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Underwater Ghost Town Part 2
Eugene and Spencer need to turn a riding mower engine into an outboard motor strong enough to power a salvage barge. The boys want it to locate a lost sawmill in an abandoned underwater town, where they hope to retrieve any vintage steel left behind.

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Underwater Ghost Town Part 1
Eugene and Spencer run out of vintage high carbon steel, for forging knives to fill an important order. Can they build a salvage barge from junk, to seek a lost sawmill in an abandoned underwater town, and retrieve the old steel that was left behind?

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4th of July
Mama Gene steps in a gopher hole and breaks her foot, leaving her homebound on the porch. She's plagued by insects, and missing out on the 4th of July festivities.

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Mountain Swapping
Spencer and Eugene must build a barn wood display case for Cheyenne's store. But to get the wood they must make traps to catch a critter, to make into groundhog grease, to trade for a dog, which they can trade for barn wood to finally make the case.

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Risky Railroads
Eugene and Spencer plan to build wood-burning stoves out of steel barrels, with windows made of high-quality block mica. Can they also build a hand-powered pump trolley out of junkyard scraps for bringing heavy sacks of mica down from the mountains?

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Catfish Catchin'
Spencer and Eugene must build their own hillbilly houseboat, out of a discarded camping trailer, which they float on a pontoon platform made with rows of airtight oil drums, when Cheyenne gets a leisure boat and becomes a bit too big for his britches.

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Knife Grind
Spencer and Eugene have two days to forge 15 knives for a collector. The boys construct a water wheel to power a homemade hydro-powered grinder—and to power an electric light.

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Car Bartering
Widowed Mavis has doctor appointments to keep, and a stalled car. If the boys make a tire patch, a replacement gasket and a temporary fan belt out of junk, then they get an old alternator from a junkyard, they might get Mavis to the doctor on time.

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Fishy Business
Spencer and Eugene set out to build a fish farm. But when they can't afford the cattle-watering troughs where they planed to put their trout, can they rig up their own fish tanks from nothing but a roll of plastic tarp and some old hay bales instead?

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Hit or Miss
Eugene and Spencer salvage a rusted-solid Winchester M37 and an antique hit and miss diesel engine from a barn full of scrap. They must make an electrolysis bath to strip the rust off the shotgun, which they'll trade for parts to restore the engine.

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Secret Still
The boys must come up with a contraption that can help notorious old moonshiner, Charlie Shine, bring heavy supplies to and from his hidden still. They'll construct a mechanical cable climber to take the load off Charlie.

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Monster Mower
Eugene and Spencer aim to clear an overgrown field and find a valuable item Cowboy hid there years ago.

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Backwoods Rope Bridge
A creek blocks the best route from Cowboy's house to the holler, so Eugene and Spencer build an old fashion swinging bridge from scavenged rope and hand-hewn bamboo. Will their hillbilly rope bridge hold weight?

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Appalachian Burls
After Eugene breaks his mother's burl wood bowl, he and Spencer try to replace it.

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Water War
Using bamboo and some scrap metal, Eugene and Spencer build a trickle-feed irrigation system.

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Walkin' Sticks and Chicken Spits
When Cowboy needs help making walking sticks and Bertha must roast a mess of chickens for charity, Eugene and Spencer must build a wood kiln out of discarded oil barrels to dry the sticks, and construct a huge outdoor rotisserie for chicken cooking.

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Hillbeely Hive
Spencer and Eugene make a smoker to try and become beekeepers.

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Legend of Trapper Dan
The boys uncover clues that may lead to treasure. Eugene constructs a metal detector out of bamboo and wire scraps, and a salvaged transistor radio.

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Chainsaw Chopper
Eugene and Spencer decide to build a solar-powered hot water heater out of salvaged pipes and old beer cans. In order to get the cans they need to build the heater, the boys must build a chainsaw engine-powered bicycle for their friend, Tin Can.

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Treasure Hunt
Cowboy convinces Eugene and Spencer to mount a new gold hunting expedition to the legendary secret Lost Creek. But when they can't shake an interloper, can the boys use trickery to keep Lost Creek secret?

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Cowboy Prepper
Cowboy is sure that end days are on the way, so he asks Eugene and Spencer to fortify his compound. The boys construct a wood still for converting wood matter into fuel, out of an old barrel, some buckets and pipes, so Cowboy has fuel no matter what.

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Find yourself taking a deep dive into the intriguing and unique world of Appalachia in "Hillbilly Blood", a captivating reality show that first graced the screens of the Destination America channel in 2011. Boldly stepping away from the usual bustling cityscape of most modern reality television, "Hillbilly Blood" sheds a powerful light on the off-the-grid life in the Appalachian Mountains, inviting viewers to experience the rootsy, traditional lifestyle of its hardy and resourceful inhabitants.

The show centres around the life and times of two men, Spencer "Two-Dogs" Boljack and Eugene Runkis, who represent the epitome of traditional mountain men. Strong, unyielding, and brimming with wisdom passed down through generations, these men exemplify the spirit of Appalachia. They offer a fascinating glimpse into how deeply they're connected to the land they call home, demonstrating their intrinsic understanding of nature's rhythm and rules. The life they lead is not an easy one filled with modern conveniences but a rugged, raw existence where sustenance, survival and a profound respect for nature are paramount.

"Hillbilly Blood" showcases Spencer and Eugene's resilience, intelligence, and craftiness, throwing viewers into a survivalist's milieu. They're often shown constructing intricate contraptions, foraging for food, and tackling challenging conditions with aplomb and an unwavering survivalist mentality. The gritty, less-than-glamourous reality of their lifestyle brings to life the true meaning of sustainability, resourcefulness and self-reliance, principles that form both the bedrock of their existence and the heart of the show.

What sets "Hillbilly Blood" apart is its focus on practical and ingenious methods for living off-the-grid. Forget about modern-day luxuries like grocery stores, electricity, cars and even running water. It’s all about making the best of what Mother Nature provides, whether it's hunting and fishing for food, crafting complicated devices from scratch to assist in their survival, or making soap from ashes. The pair consistently remind us of the vast wealth of knowledge their lifestyle requires–a mastery of backwoods engineering and an intimate understanding of nature to create efficient solutions for everyday living.

Moreover, "Hillbilly Blood" delves into cultural elements unique to the Appalachian Mountains. They cook traditional meals, practice long-held rituals, medicinal treatments using native plants and herbs, and preserve folklore passed down through oral traditions. It's not just about survival, but also preserving a rich cultural heritage in an era of exponential modernisation. The viewers find themselves privy to an all-encompassing experience that encompasses entertainment, education, tradition and history.

"Hillbilly Blood" is not a blissful travelogue of pleasant adventures, nor a glamorous reality show featuring glitzy characters. It's a deep, unfiltered look into the Appalachian way of life, a tribute to the enduring spirit of the mountain people and a chronicle of a lifestyle sustained by the rhythm of the earth. The unique juxtaposition of challenging survivalist necessity against a starkly beautiful wilderness paints a poignant picture of a life less ordinary. It's a depiction of stoic resilience and adaptability, where one misstep can spell disaster.

Despite the hardships, the show ultimately conveys a profound message: that understanding, respecting and living in harmony with the natural world is both possible and rewarding. The duo's bond with nature and their steadfast commitment to their ways, in many ways, embodies a resistance against the swift current of the modern world, highlighting a conscious choice towards self-sustainability in the rapidly changing world.

In essence, watching "Hillbilly Blood" feels like stepping back in time, immersing oneself in a world where living off the land is not a concept but a way of life. The truth, grit, and determination shown by Spencer and Eugene offer a unique viewing experience that fuses survivalism with the appeal of a reality show. With its thrilling adventures, insightful narration, and depiction of the rustic, richly textured Appalachian culture, "Hillbilly Blood" is a fascinating window into a world where humanity and nature come together in harmony.

The authenticity of "Hillbilly Blood" is its lifeblood, providing a stripped-down, naturalistic view of rural life and survival at its most granular level. The show remains an intriguing, distinctive, and unvarnished exploration of an old-world lifestyle in America's heartland, simultaneously sharing messages of resourcefulness, respect and resilience. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a rural lifestyle admirer, or an everyday viewer wanting a departure from the norm, "Hillbilly Blood" is a journey worth exploring.

Hillbilly Blood is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 61 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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