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Part II - Imarti
Shaan comes face to face with his past as he and Lipika get one last chance to take down Shelly's empire.

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Episode 6
Series finale. Roper and his team return to Cairo for the deal, reuniting Pine with an old enemy. Pine risks it all to put his plan in motion. A discredited Burr makes one last stand.

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Episode 5
A suspicious Roper gathers his entourage around him in an attempt to root out the traitor, forcing Pine to play a dangerous game. In London, Burr and Steadman face mounting opposition from Whitehall.

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Episode 4
Roper welcomes Pine into his inner circle, leaving Corky out in the cold. Meanwhile, Burr has concerns for the safety of her source when she suspects key information has been leaked to the River House.

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Episode 3
While he continues to recuperate in Roper's villa, Pine starts to dig up secrets about the other members of the household. Meanwhile, Burr and Steadman seize on an opportunity to recruit a new asset.

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Episode 2
On the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Roper's life of luxury and calm is shattered. Six months earlier, Burr continues her recruitment of Pine.

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Episode 1
A hotel night manager receives a plea for help from an elegant guest. His actions draw him into the terrifying world of the worst man in the world.

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The Night Manager is a gripping television adaptation of John le Carré’s novel of the same name. This British drama series aired on AMC in 2016 and is helmed by acclaimed director Susanne Bier. The Night Manager reflects the sophistication synonymous with its source material, combining elements of espionage, romance, and suspense into its fabric with a captivating storyline that illustrates the complex dynamics of loyalty and identity. The narrative features an against-all-odds story centered around Jonathan Pine, the eponymous night manager of a luxurious hotel in Cairo, Egypt. As a former British soldier, Pine carries the scars of his past, which is laden with frustration at the moral ambiguities of war. Tom Hiddleston's sterling portrayal of Pine gives depth to his character, presenting him as an enigma wrapped in debonair charm, with a simmering undercurrent of tough resilience and high-principled gallantry beneath his stoic facade. It is not long until Pine's quiet life is turned upside down when he is drawn into the whirlpool of intrigue and danger. A chance encounter with a guest pulls him into the seedy underbelly of international arms trading. His opponent is none other than the ruthless businessman, Richard Roper, played to chilling effect by Hugh Laurie. Roper is a suave British mogul indulging in international arms dealing under the guise of philanthropy, radiating a malignant charm that hides a deadly menace. The dynamic between Pine and Roper forms the crux of the narrative, leading to electrifying situations which blend political commentary, drama and spy thriller elements. But Pine is not alone. He is aided by the stoic yet empathetic intelligence agent Angela Burr, brilliantly portrayed by Olivia Colman. Her character provides an intriguing glimpse into the inner workings of international espionage and the sacrifice it demands. She recruits Pine for a risky covert mission, trusting his loyalty and his desire for justice, setting off a complex chain of events that has far-reaching implications. The Night Manager is deftly constructed with labyrinthine plot twists and turns which keep the audience on edge. The six-part miniseries masterfully combines elements of suspense and character development, keeping viewers engaged with gripping storytelling and layered characters. Simultaneously, the show offers an incisive critique of systemic corruption in the military-industrial complex. It paints a grim picture of governmental complicity in illicit arms trade, adding a sobering edge to the thrilling narrative. While the narrative is tense and engaging, it also offers breathtakingly beautiful visuals. The cinematography is stunning, with a wide canvas of exquisite locales that range from the back alleys of Cairo, panoramic Swiss Alps, to the sun-baked landscapes of Turkey and sumptuous interiors of grand mansions. The polished production values and the aesthetic appeal of the series complements the stark realities of the narrative, adding a layer of understated elegance to the gritty story. Executively produced by le Carré himself, The Night Manager pays homage to classic espionage thrillers while also offering a modern perspective. With its narrative deeply entrenched in psychological warfare, this television series showcases the moral ambiguities of its characters and the world they navigate, skillfully drawing in the viewers. At its heart, The Night Manager not only wraps viewers up in its thrilling narrative, but it also focusses on its protagonist’s transformation. It establishes Pine as an ordinary man forced into extraordinary circumstances, an embodiment of courage and fidelity in a world besmirched by deceit and corruption. The show leaves audiences to ponder over the costs of loyalty, identity, and the relentless pursuit of justice. All in all, The Night Manager delivers intrigue, suspense and heart-stopping moments in abundance. With its powerhouse performances, carefully-crafted narrative, and masterful direction, it is a riveting watch for fans of suspense thrillers, spy dramas, and character-driven narratives. It is a testament to the fact that smart and stylish television drama can also tackle critical themes with an intellectual edge. With The Night Manager, viewers are treated to a tour-de-force series that they are unlikely to forget easily.

The Night Manager is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

Elizabeth Debicki As Jed Hugh Laurie As Richard Onslow Roper Olivia Colman As Burr Tom Hiddleston As Jonathan Pine Tom Hollander As Corcoran
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