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Shooting Up Suburbia
In Vancouver, a suburban gang war and heavy police presence forces dealers and their customers to move elsewhere. But the cops are in hot pursuit.

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Bangkok Ice
Thai officials combat an addiction epidemic as popularity of meth pill Yaba increases exponentially. Dealers continue to find ways to dodge the authorities and keep profits rolling in.

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Boston Weed Party
Marijuana use is rampant amongst the student population in Boston and, with National Weed day around the corner, dealers and students can't wait for it.

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Tex Meth
Meet the network of traffickers, runners and smugglers delivering meth to the masses in Austin. At the Tex-Mex border, officials do everything they can to cut off supply.

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Aussie Ice Wars
A cheap, dangerous high, crystal meth is popular in Australia, and biker gangs control the industry.

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Euro Coke
For the first time ever, DRUGS, INC. heads to Ghana and Nigeria to follow the supply of cocaine from Peru on a new trafficking route to Europe.

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Business Behind Bars
Examining how inmates continue to sell drugs while in prison.

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Examining the rise in demand for narcotics during Mardi Gras, spring break, Fourth of July and New Year's.

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Heroin Island, NYC
Every 5 days, someone in Staten Island overdoses, fueled by an opiate storm hitting the island.

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Silicon Valley High
Not watched Investigating the renowned USS Constitution in Boston; re-enactors at Old Fort Harrod State Park have encountered spirits of early settlers.

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Pittsburgh Smack
Pittsburgh cops are cracking down on the heroin trade and the market is in turmoil.

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Detroit Halloween
Halloween in Detroit. Two tales of one city. Around the notorious 8 Mile Road, the street slingers are stocking up and looking for new opportunities downtown. In the suburbs, middle class dealers take party drugs into raves. Both groups have to dodge the Border Patrol and the suburban cops. For a frantic forty-eight hours over 'devil's night,' drugs, guns, money, busts, and bodies flood Detroit.

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Big Apple Coke
Gangs in the Dominican Republic have become key players in the transhipment of cocaine. With unprecedented access to a cartel boss' network of traffickers, mules, and dealers, and the customs officers dedicated to stopping them, an entity known as New York's 'Dominican cocaine connection' exposes every level of the DR supply chain to America, giving us rare access to the ruthless, secretive, and highly organized Dominican drug underworld.

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Jailhouse Junkies
Two jails: one in California, the other in New Jersey. Both states have among the toughest drug policies in the United States.

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Cancun Spring Break
Among the thousands of U.S. students who head to Cancun, Mexico, for spring break, some have one thing on their minds: to get wasted. Two cartels control the tourist drug trade, but independent dealers are trying to poach their turf at Every year, Spring Breakers flock to Cancun, unaware of the drug cartels' violent grip on the city.

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X-Rated High
Drugs, Inc. delves inside the Los Angeles porn industry. The porn industry and drugs have a reputation for going hand in hand. But after HIV scares, porn sets are under more scrutiny than ever, and it's changing the way drugs on set are tolerated. This show features Ron Jeremy, Kacey Jordan (who survived Charlie Sheen's meltdown), meth addict Amanda Blow, and the former "world's hottest porn star" Brittni Ruiz.

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Hip Hop High
A look at the connection to the hip-hop industry, including wannabe rappers who use drug-dealing profits to pay for studio time.

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The Real Wolves of Wall Street
A new generation of brokers and traders are using a drug that keeps them performing at work.

Watch Drugs, Inc. Season 7 Episode 1 Now

Drugs, Inc. is an intriguing documentary-style television show that aired on National Geographic from 2010. The show provides viewers with a thought-provoking and in-depth exploration into the world of illegal narcotics. Each episode skillfully navigates the complex world of illicit drugs, offering an unbiased perspective of the drug trade industry that spans globally.

The creators sought to present an analytical, factual, and realistic portrayal of this predefined world and their comprehensive approach stands as a testament to that. Right from the conception, manufacturing, and trafficking of drugs, to their distribution and consumption, the show manages to encapsively illustrate the multi-level operations of this clandestine business.

Drugs, Inc. takes you through various aspects of the drug trade, educating the audience not only about its economic structure, but also about its profound impact on society. This includes portraying the addictive nature of drugs, health hazards, crime rates, and the economic turmoil it often brings to societies around the world. The series combines intense storytelling with hard-hitting facts, using a realistic and raw approach akin to the gritty reality that it represents.

Structurally, each episode typically focuses on a particular drug, ranging from hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, to prescription drugs and synthetic substances. The show also delves into more elusive and less widely known substances, providing an all-inclusive perspective on the variety of drugs and their unique effects. This gives audiences an understanding of a vast array of drugs that span across various cultures, countries, and demographics.

In its endeavor to be as informative as possible, Drugs, Inc. tracks the route of these drugs, starting with their origin to their destination. It explores how these substances are produced, how they're trafficked across borders and seas, and eventually, how they reach the hands of the end consumer. The show also humanizes the impact of drugs by including personal stories from users, showing the destructive influence drugs can have on lives and families.

What sets Drugs, Inc. apart from other shows is its ability to elucidate the skillset and ingenuity of those involved in the drug trade. The series showcases the clever yet dangerous techniques traffickers use to maneuver past law agencies, evade involvement with violent cartels, and outsmart potential busts. It serves as a stark reminder of the lengths people will go to for the sake of profit and addiction.

In addition, this series also sheds light on the challenges faced by law enforcement and anti-drug agencies in their battle against the drug trade. It gives audiences a taste of the sophistication and size of the operations they are fighting against, highlighting their uphill battle against these illicit industries. The series successfully offers viewers a glimpse into the minds and methodologies of these officers, making for a comprehensive understanding of both sides of the spectrum.

Blending hard-hitting journalism with gripping documentary narration, the program consistently presents a captivating watch that is educational and equally alarming. The interviews with actual drug dealers, users, and law enforcement officials add depth and realism to each episode, making it not just informative but emotionally stirring.

Drugs, Inc. offers a spectacular blend of gritty reality and stealthy secrecy that encapsulates the world of drugs. The series endeavors to impart a balanced, thorough, and stark understanding of this underground world. In a bid to heighten awareness and empower audiences with knowledge, Drugs, Inc. has proven beyond doubt that it is a series committed to alerting the effects and impacts of drug abuse.

While it is heavy in subject matter, the series is nonetheless gripping, and its exploratory nature creates a suspenseful undertone that carries through from start to finish. National Geographic's Drugs, Inc. is an insightful, impactful, and engaging exploration into the world of illicit drugs and their profound impacts on individuals and society, making it a 'must-watch' for viewers interested in understanding this often dark and unseen section of our world.

Drugs, Inc. is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 108 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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