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Call in the Cavalry
Deep in the backwoods, Turtleman is in his element, but not Neal. Turtleman needs Squirrel, Jake, and Cole to build Team Turtle a treetops retreat with limited supplies and real challenges: baby copperheads, stinky mud swamps, and one huge snapper!

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Ticked Off
Turtleman and Neal found the Forgotten Valley, but their adventure is just beginning! After a close call in a cave, the guys head through swarms of bugs and make a deal with an old friend for supplies - only to find a raging river blocking the way home.

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Trail Blazers
Turtleman hears the 'call of the wild' and heads deep into the woods with Neal James. They take on gnarly gar, a hive of honeybees, and a narrow cavern passage to find a Forgotten Valley deep in the way-backwoods Turtleman hasn't seen in years.

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Tough Cookies
A critter is digging holes that prevent the cattle on Gary's farm from accessing a watering hole. Then, Turtleman brings in a special guest - Cole!

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Fang Nabbit!
Squirrel shows up to help out in Montana and Team Turtle immediately goes to Barbara's ranch where a critter has been tunneling all over her land and stables. Then, Turtleman takes on a ferocious animal that is snacking on Dawn's rabbits.

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Ghost Town Gold Rush
Turtleman, Neal and Jake plan to search for gold while their stay in Montana continues. But before they can begin, Bobbie and Barry ask Turtleman to take care of a nocturnal nuisance that has been bothering their campgrounds.

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Troll in the Coal
Wildfires running rampant bring Turtleman to Montana to do what he does best! First, Turtleman has to track a missing bison calf that was spooked by a fire.

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Kneel Before Sod
Turtleman's former middle school teacher calls him in for one final exam when a mystery critter digs a series of dangerous tunnels throughout his barn. Afterwards, Turtleman shows off his dancing skills at the Daniel Boone Festival's talent contest.

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Headless Horror
Realtor Dallas calls Team Turtleman when critters are affecting his ability to sell a prime real estate. Turtleman is out of commission, however, so it's up to the rest of the team to handle the situation.

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Bear Necessities
Sick with the flu, Turtleman lets the rest of the team step up to help a realtor.

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Snap 'n' Splash
An antique store has issues with animals gnawing on expensive items. A water park needs help when an animal is stuck in a wave pool's filtration system.

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Phantom Menace
Turtleman gets a visit from Bobo and Ranae from "Finding Bigfoot"! But critter calls keep rolling in.

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Turtleman Takes Manhattan
Turtleman and Neal tell the tale of their trip to find Turtlemom the perfect holiday gift... in New York City!

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Choas in Critter Cavern
A critter has been creeping inside the walls of Jerry's unique home, so Turtleman and Neal are called in to investigate. Then, Turtleman takes on a 12-foot Burmese python that's been secretly slithering around Christa's house for several years.

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Set in the rugged, untamed terrains of Kentucky, Call of the Wildman, which aired on Animal Planet from 2011 to 2014, is a factual entertainment series that enthralls viewers with engaging wildlife rescues and an endearing, offbeat central character. This show offers an exotic blend of humor, bravery, and nature appreciation, capturing the essence of the wild while drawing attention to wildlife preservation, making it a riveting watch for animal lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

At the heart of Call of the Wildman is Ernie Brown Jr., better known as "The Turtleman." As a rural animal control expert, Brown boasts of an impressive arsenal of self-made tools and a deep, instinctual understanding of wildlife. He is recognized for his unique and effective, albeit unorthodox, methods of capturing and releasing nuisance animals. His trademark bare-handed technique of catching turtles has earned him his nickname and is indicative of the bold and entertaining ethos of the series.

Each episode follows the Turtleman and his crew of assessors, facing unusual and challenging wildlife scenarios. The targets range from risk-laden reptiles like venomous snakes to destructive mammals such as raccoons and skunks, each one presenting a new obstacle to be outmaneuvered. The show journeys through the dense woods and murky waters of Kentucky as The Turtleman uses his hands-and-knees tracking technique to pursue the creatures, resulting in intense chases and thrilling moments of unexpected wildlife encounters.

Call of the Wildman does not just rely on these adrenaline-pumping sequences for its allure. A substantial part of the show's charm resides in Brown's charismatic persona. With his signature yell - "Yiyiyiyi" - high-energy antics, indomitable spirit, and touching affection for the creatures he catches, the Turtleman offers an engaging spectacle that keeps audiences hooked. His colorful vocabulary, toothy grin, and lively interactions with his loyal sidekick Neal James further enliven every episode, offering comic relief and a slice of Southern eccentricity.

Moreover, beneath the high-octane adventure and humor, the series underscores a broader theme of wildlife conservation. Unafraid of getting his hands dirty, the Turtleman goes to exceptional lengths to ensure minimal harm to the animals he captures. The released creatures are placed back into a suitable natural habitat whenever possible, emphasizing the importance of preserving nature and animal life.

The show is also a visual treat, with its footage of Kentucky's breathtaking landscapes. The vivid cinematography and Animal Planet's recognized penchant for high-quality productions augment the show's appeal, bringing the beauty and intensity of Kentucky’s wilderness right to the audience's living room.

Delving into the personal sphere, the series provides a glimpse into the Turtleman's life beyond his wildlife endeavours. It portrays Brown's humble origins and non-materialistic lifestyle, living in a hand-built log cabin without modern conveniences, which serve to endear him further to the audience. His resilience in overcoming adversities, coupled with his unpretentious charm and wisdom, offers viewers life lessons of perseverance, optimism, and respect for nature.

In conclusion, Call of the Wildman offers a unique brand of reality television that successfully creates a charming blend of adventure, humor, and wildlife education. The enigmatic character of the Turtleman, coupled with thrilling wildlife scenarios and stunning cinematography, makes it a standout segment in Animal Planet's lineup. Showcasing the allure of the wild and the spirit of nature conservation through an engaging narrative, the show carves a niche for itself, remaining a favorite among animal enthusiasts, even years after its final season.

Call of the Wildman is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 73 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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