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To Right the Wrongs of Many
Now in labor, Helena is forced to hunker down in the basement of Old Dyad for the delivery. It's a cage match for survival as Sarah and Art struggle to protect her in a desperate last stand against Neolution.

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One Fettered Slave
Sarah is still reeling from the loss of Mrs. S when another blow lands - Helena has been kidnapped! Clone Club bands together in a race against time, determined to find Helena before an unmasked, and unhinged John Mathieson lays hands on her babies.

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Guillotines Decide
The sisters take a night off to celebrate Felix's art opening. Wounded and desperate, Rachel reunites with an old ally, but their plans for revenge on Neolution put clone club in the line of fire.

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Gag or Throttle
As Westmoreland demands a more aggressive action on Kira, and Sarah fights to save her daughter, Rachel discovers a dark secret that makes her question her place within Neolution. Cosima has returned with a vital clue to Westmoreland's true identity.

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Manacled Slim Wrists
Cosima is forced into an alliance with Susan Duncan when an old enemy returns to the island, accelerating P.T.

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Ease for Idle Millionaires
While Sarah and Kira spend some well-needed bonding time at home, secrets are unlocked about Kira's special gifts that are surprisingly linked to the island's creature. Meanwhile, Cosima joins Delphine at the mansion for a twisted family dinner.

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Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil
Following up on intel from a mysterious source, Mrs. S heads on the road with Sarah to investigate a lead on a Neolution defector.

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Beneath Her Heart
Stuck on the sidelines with Neolutionists crawling all over her home, Alison seeks to return to her community center, but Bailey Downs has moved on from her. As she flounders to take back some semblance of control, the ghost of friendships’ past rears its handsome head.

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Clutch of Greed
Dragged home from the Island by Neolution, Sarah refuses to follow Rachel's new regime. Sarah sets a plan in motion to get her and her daughter out of Neolution's reach for good.

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The Few Who Dare
Desperate to get off the island and reunite with her family, a wounded Sarah journeys into the island's interior, only to discover a mysterious village - the beating heart of the Neolution agenda.

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Orphan Black is a dynamic and impactful series that aired on BBC America from 2013 to 2017. The captivating story, layered characters and intricate plot designs have proven it to be a must-watch for enthusiasts of science fiction and gripping drama. The show harnesses the talents of a diverse cast including Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, Michael Mando, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Evelyne Brochu, Ari Millen, and Kevin Hanchard among others. The story primarily unfolds around Sarah Manning, deftly portrayed by Tatiana Maslany who also shoulders the herculean task of playing a multitude of diverse clones. Sarah is an outsider, orphan, and a street-smart chameleon who has an uncanny knack for getting into and out of sticky situations. Her mundane life takes an eerie turn when she witnesses a woman named Beth, who bears a striking resemblance to herself, commit suicide. In a spur of the moment decision, and seeing a potential solution to her troubles, she assumes Beth's identity. However, this impulsive decision propels her into a mysterious underworld, where she unearths the chilling discovery that she is a clone, one of many, part of a broader clandestine experiment. Now, Sarah must navigate her way through a world fraught with deadly conspiracies, plunged into a labyrinthine plot flanked by secrecy and danger. The show casts an unsettling yet fascinating lens on the theme of identity. The narrative carries this theme throughout the series exploring the implications of genetic identity, selfhood, and the nature-nurture debate, adding a distinct depth to the plot. The engrossing storyline is steeped in intense scientific intrigue, seamlessly blending elements of biotechnology and human genetics into its narrative fabric. Tatiana Maslany hauntingly portrays all the clones, each with unique personas, accents, and backgrounds. The show is peppered with compelling characters such as Felix, Sarah's foster brother, artfully played by Jordan Gavaris and Paul, Beth's boyfriend, portrayed by Dylan Bruce. Each character is meticulously crafted, adding a different dimension to the convoluted storyline. Through the exceptional pool of actors, the show cunningly incorporates themes of family, friendship, morality, trust, deceit and love, all entwined within the narrative structure of the clone conspiracy. Characters are fully realized with complex histories, feelings and motivations, promising a rich and riveting viewing experience. The show isn't merely a dystopian journey into the world of clones; it also steers into an examination of societal structures, gender stereotypes, and exerts a progressive pull towards representation and inclusivity with real-world reverberations. Its depth of character exploration, enthralling cliffhangers, and intertwining narrative threads make it an essential addition to the modern television landscape. In a nutshell, Orphan Black combines the intriguing world of science fiction with the raw emotions of human drama. It's a thrilling roller coaster ride through an eerily possible world where things aren't what they seem. Its thought-provoking narrative demands viewers' attention from its very first episode, making it a beloved series that pushes boundaries and expands horizons. Orphan Black is indeed a testament to the possibility of creating more than just entertainment but constructing valuable platforms for topical dialogues on ethics, identity, and personal autonomy in contemporary science.

Orphan Black is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 51 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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Tatiana Maslany, Dylan Bruce, Jordan Gavaris, Kevin Hanchard, Michael Mando, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Natalie Lisinska, Ari Millen
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