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The team searches the massive tunnel, but with the valley on the verge of flooding, they're forced to put their lives at risk. Their risk pays off big, placing them on the threshold of solving the 300-year old Sacambaya mystery.

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Hot on the Trail
The team improvises and uses explosives to blast their way to the treasure. The expedition's largest find yet and the discovery of a key landmark puts the team at the threshold of the two billion-dollar fortune.

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Closing in on the Fortune
Chasing the treasure on two fronts, the team finds both evidence of a route used to transport the fortune and a Jesuit artifact that could provide the most critical information the location of the treasure's final resting place.

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Blast Away
Falling boulders threaten the crew and the dig site. Their dangerous solution could trigger a massive landslide.

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Death Trap
The team is trapped in an ancient, underground tunnel putting the search at risk. Using just the gear they have on site, the crew rigs a remote-controlled camera that finds the expedition's most significant treasure.

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Break In
Smashing into a secret underground tunnel system, the team scours the subterranean cavern searching for the $2 billion treasure.

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Death Road to Fortune
Chasing a two-billion dollar fortune, a landslide and the infamous "Death Road" immediately put the treasure hunters in life-threatening danger as they attempt to cross South America's treacherous Andes Mountains.

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Big Risk, Bigger Reward
Venomous snakes, poisonous gas and sudden rockslides force the treasure hunters to put their lives on the line. In a daring new expedition, the team takes on the treacherous Bolivian Andes to track down the legendary $2 billion dollar Sacambaya treasure.

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Treasure Quest: Snake Island is an exciting syndicate of history, adventure, and danger. Broadcasted in 2015 on the Discovery Channel, this extraordinary series is sure to captivate the hearts of treasure-hunting aficionados and history seekers alike. But first, a word of caution, this is not your usual treasure hunt story. It involves extraordinary challenges fraught with lethal risks that take our team of seasoned explorers into the depths of snake-infested island terrains.

The premise of the show is based on an infamous legend: The secret Inca Gold of the Trinity, an elusive hoard of incomparable riches that disappeared in the 16th century. The golden trove was allegedly belonging to the Incan Empire in Peru but was hidden away to prevent its capture by the invading Spaniards. The treasure's estimated value is said to be upwards of $400 million, making it one of the most sought-after lost treasures in history. According to the lore, the treasure is believed to be hidden somewhere on Snake Island, an uninhabitable location known for its perilous charm off the southeastern coast of Brazil.

This brings us to the title of this gripping series, Treasure Quest; Snake Island. The dangerous Snake Island is the destination of this thrilling pursuit. Named after the deadly Golden Lancehead Vipers that inhabit it, this place is one of the world's deadliest islands. It is thought to have the highest concentration of venomous snakes in the world, with estimates of up to 4,000 snakes on a landmass of less than 110 acres. This fact, coupled with the island's treacherous landscape, adds a gripping edge to the treasure hunters' quest as it combines the lust for riches with the primal fight for survival.

The team venturing into this death-defying adventure is an eclectic mix of explorers. Led by Cork Graham, a highly skilled treasure hunter and adventure journalist, the team includes renowned herpetologist and venomous snake expert, Bryan Fry, survivalist mechanic Keith "Cappy" Plaskett, and the resourceful and experienced diver Jeremy Whalen. Each member of the group brings specialized skills necessary to navigate obstacles, decode clues, and survive the lethal snake-infested landscapes.

As the series unfolds, the team embarks on the quest, armed with modern technology, historical texts, and instinctual wit to trace and uncover the hidden Inca treasure. Each episode follows the explorers as they decipher centuries-old clues and face deadly encounters with one of the world's most venomous snakes. The stakes are raised high as the treasure hunters grapple with dangerous terrains and risk everything in the pursuit of saving a piece of lost history while striking gold.

The compelling cinematography of the series does an excellent job immersing viewers in the unforgiving environment of Snake Island. The camerawork captures the terrifying beauty of the island and the nail-biting suspense of the hunt as it unfolds. The combination of aerial, handheld, and action cam shots collectively convey the intense drama and adventure experienced by the explorers, making viewers feel as though they're right there with the team.

Treasure Quest: Snake Island also does an excellent job offering viewers a vibrant history lesson. The graphic recreations, interviews with historians, and animated maps give the viewers a comprehensive understanding of the historical context surrounding the missing Inca gold. The detailed animation and maps help explain cave inscriptions, ancient rituals, and other crucial clues that form an integral part of this quest.

In the tradition of shows that ignite our innate fascination with mystery and adventure, Treasure Quest: Snake Island takes viewers on a gripping journey. This thrilling series encompasses themes of history, suspense, passion, and danger and has that magnetic pull that keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. It does more than just tell a treasure hunting story; it illustrates the drive and dedication of individuals who are willing to risk everything in search of historical wealth, testing their resolve in the face of unparalleled danger.

In a nutshell, Treasure Quest: Snake Island is a thrilling hybrid of history, adventure, and dangerous reality TV. Its engaging storyline and incredible locations make it well worth watching for any fan of real-life adventure or treasure hunting tales. With its unique combination of history and hazard, this series surely ensures a compelling viewing experience, having viewers gripped from the first minute to the last.

Treasure Quest Snake Island is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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