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Living Room at Blog Cabin 2016
The living and dining rooms at Blog Cabin 2016 get a transformation that includes a fish tank wall, live-edge dining table and one-of-a-kind coffee table.

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Modern Casita Shower Lounge
Josh Temple and the crew take on three separate spaces for one very cool couple.

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House Crashers is a fascinating and highly entertaining television show originating from the DIY Network in 2009. Unlike other home renovation shows that start with desperate homeowners reaching out to the renovators for help, House Crashers takes an unexpected and unique approach. The program revolves around ambush renovations, where the host and contractor, Josh Temple, visits local home improvement stores, seeking unsuspecting shoppers who could use some professional help with their DIY projects.

Josh Temple, with his infectious energy and expertise in building and renovations, is the driving force of House Crashers. His expert eye and skills combined with his affable personality charm both the participants and the audience. His hands-on approach not only makes for an interesting watch but also enables homeowners to understand the renovation process better.

The premise of the show involves Temple ambushing unsuspecting homeowners while they are busy shopping at a home improvement store. He usually looks for someone who appears to be in need of a renovation project and offers to take on the job – but there's always a twist. It's not a small project that Temple and his squad are interested in. Instead, they seize the opportunity to perform a complete room makeover in the lucky homeowner's home.

From kitchens and living rooms, to basements, bedrooms, and even front yards, no project is too daunting, and no room is off-limits. Once Temple gets the homeowner on board, he and his crew follow them back to their house to carry out an awe-inspiring overhaul. This is where the real fun ensues as he takes a lackluster and underwhelming room and transforms it into a masterpiece.

However, this show isn't just about all work and no play. As the renovation takes place, Temple keeps the ambiance light and fun by incorporating various entertaining elements – be it a friendly competition among the crew or dropping in unexpected one-liners that keep the viewers and the participants laughing. This unique blend of hard work and humor adds a certain charm to the show which sets it apart from similar programs.

The end result of each episode is not just a makeover, but a mind-blowing transformation that often exceeds the homeowners' most extravagant dreams. All projects demonstrate practicality, creativity, and awesomeness. Whether it's a spa-like bathroom with rain-showerheads, an outdoor kitchen complete with a pizza oven, or a state-of-the-art media room, each and every makeover is a marvel in its own right. The viewer satisfaction drawn from seeing the homeowner's ecstatic reactions after the transformation is indeed immense.

House Crashers' approach lies at the cutting edge of home renovation shows – it's spontaneous, it's surprising, and it's filled with loads of practical advice that will inspire homeowners to tackle their DIY projects head-on. The real-time nature of the renovations also gives viewers a sneak peek into the process, challenges, and rewards that come with DIY home improvement projects.

Moreover, the show's creative and bold designs are bound to inspire viewers and bring forth new ideas for their own home renovation projects. The show cleverly demonstrates how innovative designs and ideas can be combined with practical uses, and how even the most drab-looking places can be changed into highly functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

To sum up, House Crashers is more than just a typical home renovation show – it's a roller-coaster ride filled with suspense, anticipation, humor, and finally, awe-inspiring transformations. Mixing in practical advice, the show is a great resource for viewers considering their own renovation projects, with each episode serving as an explosion of creativity and inspiration. House Crashers has set a high standard in the landscape of home makeover television, delivering not just entertainment but also valuable insights into home renovation and design.

House Crashers is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 13 seasons with a total of 171 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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How can I watch House Crashers online? House Crashers is available on DIY Network with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch House Crashers on demand at Amazon Prime, Discovery+, HGTV, Apple TV, Philo online.

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