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You Use, You Lose
Nearly 80 percent of the inmates in Sullivan and Ashe County jails are incarcerated for some offense related to drugs and alcohol. People having sex in a driveway, an intoxicated man screaming on the floor of a jail cell and an addicted couple on the run illustrate the challenges deputies in these counties face every day trying to keep the area's addiction issues under control.

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Truth Or Consequences
Deputies in Sullivan County apprehend drug dealers they’ve been tracking for months. Ashe County deputies bust the ringleaders of a major meth lab.

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Bad Blood
The hunt for a couple of alleged thieves on Sullivan County's most wanted list begins.

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Southern Ruckus
A knife fight breaks out in Ashe County. Sullivan County deputies conduct a manhunt for one their most-wanted fugitives.

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Huntin' Season
Deputies from Sullivan County and Ashe County track criminals while hunters track deer.

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Criminal Kin
Manhunts and even cows on the run keep deputies hopping "like a lizard on a hot rock."

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Hunt In The Hollow
In Ashe County, deputies go on a rugged mountain manhunt in search of a fugitive wanted for assault and resisting arrest.

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Narco Knock Out
Sullivan County Deputy Burk Murray is determined to find and arrest one of the area's most notorious drug dealers.

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Southern Justice is an engaging and thought-provoking reality television show released by National Geographic in 2014. A product of genuine inspiration, the show chronicles the challenging day-to-day operations of law enforcement agencies in the rural, Appalachian region of the United States. Spanning over three seasons and providing an intimate look into the sometimes fy and unfiltered reality of police work in the heartland of America, the show has earned its merit for its gritty representation of law and order.

Set in the Southern states of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Kentucky, Southern Justice unravels the complex tapestry of work that rural law enforcement officers undertake. The documentary-style series delivers an insightful perspective into a side of the country often overlooked in mainstream media, focusing on the distinctive socioeconomic conditions and the unique challenges faced by the enforcement officers therein.

The show achieves a commendable sense of authenticity through its choice of officers. Real local officers, from sheriff deputies to state troopers, become the center of the narrative, offering a broad picture of the law enforcement spectrum in these regions. The cameras follow them as they navigate their daily routines, dealing with a range of situations that vary from minor traffic violations to narcotics trafficking, domestic disputes, and violent crimes. Each episode allows viewers to witness the admirable courage and determination that these officers exhibit in their pursuit to ensure peace and justice.

Apart from the thrilling pursuits and tense encounters with criminal behavior, the show also paints a vivid picture of the social and cultural aspects of life in the South. The officers engage with a diverse demographic of citizens, who in their own unique ways, offer a glimpse into the culturally rich and often complex life of the Appalachian public. The officers not only solve crimes but also tackle forms of social deprivation and substance abuse, often going beyond the call of duty to assist the residents of their community.

One of Southern Justice's unique aspects is its unfolding of raw human stories to address larger societal issues like poverty, drug abuse, lack of opportunities, and illiteracy. While the show is primarily about law enforcement, the personal interaction between the officers and the civilians often mediate the exploration of these issues. In highlighting these struggles, Southern Justice manages to stir a conversation around broader socio-economic challenges often stereotypically attributed to the region.

Moreover, the show also captures the essence of the Appalachian landscape with its stunning cinematography. The dramatic backdrops of the mountains and dense forests in which these officers patrol further enhance the viewing experience, transporting the audience into an intensely beautiful yet harsh landscape. When juxtaposed with the lives and struggles of the people living there, the impact is quite profound.

Notably, Southern Justice above else, emphasizes the immense dedication, bravery and humanity embodied by the officers in the line of duty. The men and women spotlighted, despite dealing with high-stress, dangerous situations, often exhibit remarkable empathy, fairness, and a perpetual commitment to their profession. Their tireless efforts, regardless of the adversities faced, shine a light on the essential work of the law enforcement officers in areas that are often forgotten or overlooked.

In conclusion, Southern Justice bridges a gap between viewers and the region's complicated socio-environmental reality. The show offers a ground-level view of Appalachia, exposes its raw and unfiltered experiences, while acquainting viewers with honest and intrepid heroes who keep the wheels of justice turning. Drenched in a heady mix of adrenaline, emotion, and complex societal issues, Southern Justice is not just a splendid portrayal of rural American law enforcement, but also a heartfelt tribute to human resilience.

Southern Justice is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 31 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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