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It's Time
In a final showdown with George Zax, Billy and Patty seek justice for the victims of the opioid epidemic, no holds barred.

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Lawyer Trickery Bullshit
When Patty calls a surprise witness to the stand, the defense does everything they can to undermine the witness's credibility.

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Billy and Patty take measures to protect a witness, while the partners at Margolis & True scramble to strengthen their case.

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Spilt Milk
As Billy faces repercussions from his conduct, he is forced into a truce with an old adversary.

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Forcibly Removed
Billy goes to extremes to keep the case alive, and Sam questions whether bringing him on board was a good idea after all.

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Signed, William Hamilton McBride
As Billy and Sam grow closer, he discovers that the opioid industry is keeping bigger secrets than he ever imagined.

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The Pain Killer
Patty finds herself on the hook for Billy's behavior as he digs deeper into the case.

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In the final season, Billy returns to his Big Law roots after Patty takes a job at a prestigious white-shoe law firm in San Francisco. Together, they try to take down one of America's most insidious Goliaths: the opioid industry.

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Goliath is a compelling legal drama set in the fast-paced and high-stakes world of Los Angeles' mom-and-pop law firms and gigantic, cutthroat corporate law outfits. Produced by Amazon Studios and created by David E. Kelley and Jonathan Shapiro, the series debuted in 2016. The show delves into a complex labyrinth of legal battles, personal demons, and a quest for redemption.

Seasoned actor Billy Bob Thornton portrays the central character, Billy McBride, a disheveled, washed-up lawyer who once co-founded the powerful law firm Cooperman McBride that now towers over the Los Angeles skyline. The character of Billy is shrouded in mystery, despair, and an aura of quiet intensity. This hardened, yet empathetic figure stands at odds with his own profound personal issues, facing the demons of alcoholism and a failed family life. Still, he emerges as a wager in the war against the corporatized legal system, representing the little man in high-stakes cases. His performance earned him a Golden Globe award in 2017 for the best actor in a television series drama.

The narrative of Goliath focuses on Billy's tireless pursuit of justice amidst glaring power imbalances, hence the biblical reference in its title. Ensnared in a complex web of legal, corporate, and personal conflicts, he constantly challenges corporate giants and corrupt city officials. Apart from the intense courtroom drama, Goliath delves into the underbelly of Los Angeles, creating an intersection of the city’s glamorous façade and its dark truths.

Alongside Thornton, the series boasts a remarkable cast. William Hurt plays Donald Cooperman, Billy’s former partner and current nemesis who ferociously runs the firm they once started together. Maria Bello is seen as Michelle McBride, Billy’s ex-wife and a high-ranking lawyer at Cooperman McBride. Nina Arianda brings life to the razor-sharp and energetic Patty Solis-Papagian, a real estate lawyer who becomes Billy's unlikely ally.

The show is a roller coaster of emotions with its eclectic blend of dramatic courtroom scenes, intense character studies, and an exploration of the LA landscape. Billy, with his rugged charm and anti-hero appeal, leaves the audience rooting for his unlikely David against the Goliaths of the legal world.

Season after season, Goliath continues to churn out fascinating storylines, not shying away from showcasing controversial subjects or the gritty reality of the legal system. Each season is designed as a standalone narrative, with an overarching theme. However, the common thread is Billy's constant battle against more powerful adversaries.

The series is not just about legal battles and intense courtroom drama. Goliath delves deeper into the psyches of its characters, showing their vulnerabilities, inner conflicts, and personal struggles. This careful character development, combined with elegantly layered plot lines, keeps the viewers engaged and invested in the narrative.

The creators of Goliath worked tirelessly to construct a show that showcases the nuanced complexities of the legal world, and they certainly deliver. This unique brand of storytelling offers a raw and gritty depiction of corporate law, coupled with a moving examination of personal transformation and redemption.

On the production front, Goliath does not disappoint. The direction is stellar, offering applause-worthy performances from the cast. The cinematography stands out, beautifully capturing the dual aspect of Los Angeles – a city known for its glitz and glam but subtly battling its own demons. The background tone and score complement the drama well, enhancing crucial scenes' mood and tension.

In the realm of legal dramas, Goliath holds its ground firmly by providing thought-provoking narratives that are both controversial and human. It examines the deep-seeded corruption within the legal system and corporations while offering a hopeful perspective through its tenacious protagonist. A hero who, against all odds, fights relentlessly for justice


Goliath, thus, is more than just a legal drama; it's about one man’s quest for redemption, about seeking justice in an unjust world and about taking on seemingly unbeatable adversaries. It's an engaging series reflecting the never-ending battle between the underdog and the powerful – a battle where perseverance and conviction can indeed challenge the status quo.

Goliath is a series categorized as a currently streaming. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.0.

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How can I watch Goliath online? Goliath is available on Amazon Studios with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Goliath on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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