to law enforcement, in not just finding the perpetrators, but even in locating the evidence. Therefore, solving these grievous crimes requires tireless determination, exceptional skill, and a profound understanding of the land and its secrets.

Each episode of Bloodlands holds its unique story archetype – family feuds that end in bloodshed, strangers vanished in the middle of nowhere, or quiet communities shocked by a sudden act of extreme violence. Each crime investigations' narrative seems to absorb the ambient loneliness, gloom, and an ever-shadowing sense of the grotesque, twisting the beautiful landscapes into eerie backdrops. The audience is drawn into a world where a peaceful exterior masks an undercurrent of secrets, sins, and horrors, and the victims' pursuit of justice often becomes a battle against not just their perpetrator, but the unforgiving terrain and its harsh elements.

Throughout the series, viewers will be acutely aware of the terrain. An isolated settler’s cabin nestled amongst towering pines suddenly becomes an ominous refuge. A typical snowy day in Alaska turns into a crime scene. A quiet stretch of river appears as a silent witness to a heinous act. The Bloodlands prove time and again, to be silent observers, cold and impassive, often guarding terrible secrets in their remote corners.

Bloodlands gives us a unique perspective on crime, pushing beyond conventional urban settings to stretch into America's sprawling vastness. It emphasizes that solitude and isolation, perceived as peace and tranquility, can sometimes turn into a frightening nightmare with threatening outcomes. Moreover, the series pays tribute to the relentless pursuit of justice by local law enforcements, often pitted against both man and nature.

By offering an insightful and evocative exploration of some compelling cases in America's hinterlands, Bloodlands thrusts its audience to the edge of their seats. Each story unraveled pushes the boundaries of understanding the human psyche and the lengths it can go into the depths of evil. All this combined with breath-taking visuals of landscapes that transition from beautiful to eerie, as the narrative unfolds, makes this Investigation Discovery series a chilling, yet engrossing viewing experience like no other.

Bloodlands is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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