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The Tews Job
A master bathroom is remodeled, but carrying out the project proves much more difficult than previously thought.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 14 Now

The Padula Job
A rustic bathroom is crafted, but the build is hampered by plumbing problems and ladder woes.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 13 Now

The Ossorio Job
A master bathroom is remodeled, but patience is tried following a hand injury and plumbing problems.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 12 Now

The Harvey Job
Randi and George Harvey admire most of their house except for their master bathroom. They believe a remodel is definitely in order, but with 30-year-old "hair babies" and falling mirrors, this renovation shows it's easier said than done.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 11 Now

The Cuccio Job
Danielle Cuccio has always imagined having a cottage-style bathroom. She requests her fiance, Tyler Kasupski, to help her create it, but their romance is tried when this project isn't as easy as either one previously pictured.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 10 Now

The Poole Job
Daniel Poole and his wife Kari feel that their master bedroom, which use to belong to Daniel's parents, could use some changes to make it fit their style. With floorboards that put up a fight and a discussion on how much closet space Kari should get, they realize how much they signed up for with this renovation.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 9 Now

The Threadgould Job
Tiffany Threadgould's outdated kitchen doesn't function well, so she enlists the help of her best friend, Kat Tingum, to make it beautiful again. The discovery of mouse poo and tricky wiring lead the friends to troubles they never thought they'd face during this renovation.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 8 Now

The Aranda Job
Husband and wife Bryan and April Aranda don't feel settled in their newly purchased home. They decide to renovate their living room and kitchen to fit their needs as a family of five.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 7 Now

The Russell Job
Whitnee and Cody Russell hate their kitchen. With a useless wall blocking their view to the living room and the small counter space hindering Whitnee's ability to cook, these two are ready to take on a renovation.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 6 Now

The Daniels Job
Kalvin and Sanja Daniels want to renovate their kitchen as soon as possible. Sanja is determined to have an open-concept space, but Kalvin swears the wall she wants to tear down is load-bearing.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 5 Now

The Kolstad Job
Ian Kolstad and his girlfriend Amanda just bought their first house together. They despise the drab bathroom and think renovating it will be easy, but with no experience and no help, will the renovation go as planned?

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 4 Now

The Kennedy Job
Mary Grace Kennedy just bought her first house in her hometown and wants to revamp her outdated kitchen. With her dad by her side, she is certain they can tackle the daunting task.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 3 Now

The Hillebrand Job
Kayli Hillebrand hates her old kitchen. She enlists the help of her best friend, Megan Langford, to tear it apart and start new.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 2 Now

The Escamilla Job
Natalie Escamilla and Jim Fell hate their 1950's bathroom. Since it's current, outdated condition has been deemed unlivable and entirely too small, it's time for a renovation.

Watch Renovation Realities Season 17 Episode 1 Now

Renovation Realities is a staple of the DIY Network that navigates homeowners through the ups and downs, twists and turns, and hits and misses of home renovations. The show first aired in 2007 and continued to bring out new episodes until 2016, offering viewers a chance to learn from the experiences of other homeowners as they attempted their own home renovation projects.

The entire concept of Renovation Realities orbits around everyday homeowners taking on DIY home renovation projects. However, unlike many other shows on the DIY Network, the focus of Renovation Realities isn't glamorous, completely successful projects; instead, it's about reality. It shows the nitty-gritty, the not-so-perfect, and the downright messy side of DIY projects, providing a more blunt and authentic experience to the screen, which addresses the actual realities of home renovations.

Each episode of Renovation Realities covers one specific project, helmed by optimistic and do-it-yourself homeowners with a plan and dream for their renovated space. The half-hour duration episodes highlight a variety of projects — from bathroom revamps and kitchen overhauls to loft conversions and outdoor spaces — spanning from the initial demolition and construction stages to the final reveal. The projects range from smaller scale renovations, such as refinishing hardwood floors or installing a new bathroom sink, to high-stakes remodelling, like gutting the kitchen or redoing an entire backyard.

What makes Renovation Realities particularly relatable is that it features genuine homeowners, not professional contractors, and it captures how they grapple with complications, navigate the unexpected challenges, bust their budgets, and argue over design decisions. The show doesn't shy away from displaying the homeowners' inexperience and mishaps, which can range from simple miscalculations and incorrect measurements to disasters like accidental wall collapses or flooding. This element carries a sort of schadenfreude appeal—homeowners at home can feel relief knowing they're not the only ones who face challenges and setbacks during the course of their projects.

There's plenty of humor and drama, too, but central to all the struggles showcased is a message of resilience and determination. Despite the struggles, viewers get to see the homeowners' sense of accomplishment when they eventually finish their projects, instilling confidence in the viewers that they, too, can overcome hurdles and complete their projects.

In addition, Renovation Realities is an educational platform where viewers can learn essential DIY skills and gain practical renovation know-how. It discusses necessary tools, safety precautions, and step-by-step procedures, offering invaluable lessons not only through the successful procedures but also via the mistakes made. Often, these become the most invaluable instructions.

Besides the tools and techniques, the show provides a platform to explore and understand a design perspective. Through the homeowners' envisioning of space, the selection of materials, and the maneuvering through design challenges, viewers can gather a plethora of ideas and possibilities for their own renovation endeavors.

Renovation Realities is chiefly about the harsh realities and practical struggles involved in home renovation, but it's also about the joy of creating your dream home, the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of your hard work, and the bonds forged in the process. Ultimately, the show underpins the idea that anyone equipped with the right set of tools, a determined spirit, patience—and maybe a bit of an adventurous streak—can tackle their dream renovation project.

So, if you're considering undertaking a home renovation and could use a dose of reality, or if you just enjoy seeing do-it-yourselfers rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty, Renovation Realities is an entertaining and enlightening series. It's not all rosy, but that's what makes it real—a realistic and relatable show about do-it-yourself renovations, celebrating the triumphs and acknowledging the trials. It's not just about the art of renovation—it's about the heart of renovation, too.

Renovation Realities is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 17 seasons with a total of 211 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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How can I watch Renovation Realities online? Renovation Realities is available on DIY Network with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Renovation Realities on demand at Apple TV, Vudu online.

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