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Sunset Party Dock House
This client's home is located on a street called Wendy's Way because that is exactly what Joe's wife Wendy wants: her way. The challenge is to restore their old dock.

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Permanent Vacation
Beth and Greg Herman have been vacationing in Gulf Shores, Alabama for more than twenty years. Their beach side condo has a great pool, but the rest of the outdoor space is unfinished.

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Lakeside Hideaway
Chad and Julie have a house on the lake. They want to turn their unfinished basement into a finished space with a separate bathroom that can support all their lake activities.

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The Ultimate Fort
The Hermans are called upon by the Gorell family to build a remote lake island fort. With plenty of childhood forts of their own to draw on for inspiration, the Herman Brothers construct a fort from local trees complete with lookout tower, sleeping bunks and a suspension bridge.

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A Teenage Beach Area Complete With Zip Line and Gazebo
Having a family vacation ranch is great but sometimes teenagers need an area for themselves. Two fathers call on the Herman Brothers to build a lake side beach area for an active group of teenagers.

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Three Lake Side Tee Pees With a View
The Bixlers love the great outdoors but don't like roughing it when it comes to camping. They like to think of themselves as Glampers, aka glam campers.

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Golf Party Boat
When escaping with family to his ranch, Curtis Price likes to golf, bow hunt, fish, swim, play with the grandkids and relax by one of his many lakes. The Hermans put it all together with a motorized floating golf green that features a club house, putting area, fully stocked bar and storage for rods, bows and lounge chairs.

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The Tree House
Dave and Michelle have a back yard that's usually full of kids but with nothing more than a dirt pile in the backyard it's time for an upgrade. That means a killer treehouse with a loft, tire swings, a slide and a suspension bridge that leads to a lookout deck.

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Lake Front Cabin
The Herman brothers are building one-of-a-kind waterfront creations that you've never seen before.

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Double Decker Dock of Fun
It's all about the Fiddlers. First, the Hermans infuse sun and fun into a double decker dock for Jake and Laura Fiddler.

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A Floating Volcano Fishing Cabin (Pilot)
With so many family members frequenting their parent's lakefront property, the Hermans decide to give Mom and Dad a place to rest and relax. They build a 10,000 lb.

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If you're seeking an escape into the tranquil environment of lakes and the beautiful architectural wonders that can be built around it, then the show Lake Life is the perfect series to watch on the DIY Network.

Lake Life, which first aired in 2014, is an enticing reality television show that explores the innovative process of designing and building astonishing lakefront properties. It is all about capturing the essence of living by the water while having a fantastic location to retreat for relaxation, fun, and rejuvenation with the entire family. This engaging series takes viewers away from the hectic pace of modern urban life, transporting them to serene, idyllic lakeside settings where the primary goal is to reconnect with nature.

The show revolves around the energetic trio called the "Brojects Brothers," Kevin and Andrew Buckles, and their engineer friend Walker. These three adventurous brothers are known for their entertaining banter, goofiness, and a unique knack for engineering creative outdoor places. The audience can't help but get drawn into the infectious charm of their camaraderie and their shared enthusiasm for crafting innovative outdoor sanctuaries.

The journey begins with the brothers meeting the homeowners, who live near the lake and dream of having their perfect escape place right on their own property. Whether it's a cabin, houseboat, lakeside retreat, outdoor kitchen, or just a sophisticated party deck, the brothers are ready to tackle anything. They engage the clients to understand their specific needs and preferences, and then meticulously devise a plan where functionality, aesthetic design, and the client’s dreams are all taken into consideration.

When the initial plans are complete, viewers are taken along the spectacular transformation journey where the magic happens. With their resourcefulness, the trio is adept at turning mundane and simple spaces into incredible lakeside retreats. Kenneth, Andrew, and Walker work their ways step by step, constructing beautiful lakeside properties that are not only amazing outdoor living spaces but also amazing architectural pieces that clearly show the hard work put into them.

Their work integrates the nature surrounding each property into the design, ensuring that each project exhibits a distinct character and ambiance that complements the alluring beauty of the lake. It's a brilliant blend of creative engineering and design, with a keen emphasis on long-lasting materials and sustainable practices to preserve the treasure-filled environment around the projects.

One of the most entertaining elements in Lake Life is the tongue-in-cheek humor and sibling rivalry that the brothers bring, adding a layer of light-heartedness and relatability to the show. Their antics and banter keep the viewers entertained throughout the series while simultaneously providing inspirational ideas for their projects.

Each episode is an unparalleled journey - from planning, to design, through construction, and the final reveal - proving that a DIY attitude combined with passion, creativity, and a dash of humor can lead to extraordinary outdoor havens. You get to learn, laugh, and even get inspired to bring some of these designs into your homes or backyards.

Lake Life is not just a show about home renovation or construction; it's a lively celebration of the outdoor lifestyle that the millions of lake-dwellers across the world can relate to. It explores the tranquil charm that lakes offer and illustrates that with some elbow grease and a little creativity, you can turn your lakefront dream into a reality.

Whether you're a lake-dweller dreaming of an idyllic escape, a DIY lover itching for your next project, or someone who finds calmness in the idea of lake life, this show has something to offer. A good mix of ingenuity, craftsmanship, and entertainment, it adds up to a viewing experience that one will certainly enjoy and even learn from. With the serenity of the lake serving as a backdrop to this DIY Network show, viewership is not just about building; it's about creating experiences for generations of lake lovers to enjoy, embodying the true essence of Lake Life.

Lake Life is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 28 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.8.

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