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Revenge Is Sweet
LP's big debut on the Steve Harvey show is undercut by Ana's schemes; Jon Jon asks too much of Cola; Aneka makes a big decision; and Thandi gets what she wants, which leads to a shocking conclusion.

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The Future Is Female
Ana sets her plot in motion behind LP's back; Aneka explains her bizarre behavior; Dom devastates Stef with his decision; and Cola plans return to Brooklyn but Nikki fears she's being manipulated.

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Minion Mayhem
Cola is accused of talking smack and Ana and Thandi make a move against her; LP and Ana clash on the future of the Pink Tea Cup; and Stef is crushed when Dom reveals he may move to Germany for a modeling gig.

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He's Married?
The owner of a soul-food restaurant attempts to earn a Michelin Star amidst his staff's bickering, romances, and power struggles.

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Bartender Wars
LP returns from Brooklyn with news that turns up the heat in Miami. Cola gets her job back but beefs with Dreka.

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Brooklyn 911
Ana finds a loop hole in Lawrence's prenup; Cola finds out about Jon Jon's new love interest; LP goes back to Thandi.

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Who Is The Side Piece?
Cola discovers the identity of Jon Jon's lover; LP demands a prenuptial agreement from Ana.

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The Chicken King
LP loses it at Ana's embarrassing commercial shoot; Cola gets devastating news from Jon Jon.

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Pool Party Madness
A sexy pool party descends into chaos when Aneka attacks Cola.

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Sexy is Sexy, But Trashy is Trashy
Sexy staff clashes in new Pink Tea Cup; Ana and LP have conflicting plans for Miami; Jon Jon is keeping a big secret from Cola; and in Brooklyn, Thandi plots against the twins.

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Hustle & Soul, an American reality television series which first premiered on We TV network in 2017, offers an amalgam of food, drama, and fierce competition right from the heart of New York City. The series revolves around the life and challenges of renowned chef Lawrence Page, who is also the talented owner of The Pink Teacup.

Known for its unique soul food cuisine, The Pink Teacup is an age-old Brooklyn-based dining establishment that boasts a history of nearly six decades. Under Page's leadership, it continues to stand as an iconic restaurant, coveted for its delectable soul food mixed with the southern authenticity that draws food lovers from all corners of the city.

Hustle & Soul not only showcases the bustling world of the restaurant industry but also highlights the unrelenting team behind the successful running of The Pink Teacup. This involves expressing the culinary passion and dedication of Lawrence Page, his on-and-off girlfriend Ana Lavender, who is also the general manager of The Pink Teacup, and the other charismatic restaurant staff. Each episode provides a closer look into the lives of these fascinating individuals beyond their culinary talents, delving into their personal relationships, ambitions, conflicts, and the drama that unfolds within the restaurant premise.

One central theme of the show is Lawrence Page's ambitious goal to elevate The Pink Teacup from a local soul-food marvel to an internationally acclaimed brand with a Michelin Star rating. As he navigates his way to the apex of culinary recognition, viewers witness his relentless pursuit of perfection, innovative culinary techniques, and painstaking attention to detail. Alongside, Page also deals with the challenging task of managing his volatile and often highly dramatic crew, ensuring that the kitchen continues to create magic through its mouth-watering dishes.

Ana Lavender, while possessing an inherent robustness and sassy attitude, navigates her professional and personal relationship with Page. She shines through her distinct managerial prowess while dealing with the daily challenges of managing a high-traffic restaurant, and supporting Page's dream. Additionally, her tumultuous love life adds another spark to the already fiery storyline.

The ensemble cast of Hustle & Soul includes a troupe of talented professionals at The Pink Teacup. From sous chefs to bartenders, hostesses, and servers, each character's unique personality and dramatic flair bring the series to life. Through their personal and professional growth trajectories, viewers get a glimpse of the intense restaurant circuit that abounds with passion, sacrifice, and tension.

However, Hustle & Soul is more than just a reality show about a restaurant. It often dips toes in the social issues sea, including matters of race, sexuality, and the struggles tied to chasing the American Dream. Additionally, as the show is embedded within the hospitality industry, it also explores the often demanding world of customer service, weaving a convincingly authentic portrayal of the trade.

In essence, Hustle & Soul is a captivating narrative of the food industry chain, starting from kitchen conflicts, customer management, administrative challenges, to the high-stakes ambition of gaining a Michelin Star. The stakes are high, the drama is palpable, and the pursuit of excellence, unfaltering. With bold ambitions, culinary artistry, and interpersonal relations at its heart, the show attracts viewers looking for an engaging blend of food, competition, and reality TV drama.

The series has an upbeat atmosphere, thanks to the lively hip-hop and R&B soundtrack that pulses in the background, contributing to its overall vibrant spirit. Visually, it is gratifying with its close shots of the food that ensures viewers' hunger pangs are as engaged as their love for drama.

In summation, Hustle & Soul serves up a satisfying mix of flavorful soul food and fierce drama. It whisks viewers on a journey inside the competitive culinary world while examining the passions, conflicts, and bonds that define the professionally and personally intertwined lives of its memorable cast. Love or hate the interpersonal chaos, you cannot deny that the dedication to food and the craft is profoundly sincere in this restaurant-turned-reality TV spectacle. The spicy blend of culinary mastery and personal drama makes Hustle & Soul an addictive watch for anyone craving a unique reality TV experience.

Hustle & Soul is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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How can I watch Hustle & Soul online? Hustle & Soul is available on We tv with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Hustle & Soul on demand at Philo, Plex, Apple TV, WE tv, Amazon, Google Play online.

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