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A party promoter, an ex-drug dealing window washer, a billionaire DJ, and a paid-to-party girl try to readjust their lives in the competitive city of Toronto.

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Four people find inventive ways to pay their bills in Oakland.

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Fort McMurray
Four people financially impacted by wildfire in Northern oil town.

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A bomb-maker, a human-trafficking interventionist, a hip-hop jeweler, and an Internet celebrity take advantage of Houston's freewheeling way of doing business.

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Four people challenge the racial and economic barriers in Baltimore.

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Salt Lake City
A taxidermist, pro skiier, faltering mormon and teenaged punk live in shadows of counter culture.

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Four people - each with a plan on how to make it in Memphis.

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The desert frontier town of Reno impacts the fortunes of a valet turned rapper, a funeral director, a cam girl, and the Muslim Republican County Chairman.

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Payday is an exceptional reality TV series produced by Viceland, airing in 2016. A major departure from conventional television drama or adventure, Payday takes the camera to an often unexplored demographic of the audience – the twenty somethings hustling to make ends meet in North America. This unique, gritty, yet profoundly touching series zeroes in on the average lives of millennials in various cities, following the ups and downs of their payday to payday existence. On the surface, Payday is a show about economic struggle and the unparalleled effort put in by common people to make do with their daily life in the face of adversity. However, its appeal lies much deeper, as it successfully illuminates current societal conditions that people confront in their quest for sustenance and economic survival. The show consistently strikes a balance between offering an enlightening view of the current financial struggles shared across the demographic and tenderly portraying the human spirit that refuses to give up, despite the odds. Each episode of Payday transports viewers to a different city across North America, featuring four hardworking individuals or groups, each belonging to diverse socio-economic backgrounds. These individuals, through their raw and honest narratives, break down their financial woes, survival tactics, dreams, and desires in an uninhibited way. The cities featured are diverse and often underrepresented in conventional television — from quiet Saint John, New Brunswick to bustling Memphis, Tennessee. The people featured are equally diverse – we meet everyone from freelance ghostwriters to rodeo clowns, warehouse workers to aspiring rap artists. What sets Payday apart from other reality shows is its stark realism. The series does not hold back in demonstrating the harsh realities of life. This stark portrayal of financial hardships, job insecurity, and life's unpredictability serves as a thoughtful exploration of the human condition. The camera captures the courage and the struggle of the young participants as they face the challenges that come with the highs and lows of the payday cycle, grappling with a unique blend of financial, personal, social and professional challenges. Nonetheless, the show never loses sight of the enduring spirit of its featured millennials who face every adversity head on. With dreams in their eyes and determination in their heart, they battle against the odds. Payday never forgets to highlight the resourcefulness and resilience of its characters in the face of these struggles. It spotlights their hopes and dreams, adding a dimension of optimism and showcasing the humanity that prevails even in trying times. Furthermore, Payday skillfully evokes a variety of responses from viewers - admiration for the relentless resilience of the participants, anger at the structural inadequacies that hinder fulfilment of dreams, and empathy for the harsh realities that many in society must endure. The viewers are compelled to reflect on their own lives, often leading to a deeper understanding of the society they live in. The series does not merely stop at capturing the financial roadblocks. It delves into the personalities, fears, hopes, and dreams of these young people - making it highly relatable to viewers from similar demographics. It presents unfiltered insights on how the younger generation views employment, entrepreneurship, creativity, and perhaps, most importantly, how they perceive and navigate the ever-changing landscape of the 21st-century economy. Stylistically, Payday is shot with an up-close and personal feel that links the viewer directly to the subject's life and perspective. The voyeuristic simplicity with which the reality of the struggle is represented feels visceral and raw, and it mirrors the transparent honesty with which the story unfolds. Each episode is beautifully shot and edited to balance moments of raw struggle with those of strength, creativity, laughter, love, and camarity, further elevating the show’s impact. In sum, Payday from Viceland provides an insightful look into the life of weary yet hopeful millennials trying to make ends meet in contemporary North America. By tackling the reality of payday to payday living head-on, this groundbreaking series invites viewers not only to observe but also to reflect upon the economic and social conditions of today. A compelling combination of real-world struggles, resilience, dreams, and determination, Payday is a show that any admirer of tastefully produced non-fiction television would appreciate.

Payday is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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