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Tad's Next Chapter
Tad and Anna's dream home nears completion, but their moody, quirky design style poses a challenge for Mina. And despite the pressure of the renovation, Tad considers taking yet another big, life-changing step with Anna.

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All in the Family
The Two Chicks team takes on dream home renovations for Mina's brother, Tad, and her sister, Kelsy. Tad's ready for the next big steps in his life with his girlfriend and new business, while Mina and Kelsey try to find common ground with design choices.

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The Problem Project Pivot
Mina and the team take on a four-dwelling new build consisting of a duplex and a carriage house. But when things go wrong with the foundation of the duplex, the focus shifts to executing the carriage house so it can begin earning rental income.

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New Build, New Business
After losing money on their last house, Mina and the team hope to get top dollar by doing an upscale new build on the lot next door. Mina decides to balance out the new construction blandness with antique doors, but a mishap could derail the project.

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City Slickers Go Country
Mina and the team take on the family home of Two Chicks' build manager, Brittany, in the country town of New Castle. To get top dollar for her client, Mina must figure out how to step out of her urban comfort zone and adapt to a more rural market.

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Falling Head Ova Heels in Fountain Square
Mina is helping her friend convert a historic Fountain Square home into a salon for her own beauty business. They plan to add a coffee shop into the renovation, but things could turn ugly when the health department steps in with other ideas.

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Money Pit Mishaps
Mina and the team are back in Bates-Hendricks to remodel an old home with a two story addition and a separate income suite. But after major issues arise during framing, Mina is challenged to stay on budget to create a durable, deluxe getaway.

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Historical Hiccups on Hill Street
Mina and her team are in Irvington, working on a wonderful old home on Hill Street. However, after running into problems with the city, Mina has her job cut out for her in order to construct an eclectic mid-century mansion while maintaining its historical integrity.

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Secret Sanctuary on Singleton
Mina and the team return to Bates-Hendricks to take on their second home on Singleton Street. With vaulted ceilings and a secret room in the kitchen, this serene, spa-like house needs serious wow factor to lure in the area's picky buyers.

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Income Property Issues
The season opener will follow Mina, Karen and the team as they revamp a junk-filled duplex, complete with an attic space and a basement located in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood. To turn a profit, Mina will transform the attic into a rental income unit for the new homeowners by adding bedrooms, a kitchen and living room, all with a modern touch.

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Good Bones is a show that originates from HGTV and made its debut in 2016. The show is center-staged around the thrilling world of home renovation and house flipping, inviting viewers into the transformative journey of Dallas-based mother-daughter duo, Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk. As professional real estate agents and renovation experts, they co-founded and helm their home renovation business, Two Chicks and a Hammer, with a mission to revitalize their community one home at a time in Indianapolis.

In each episode of Good Bones, Karen and Mina, an interior designer by training and a real estate agent by profession respectively, take dilapidated houses slated for demolition and turn them into stunningly renovated homes. Despite the houses often being in deplorable condition, presenting various structural problems, lethal mold issues, or inhabitations by undesirable critters, the two women always see the hidden potential that lies within the mess.

The show emphasizes the concept of "good bones," a term often used in the real estate market to signify a property that has a robust and strong underlying structure or potential, even though it may need significant cosmetic upgrades or complete renovations. Mina and Karen symbolically breathe new life into these seemingly lost cause properties, utilizing their skilled eye for design, innate creativity, and business savvy. Yet, they never forget the importance of preserving the original character of each house while incorporating modern amenities and design.

A distinguishing trait of Good Bones is the humorous and endearing relationship between Karen and Mina as a mother and daughter team. Their banter and heartfelt moments add charm and warmth to the show, keeping it light-hearted and bringing an emotional depth that goes beyond mere renovations. They showcase that a successful business partnership can exist within family, where one teaches, the other learns, and both share the hard work and the fruits of their labor.

Another unique aspect of Good Bones is that Karen and Mina are deeply committed to the neighborhoods they work in. Instead of venturing to upscale and booming neighborhoods to make a quick profit, they take up projects in distressed neighborhoods with the goal of revitalizing them. They hope that by improving individual homes, discouraging crime, and creating pockets of beauty, they can inspire change and motivate others towards investing in these areas.

The show further highlights the importance of community and collaboration. Often, local artists, craftsmen, and small businesses are included in the renovation process, featuring unique and locally sourced elements that add a special touch to their projects. This characterizes Two Chicks and a Hammer’s commitment to not only uplift the houses they work on but also cultivate and patronize local creatives, promoting the galleries, shops, restaurants, and other businesses from their beloved city.

Beyond pure entertainment, Good Bones offers the audiences a plethora of knowledge and resources. Viewers get to learn about the home renovation process, including project planning, budgeting, troubleshooting unexpected issues, and design ideas. From DIY novices to seasoned renovation enthusiasts, anyone can take away valuable insights about transforming 'fixer-uppers' into dream houses.

Good Bones effectively blends the rawness of renovation with the homeliness of interior design, coupled with some heartfelt moments between Karen and Mina. Season by season, the team continues to "gut" houses to their basic structure and carefully draft them into beautiful homes in a way that’s realistic yet still inspiring. A far cry from shows that make renovations look easy and instantaneous, Good Bones takes pride in truthfully depicting the messy, unpredictable, but ultimately rewarding process of reviving old homes. Whether it’s the grimness of neglected houses, the sweat and grind of the work, or the joy at revealing a completed home, it showcases all.

With a blend of business acumen, craftsmanship, family warmth and commitment to community rejuvenation, Good Bones keeps viewers hooked, not just with its transformative before-and-after reveals, but also with its underlying themes of hard work, perseverance, and the sheer joy of creating something beautiful out of the neglected. With each episode running high on inspiration and peppered with challenges, Mina, Karen, and their dedicated team help breathe new life into old neighborhoods, garnering the appreciation and love of many viewers around the world.

Good Bones is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 106 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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