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Episode 6
As the day of the wedding arrives, Jake wants to know where Claire is, and the priest upstages the bride. As secrets are revealed and decisions are made, will Fleabag find the ending she's looking for?

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Episode 5
Claire has a crisis and turns to Fleabag for help, whilst a familiar face makes a re-appearance at the cafe.Hilary makes a friend, Martin demands answers, and Godmother and Dad's wedding hangs in the balance.

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Episode 4
The priest takes Fleabag for some quiet reflection, leading to an unexpected revelation.After a day spent looking back on painful memories, Fleabag searches for solace, only to find more trouble.

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Episode 3
Fleabag helps with an event at Claire's work which inevitably ends in disaster, but an introduction to Claire's colleague proves intriguing, and a chance meeting with a stranger opens Fleabag's eyes.

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Episode 2
A counselling session elicits an uncomfortable truth from Fleabag, and she finds herself somewhere unexpected. Elsewhere, a chat with Claire brings some unwelcome news, Martin and Fleabag face off, and Jake wonders where Claire is.

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Episode 1
The eponymous Fleabag returns, joining an uncomfortable family dinner to celebrate Godmother and Dad's engagement. Alongside familiar faces - uptight sister Claire and her alcoholic husband Martin - Fleabag find herself intrigued by Godmother's new priest.

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Fleabag is a critically acclaimed British television series from Amazon Studios that aired from 2016 until 2019. The series was based on the award-winning one-woman play of the same name by lead actress and creative genius, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Fleabag is a stunning dramatic comedy that masterfully plays with humour and tragedy, capturing viewers with its raw emotion, unapologetic candour, and sharp wit. The series was both commercially successful and highly popular with critics, receiving six Primetime Emmy Awards among numerous other accolades.

Fleabag revolves around the life of a young woman navigating the complexities of life in modern London, where she faces a daunting array of personal and professional challenges. As our caustically witty and emotionally damaged protagonist, Fleabag (a nickname, as the character's real name is never revealed) often breaks the fourth wall to provide candid, humorous, and perceptive commentary directly into the camera, a technique effectively used to draw audiences more deeply into her often chaotic world.

The series explores themes of grief, guilt, love, sex, and family, among many others. Challenges such as failing relationships, the death of loved ones, and attempting to keep a flagging business afloat through an economic downturn are all issues that Fleabag grapples with, making her both relatable and deeply human. Throughout the series, she confronts her personal demons, which are often inextricably intertwined with her relationships, particularly those with her equally messed-up family and her best friend. Her distinctive blend of self-loathing and sharp humour, as well as her troubled relationships and personal tragedies, paints Fleabag as a character who is hilariously relatable and sincerely heartbreaking.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge offers a remarkable performance as Fleabag, providing the perfect blend of biting wit, emotional vulnerability, and charismatic charm. Her disarming honesty and comedic timing give her a unique appeal that captivates audiences and critics alike. The supporting cast, including Olivia Colman, Sian Clifford, and Bill Paterson, skillfully play their characters, adding a depth and richness to the series. Andrew Scott's turn as the 'Hot Priest'—a character introduced in the second season—was especially well-received, catapulting him into global stardom despite his limited screen time.

Fleabag’s narrative structure expertly uses dark comedy to confront profound themes of pain, loss, and redemption. Waller-Bridge’s writing also stands out as a key factor in the show's success. It's sharp, unobtrusive, and often poignant without sacrificing its knack for comedy. Despite the bitter moments of personal tragedy, the show does not lose its comedic edge, making for a potent mix that is both cutting and comforting.

Another key element in the success of Fleabag is its nuanced exploration of female relationships. Be it between Fleabag and her sister, played by Sian Clifford, her estranged godmother-turned-stepmother, portrayed by Olivia Colman, or her relationships with her best friend and other women characters. The portrayals of sisterhood, rivalry, friendship, and motherhood provide a fresh perspective on female-centric dynamics, fuelling discussions on the representation of women in television during its run.

While maintaining the edginess and humour of the original play, the series adaptation of Fleabag showcases a greater depth of character and storyline. It doesn’t shy away from exposing the flaws and complexities of its characters, which are depicted with tenderness and empathy. This combination of humor, bold storytelling, and emotional honesty makes Fleabag a groundbreaking show that pushed the boundaries of television comedy-drama.

In its brief two-season run, Fleabag carved a unique niche for itself in television history. This series stands as a testament to Waller-Bridge's unique talent and creativity as a writer and actress. With its stellar performances, sharp scripts, and a narrative that oscillates between splashes of comedic genius and profoundly moving moments, Fleabag is undeniably a compelling watch. With its unflinching but affectionate portrayal of flawed individuals navigating their messy lives, Fleabag is a series that stays with you long after the credits roll. It’s a brilliant mix of comedy and drama that leaves audiences entertained, moved, and, above all, eager for more.

Fleabag is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

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